Password Monsters

Thursday, October 12th


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He'll be here. The Cox likes it. And we need to and we wanna party with your antivirus and I counterparty to those guys it's like anything to be fun to hang it may be armed and maybe not. But that to join a bye and this thing it's like 59 bucks that'll get you VIP. Past pass the tickets all the haunted attractions at Indy screen parks and love gone on and houses. Eleven like we do come on out joining us now we through a pager and that there are so now it's. We got beer. We're throwing a couple of free Beers some food I got a T shirt Korea and of course the VIP. Pass pass is that after all the haunted attractions to get a DJ out there another tree ornaments and be more one of my first producers here but we need to remember that we have. Yeah he is actually deejay the party there so he'll be out there. So we have so much time if you wanna buy into this thing go to WC PR dot com even get in for our. Trigger first I'm gonna kick your. Because the last two years we've been doing camp out and it's been fine bat also. Wet and sometimes it gets really cold at night and I held on this this this would have been a perfect one missed. This year he had to do the camp out some way we can make that decision in like a pellet just to a party a keg it. Although it's been raining so much and it might mean money out there I humble and gas. Let's see what your shoes accordingly but tomorrow I think dries out pretty good hopefully yeah I know because it does times I've been in a different on houses. And the people get stuck in a night out there dessert in us in the woods who I. And a gamer playing password guys. Kelly who you teaming up up with you on this on a morning show that would be well. You know stuff. Do you know staff. Writer had the you know things we get it this game. His I'm never played the game controller. Her back where this is just exactly like an. Okay well. I'm Kelly. Usually let me tell you we love you even then after her will start yelling yeah yeah yeah yeah I did OK not doing anything wrong I'm always last he picked I can't wait to see if the next person will pick me. Caitlin. It. And yeah. Always last to beat it and see who do you want. And I'm sorry your last as it's in today's password game here. And this means I am more determined than ever to win them. It's true are you to do is get out the rat ran on December. And it has all your code keywords you'll try to get our contestants that you were teamed up with. The senate. So it'll be like you know if it's orange in be like on assignment for banks from the tree area in Florida yeah gathering on Larry Brown. So appealing is that L disaster and he's having cents Kelly. Yeah yeah Dragic is she's entering its say words are he's got a a guy sixty seconds on the clock are you guys ready of course like ready set and gals. All right this is this brutal and looks like a sheet about that that's one this is. Medieval dragon from the late it sounds like what you do you. Know it sounds like you like the bat when it hits the ball you are blanket of peanut. Yeah. Then you're not outside but you're. Not yet up put it together. Cracked one. Pick any of these are on a giant one night giant. That. Bolton is enact any so serial. This is brought to base their invaders. It. The Frankenstein himself serial. Rapist. What do you make of bush to meet their sweet fruits they're that. And it's. He played that. It really isn't. You went silent and we are playing the password today's topic again is monsters. Six crowning. Why did you belts on the Harris sorry OK again I tallied it delegate Gary's got six OK got to beat six we can do it let's talk to Caitlin are you ready. I and is totally ready arrive ready set end I was. Yeah its merger. Status is it's a person has not passed it's. Dead. Arm man. And pass on demons spoken and I over Madonna negatives of one half we decided right there in minutes. Now. Amended charities I knew I was gonna do about it monsters I don't even that is what is it bishop cheek hello. I'm negative one now that's too perhaps he gives that she screams like got. I here's some venue where area. This is that a cap you could Wear. Out a missile. Tides. Not pass on ballistic. Did you discovered back in the cup continues jumped. I don't know if this monster against Al oh my god cerberus. You know what that best serve first in that place reaching go and make no I. Dressed compare. OK I don't and I don't. Terrorists yes I don't know Serb resistance and you'd get Frankenstein of course ring Hussein's good I know and if Franken bury all in one shot. And I got what yet I number as a server. The worse you want to let Dave go get now and now. Okay no I didn't go ahead yeah I think you really like Willard as if we run out of words you guys don't get to play. What it is maybe don't sit it would it is. Now. No those are. Just look at similarly don't have that I'm not interest in Chicago. I looked at some of the mountains isn't it this is sorry Kalin there's only so many popular monsters. And had to get creative to get