Producer Will's Massage

Wednesday, July 11th


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Let's see Nicky and will went to see the new tag movingly. Was it we laugh so hard I don't overhang bid for army I'm. Hi how you ask how I NN he laughs so I heard I sound wills faced a postseason the greatest movies are seeing now. Don't match. Like in India did not say yeah he's I said. At eight aides have good funny movie like so in the pantheon of light good funny movies. Dead happens how the old light Will Ferrell movies although as they can't like run together they're all good funny movie yeah. I think this falls right in Ohio does that's it you're gonna get drunk on us and weekend and like from a Leon it's a fun movie to cut. Weren't like plenty funny movie is Alec. Yeah then this is one where we actually had a giggles now product is fine but what I said in my basement pose is that it has one of the best thing. One liners. Like one liners and a movie a comedy movie scene analogue in Britain and it may be in the top. Five for any young. I can't I'm not in that there's no way you can do it justice. Out of context. Of that element out and delivery like. And everybody knows I put it on base that didn't actually somebody. Comment I it's Steven like I wish people wouldn't do and I specifically did they with alignment because you know what it is late at that point the movie. It there's no I mean it's as if you'll be on the floor Alka. Let me ask just you minis tonight he's element Venus and I will say they except cart and side. Pattinson does yeah I think he's a producer wells that in side yeah he's about life again now. He added incident yesterday that it being. Really. Brought him back. Plus column thank you got out and announce happened yesterday. So be for the movie. And yet again get skin for skin Kiet said. Okay Al congratulation achy and campaign I had to kill some time yeah. And so I had to make a decision about what to do and I have to do yeah. Not like I'll go get you drank lenient one hour directly into it is our job that out right here by the Sunni Jack. And so I got I I like to go do like like a massage like what is quick massage yeah like Diaz put but I putted. Yes every now and then their super expensive and they're just and now are and they're like just escalated basically relax for a little bit and I had the time decals on like I'm gonna do that. That's out of place that I'd normally go to for that. Ed I hear drove up there in they were closed. The word of it anymore like this store had has no life ceased to be. And so is like passions and somewhere else around here they got on the maps and I found a place. And I drew over in the corner and I went there. I walked in and I was the only person nature. Ed but there was a lady there are running the show and I he had the same similar sorts of things. That you give up rather easily it's so I've just got the same thing I thought I would gotten at the other place it's. Like a one thing that 45 minute or whatever run our deal exactly like on our do you that. And so I would much visit costs normal now I could do about 25 dollars whenever it is yet well it was a little more it was a little more than what you'd know price here I'd just like by fifteen dollars. Late today I'd I'm not alone players and I have been I'm. I'm curious how far this went. It's not an oral placed I just I still it's time to kill whatever aisle are given a shot. Or cac. It's she walks in this room and in the other places it's like an open rumor got to Myers shares a lot of speed on that yet you have lots of people there's nobody there is a single room or walk in the room and it doesn't look like in me. Outside did know her own normal as it does not music plan like you know sweet young good music and stuff yeah. What what it's now like it was playing like a cover song of some sort but in that spot music. I this. I was be like I imagine dragons whatever it takes that. It didn't. It what it is smell like does smell like an arm all in sounded like did have either for Erica you can't handle. Owls had a massage table it looked like a legit massage table had the need to allow they had. They had that I think in the corner I and that share with the Breaux of an area I think. And she locks in there and she says she's like take off your clothes and late pays out on the table. But there was like a calendar that's OK I know like in she locked out normally bustling market when I'm comfortable and that kind of thing. Now I didn't notice right away as our certitude the robe. Did you grow underneath something. There was no blanket on the top seed that's weird that I you normally get in there she didn't they get on the blink because there was no that was his or there's no blanket now did here was not based on no little thing mile haul I'll consider whether there was like you know they had a little. Paper towel whatever they. It is a different candidate now and then Paul and keeping trees and it. And sound that there's a blanket to get under so I'm just says she's like take under close is the only thing that I doubt it you'd like to adopt my Harley you don't take a boxer shorts off via now. Now not not even in like a massage with a guy I don't either are easily use manner where on NASA might like Mike but our judicial but she didn't make any indication. I usually places let's say leader boxer shorts on like. Does it whenever Ray Allen area. Anyway it was just like it well why it's called. Pleased that. You put on review for Dodd something busy. Condition of matters like what I heard on their head and the judge takes care of his underwear and beleaguered jeetz. You need