Phrases You Hate

Tuesday, April 10th


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I here are five misused phrases that make you sound down so I sought a sort of like OK I better read this story. 'cause there's some things and hear that I say that are there are down I am not. So here ago this is why is quite yet I could care less that is not how you say I could care less should be I couldn't care less. As it MI at that breeze my point of I inability to care. Curses I could actually physically carry lest there apparently I don't care you know that much of. Yeah or you could say to all that I could care less and in continues say how you saw it again that's been waiting you've done it. That's I used to always say that and and then listeners who call the correct me in the eyes and I could care less yeah and hang up on. Here's another one for all intensive purposes. On well in tents so that since gas the correct way to say it is for all intents and purposes. Intense as intentions. On tensions in purposes. But not intensive purposes. Okay now the one. One in the same game should be won and at the same game a minor difference but he. I'd be able to get away with it the technically won in this saying is wrong. Lee won and the same yes I I I totally think that on same forever yeah. I here's another one tongue in cheek it's not tongue in cheek it's tonne in the cheek. I'll tech athletes hung in and yeah as light as like with their physical. Cats describing your facial expression on people make when they're when they're joking. Tongue in cheek man if you or I like she. I don't. Had tongue in cheek OK finally. Jive where. Should be. Jive but with dry jive it means to agree with something I'll drive is a type a dancer a way of speaking. Now this one has been around since the 1920s and pretty much big east says jibe with say probably get away with it but you are wrong I mean. Yes it jive is you know. Here in India and I didn't hear it as much in Michigan but every since. I had every cent he had like. At my money is irregardless. That's again on what his as far as me regardless. Yeah right here on it yet already spent regardless. That's her. I Colin if there's such a one that bothers you I'm sure there's a lot of people out there like that now once drives me crazy. Funders 3172281099. Go ahead you're on the air tanner you act room gagged. Say. Them it'd actually he should Cramer is so locked. It wears them. Yeah I mean way Wear them. And the mountain attractive health and a mound how well the tenor. I'm twelve years old body a school. Today green pillaging. So and a good day thanks to an Katie. At all interest yet can't really isn't wrong. I even think I say that are cold and I. A big is it the wrong wrong. Okay. That I just a different place. I or actually it made caddie may actually need to be spelled CH DDY. Al caddie has foreigner right by it which is an expression mean diagonally opposite. People actually then spelled it. Patty heater or key Eddie Haiti original phrase comes from CD DOY 88 and it's like yeah. Carnac is I'll stick and. Yeah I don't it what about drinking crowd is there is there is hearing that these like a crappy Elmo learned that the crow creek. But it lies in civic and you talked about bringing in the right I don't know enough it's free it's great things to correct. Correct yeah. Again I Delanie. Okay well my daddy he I don't know that it does we're eager up. They each or actually. An order where in life her announcement yet turley. Our yeah I hear southern Indiana and people say that says wires might be Amman says water she intent. Sometimes. I director all the times I'd then things get better at it and Washington are you limited the large. A typical large. OK guys head out Mike you're on the silent when he show. Hey I got another word instead of operated OK guy that host the police and Al. Supposedly now. I'm supposedly me I think yeah that Enron had. Supposedly when I got a job on the radio I say everything around it. Let's go Melissa Hillary and speak correctly that the one thing you know. Yeah we'll have to do is only the L good Melissa. Yeah available live camera and they failed why can't. Oh yeah and so why is it and I'm married to a life no bias tale yeah yeah. Back at oh hell yeah now. An error. Man. And it will be able to even start I'm. So big once or as we take a lot of phone calls on the shelf I'm saying we'd actually did a segment we did for awhile and once islanders call I just saucy Colin. What did you just see who you call well I just seen as we had to re name again. The same in a die just seeing so people need to Colin. I've got another quickly to say let's see your skies that what it just decided. At Larry Lessig in this guy. And I have never either I love it when assistant using. Is a blessing loses out. And disgusting ended in this guy this guy yeah that the coal Bert did you like what you are. I thought. But I thank you Jennifer go ahead. Euphoria. Irked that pronunciation. In alt rock Monday. Choose would be. Yet there it would be idea but hey it's Monday and it. Not Monday Monday well messy on Monday. I see an easy now a lot of people are hearing me say that they're like well that doesn't sound weird to me Monday Monday. And you'll hear. Ari leaving your new chapter on TV saying Monday and you'd be happy. Man on Julia. Never gotten. But yeah. One is a pre existing home created it being at an existing home. Really. Well I need yeah I've been I've learned pre existing lot of people I want her to create tripping call. Going to create. Now there is testing. You relive it real that are reach until. Oh yeah. Tore right at NASA and since there's an island that's not real it tiller yeah I just say I was top myself I think I'm saying in Iran. Again I said that around and everything wrong not that he go ahead. Bought it. I'm out on the tight. End yes again on. Okay.