Password - Royalty

Thursday, June 14th


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Hi Samantha I think I but unity government. Well I'll get us to start a well they would have girl. He ready to Iraq goes out don't let him down because he gets Manny listeners love of god no stops. What's the theme today guys royalty OK in need your hands in your possession and possession. Well you have a random some rare I do patent which has a random words that go along with our team. You'll have sixty seconds to try to get to try to get her to say these seeker words his team are girls murdered coffee sales. Yeah. And that you'll get sixty seconds. Nick and Tony and myself tabled its allotted sixty seconds that's fair Nicky has been been replaced by a popcorn 10 this morning and I'd like new Nikki well off and join her pop a lot of time over there and I have been eating noon Nickey but how are running ally due to thank transitions. Here Tony they treat this dirt and not part. Christians gave as good as it laced aunt and it was a popcorn tint. At and it hasn't happened and aunts and ice anyway we put it where it Nikki would set she's out today. All right ready. Get set. Go. Okay this is kind of like a blind that it king carries with the bonds. No rain. On that might loyal blanks that McCain says my loyal people my loyal. Not the predicate it but. Yes. It's working. To tackle that's. This is what you do when the horse is a great place you're going to blank the capsule I'm going to arm yeah. That's sort of like storm but even more aggressive like it admit evil turn. At bat. Okay this is what you call a single roller expert team is the formal term for. Dictator. Now it's a single what would it be like Blanco lit next. Time. That's OK this is that a Russian king of sculpt. And that's all right that was it dictates that it would be. I present. Ha I there's no way am an MB yemenis. She is she was really gad yeah except I was like and I like that in. What you save it takes a wanna know more things are and then someone to also know with those things are essence now let you passed we passed on siege. We passed on and on RT. On our. What was that was a set up for a single ruler okay yeah on one ruler and but it ending inequity and what was the other one was the senate the question I. I said illegal and the horse is go in storm the castle and they take yet. They take him by force and she sits storm the castle. There's an hour siege easy Oscar. Well as a company and was at full arc Aaron let's go. Ryan. Ryan believes that Tony will get her to win this these tickets. Amazon and particular. Iowa kings island. Soccer a pick and kings island of the tickets. Ryan are you ready for this game I need ready. Already or your chemistry or 62 timer you'll try to get as many pass websites and ready go. He calls some keys a basketball player the best basketball player. Yeah this land and I in England at prince scary. And Mary. Made a mark on the call that. Royal wedding. And really from the eighties where. And date but also about a wedding she is not a queen but say. Queen but they. And yes and then it. This is bad guy at. Used to be the idea note basketball coach but he got fired his name was Bob wet. I. Qaeda this is a Mel Gibson movies. Or accidentally sent into space. Hurt our flag. This is please use it everywhere and it's and it's not just evidenced. Time is up I. I but the round circular yeah it bounced a ball the next roundtable unbelievable you know those are so easy the metal ones. I got started seeds and a accept third yeah reading Jane Samantha sorry this must have been Abbey's contributions. We Latvian yeah thanks for listening by okay mine accident. Haley are you ready around doing that side remains well I don't but he added. They're ready gas. Our effort on is. This is that country it's a fast that's. As. Patsy and great Britain. And I didn't know where that's that are out. Pocket that I'll have seen as king or queen would Wear. The crown. That's right that's why army bases of these we date to engage in if we don't get along it's been country's art wars yeah. Passing on primary and not what that is this is not a it's not a prints that day. It's. Not a transmontaigne. Yeah PO. I have as female prints. Printer right. Yeah how old days this is that guys it will Mary you're in Las Vegas and he sings town an object. That's right. We blanked that big we need you now and changed torque. And it she thanks her lucky week. What did you say that queen Connecticut hit just before the buzz and now it just beat the odds now. What I just settle at. You would you say prince not a prince Monday and. That is not in the and I can't see our guest principally to what was the last one and then maybe that I get five if I would get that last one ranked yeah yeah it's not you should just lighted so well as well as the last one you gat said. It. Yeah. Well that's true or at least it was spirited upbeat at once it's diet now has over its it would only wins. Thanks things are planned dailies are blue Victoria yeah I'm here. Now run. And yeah our. Great yeah. How to dead Great Britain tell me because I didn't. I failed everything in high school. England safe to say England England is no better feeling good rhetoric acquitted. Now. Mad and don't get rid of this URL I wish I were dead no I was kidding I was not getting that team that. Oh golly it's entirely I mean I'm fine Ryan. We've got some tickets for you to go to our what is oh kings island. It's great it's WC peels kings island resistance. Three a lot of fun it's that Tommy Aaron again get up and enjoys these amusement parks we have locally kings island check it out experienced penal planet. Snooki but it hit twenty rides and attractions look at this twittered it says wealth that they finally got a good heart there that's currently get the hardest word half hour.