him to say we in OK actually yeah I gotta say Barack NN I'm ready said and yeah I can't wait are your any anti anti dreading. Renny got. Into each. I'm a little bit need to change you need anxious. Column right. Our minds and com. I don't know that is imminent but it calmed down and Eldon she's mean quit yet. And that's the one we car that thing that makes the earliest. He's compatible with vampire like about a second glad. Or. Well it down. Candidate to expect. And at that. Coming up it's yet. In ones total. Animal to another word or any animals comes to all of the blinks garrido and small you know that silenced. And it never. And it's animal. Let's just like just. The creature and the other is meego now as column. Oh is that not column is not. Nobody I would and now it is and that is. Boys are okay this is this is higher than I thought it would be as but you know you'd you nailed it now. I know I can be read quite different did very. And I said Frankenstein sold serial that I added we'll exactly get Franken Mary I don't know how I would. Someone like. It's like it's easy V don't know the monster beat you could break it up and make and guess the way that some of them morning and I couldn't break it up the words that I that's rice field I think. Like it. What I look I put him back out negative to you want an. Rose to one and have to with your negatives are your hat you get a half off of you pass hunkered down its. It has twice so yes she had a negative 1%. (%expletive) every two points and two points and act and that a Mozilla and well I'd say now. Like he really only got five and I didn't count any of his passes so I did. And he did it because I did go a long time on corrected. It Gracie got numbers he got crack inside. Really good crack I did that OK right track in a way I'll take five point don't you guys are distracts our yes OK sickness do that and help. I think except that she just an appeal Jews after the buzzer. That finally and apparently got a workable partners could tell you could stand. And that a gamer and a particular and ready for that I'm ready everybody's that gals okay. Add this is not don't play that likens Florida and it's really too much he and there's locked up arbiter add that body of water is called. I make cash not a late that you and ocean nasty eye and an ad is somebody comes out of it it's like you know the monster coming out of that must heat broke its kilometer. I'm not a woman but I am and got. And this kid at my home on that stage backs ads did this movie where he was a buoyant and he turned into that world outlet let me turn into a wolf what kind of world. We are well. She wants to. Ask this is not ads in these and toast and these ghosts send it up and goblins and not in the past add. Asked to add to what's another word that I don't give they tipped pass. I'm just ready to thanks toast. Is there part. Time Israel and got what is it cool. Sounding cool calm me. These are. Gagged I'd like Monty color is now this is no way I ran into that are not named us the tools to push. Brooke is how much as I wanna visit that monster. You got. Yeah the mirror and if you ran best in Atlanta and it. Well I yeah I I do so good about it. We gave up a. Boy that's not gonna tell it misses on this game only puts us that separates us announced like now all the things there's a needle in all the different things going on this world are separating us as Americans. This game separate cynicism a morning Jeff. You Dana I don't like you premium via intelligence is. Yeah well now it does have to be an intelligence that Somalia I'm Botox and the girls are you think they're less than you mean I know I mean I think that Tony was only less money and I think that Mickey was to less than me and a sell your intelligence is lies in the today so what did you separating gas. Not getting along are weak and manatee you're just mad because he didn't get one in your negative one and a half and that's embarrassing you guys is going to separate us I am I hate you as we get. In this game yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Like beds out let me get let me previously with the airline pilot acting like a monster okay is a monster comes you late at night and once they keep your hair but in your lap what is it it. It's each your hand he wants teacher there and you know that's not the that's right they. The bush couple. Nancy it's amounts have never heard any doubt lunatic congratulate. Kelly's got your tickets to the big party tomorrow night so we are you available tomorrow night yes I am about to. You're till five no pride and alert down endearment that there is no way you can take and it's a we'll get no worries. And the party starts when I go I think we're supposed to be their 630 between 637 zone and then we'll just we got the K again we got the party on an animal that subdued and the how many houses he and bring with him. And I. Can parents. Cool cool cool and all I'm just out of those tickets and again if you wanna buy tickets went by and that this thing's going to be so much fun just go to W sepia dot com and look for are creepy Hager.