Nikki In Thailand

Monday, June 25th


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Think he's back. And gone for a little bit in Atlanta. And that's crazy I'm not super you know how what was it like Kellogg's it take to get that it takes a long time that though I live in my boyfriend Josh in the live from Indy to Detroit Detroit to use sowell. South Korea. From South Korea says Bangkok. And total travel time was just over 24 hours blowing through the long flight was from its right. And South Korea and that was an like seventeen hour flight migrate our one place and then seventeen now are scoring. I'll sleep at all I. Did the week there I didn't sleep as much the Atlantic. I think the excitement made it not so terrible gas on the way back I was like twitching in one I'd like almonds and somebody hayride on me that's how agitated asked the Wii so much fun yet I mean we with Ted Bangkok saying nine and then cat at the end. We are seeing all these different islands all these are from Buddhist temples which are the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. And then they'd like I mean stone aren't that cool I'd call him beautiful medalist. You know as beautiful and yelled like one of those of temples that we into. The belief is that half of booed as ashes were buried under this tree. And so there's this whole lore about this white elephant hiked up the mountain with the ashes and died there in and they built temple opening. And then. As a result urges everybody makes these. Beautiful golden Buddha statues and they just put them and so they're just. February it is beautiful valued age I attended a candid take on how we had nothing definite and gold and cash and Jesper and Jeff is here foods like that temple of the reclining Buddha which is one of the ones and twos probably. I mean the size of our parking lot out and that's how you are different and better I think. Finally learned a lot we and gotten we'll bus had a good night of our thing at one point separate and I. I yes yes because of the food or two of the alcohol I recently assumed I said the alcohol that could be Ganassi not here as the food I thought I was sent you have her leg now which is doing now. Alison well until Ted food waiting I had some I don't get car sick not car sick person but all the cars there at least the ones we are riding in a manual. And we were going up and down mountains for hours so it was like stop start and that started apps are ones like weaving. And the waiting area you always feel a little bit sick when you get there we like OK it's fine. And then we were starting to go back to our hotel so close in hotel we got stuck in traffic and I kept going like you can make you sonar to speak you can do it. And then I parked in my mouth. A hell yeah. I am not in the pro and as I grew up on a sailboat I know how to hold down some bar female. Am I but I coughed at Atlantic and saw earlier to Matsuzaka was trying to meet our our translator and our driver and I. Trying to play cool we were in the backseat and Josh that's how I'm like then what do you have an idea get rid of it is it. I. Anke I. You are and some people band oh I don't know if I can get that now I did and I was as strong as the then I'd like there was water in the vans is not just in the water and then there aren't you need to saudis now I'm like no just keep. Going I don't get me there. We get to hotel and then Josh was like wanna get a drink in the lobby your in I was like you got a hobby. I'm adults are to throw up for an hour and I did. That. As it happened we're fine we learn then take Dramamine in Uganda banner right so that's happening now but. Been gone to this place where you can made it look like seafood every gust I got our shots to make sure that we weren't gonna get like a terrible typhoid disease or something or hepatitis but. So that we can keep booty now. End that we go to this place we had Ben once before our last full nightmare regarding them there we RD in the lobster it was delicious. A little street cart type situations so we go back and we had been drinking on nights are we were not on our sound mines act. Just like Gatti at the last hour app actually well. He ghostly at the last or do you asked you know each individual one is a different price so how much is this and they said some expense of a lot of money so he isn't is it the we have one for half price. I'm now are we talking about. But how about how do you are you Maria to figure it out there is too greedy so that one also reasons we pick Thailand he asked does the exchange rate with the American dollars great. You're. Allen. May get it around Banja ever like NL. Hundred popped like three blocks and everything a hundred bots that they're just like three backs and the thing I can still easily. Fresh lobster so they cut it out. He eats it I had like one by that I wasn't interested so we go back to the hotel while thirty minutes later about time shellfish. Who poisoning kicks in I'm really we think luster might have been dead which is why with half price. He starts to get a you know like it's coming through his body real fast I was oh they're the tank where they supposed to be alive there's. Yeah and some of them are like sitting on ice or whatever but I don't know I that it was Fuzzy in evening was yet he got it but then it. He apparently runs in the back in the scheme it's a bottom exit situation. But then slowly start to realize is gonna come out the other side. Pelosi grabbed the trash can. And bring it back over to Asia the partly bruised to ice rarity now that yeah we did you know livers are Soledad you know out there so he down grabs the trash can but there was a decorated sleeve around the trash can and it was like not connected to an all just a tube. He picks up that to put his mouth and it and it's got no bottom half so he barf cannons the whole bathroom this go to the. But blocking manage the toilet. So he picked at the rim of the trash can and adds it up daily news of all trashed enemy that is so he was throwing up into. RCN N it's the. Flying everywhere and then. When I hear him I wake up and Mike are you OK he's like. It was like I thought you already know like I swear to god and I just you know come in here and there are everywhere. We heard just Elena you know I think traveling together especially traveling so as long distance and have to take your relationship to hold mile yeah yes this is not. First time in our lives that we had to like look each other and the I'm like you still love me tomorrow it's going down. While it sounded like a lovely. Yeah you know some of the other stories can't repeat that we'll get it out and that's a pretty good story for gossip. Well welcome back here sure we'll get more stories that it through the gambit that.