to Wear teacher. Okay now so I laid face down on the table there's and I am just bared my under air. Like laying face down in the paper towel it's Sheehan left she had left a bad guys dinars are you ready. Yeah I'm Randy come on in. And and everything is okay but I'm freezing cold she doesn't massage. Yeah in and that gets the point where. She's doing might lakes gas in like. You like roll up my boxer shorts like super. I know they do that though but like he had to give up like you had to give you like on the outside. But I start again like some business up and gets on the inside. Look at the crevice he now okay Aaron like Lola. Like my heart started racing because there was a lot of there is a lot of concentration right. In the verdicts in an inner thigh in the between the gentleman and the. I had all really yeah you think this is true or you were you not and I pay my heart as you know I always like doubted does this go on now. Sham avenues just like she kind of brushed against her mama is a racy and like I don't know if this is the happening or it is not and then like it then it stops in nick goes the next leg. Same thing happens over there but that it stops and then it's time to flip OLE employee's day I was racing was anything else exciting racing. I was working hard to prevent idea that I hit a grand Jihad who do you do you open your eyes to see her. She was. He wasn't unattractive but I was a really not in how your man when she is at a town. I was you know like I was in a panic kind of like you Mike and yes. In my head that it is this bad path because that wasn't circuit otherwise it was that it was a nice the size it everything was normal kids. Looked over it she asked me questions like when you flip over usually they just do whatever they do you may flip over. You had your face your shoulders as he asked me when I flipped overseas like you want your face. It was like. I faced I guess I mean it's your show right so yeah yeah like I guess like on my face or whatever and it had an inordinate. Like after the and they say hands are going down my chest is the first time member had this and like it goes down and get like a belly massage out on now I know. Now yeah yeah. Like I don't. And it's like they aren't what thank you and I wasn't. I I know and then it did it just like in the and it ended she's like okay I'll die and I like belly or belly bell Lee. I do airline may issue is seen if you would grammar hands and push him down and I was like and then she was like OK you get them like. Yeah. Yeah bigger and I was like OK hours over nothing happen and there's a little weird maybe I'm over thinking. I pass a first second I am not okay. Then you didn't let. Well that night that I got that in Java does that got to pay like normal locked out nobody else is there. I think called Nikki provinces eat lunch with Nikki and I was like doesn't avoid things happened but may be as my imagination of America it's. And then. I I kept thinking about the the movie we've got some movies and then when I got home is like a couple Baxter Google's this what happened to the place nine and see see what happens and I found. A user generated site. Called. Robes shops are now oh yeah no well I'm gonna. Right now. I will figured out the one thing he didn't do it's prevented. The thing I'll know their assets on the road where did not happen. Be selling like everybody knows it has sagged sorry it was called is called rub maps. A user generated site is Jared it's not netting their fighter confirm but it's like. These are deeds have gone to places that in there like you take a picture of the for the place and then you review that are never in unverified or anything. And I. Founded on the road maps. And I ate like there were eight reviews for in a red. That there are light beings you're supposed to do if you want that happened what just asking for our friend. So according to round match. And at this signal the parent. Lee you'd you'd when they say get on the table faced down or never. Then they say take underdog and they'll face down you're supposed to get completely needed a kind and nice and Nathan I know some people that aren't he's a guy that's wind in the N apparently. There's also I question gets asked lay if you are needed so that's the first thing it's like your knitted a Casio like okay I'm what the next question and then when you flip over later it's like. Is there anything else in need. At odds are you good are you good to zero thing you need and in and then staff all my. They got this now happening I don't think I ever would have thought I was like here's. The thing like I other than other than me being like just a little uncomfortable and knowing that that's the thing that happens and telling Nicki like. Is this seem normal and I are thinking it and then like finding a Google like everything else was normally nothing nothing yet is too weird other than. It was just like a little weird. Yap at the Pentagon and we hear it vindicated benighted and then there's stuff but center as he I looked around maps for a minute and there's. It places. According round maps. We were just in Thailand and that kind of stuff goes down and all there's this hot shots every 26 feet like everywhere you go but the ones that. That provide that service don't have been big giant letters on their windows no sacks okay. And I will say it's just I went to go get tight and it's not we are light. There's one that has no sex no there yeah. I'm not wild story I read so I would get the rabbit hole read some articles they say even those places but that those sides just as they. Is saving out and give us an hour of my guys that's crazy.