Name the Baby - Oh Baby!

Friday, February 23rd


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OK so we gotta contest and once you wanna play the game right now while Julie Muppets and plunged and she can net if you if you don't get the Sony can come within maybe Julie Moffett can be your phone a friend. Okay all right so here's your first one. Are you there collar Brian I. Are you. Are. And get an area would be way more interesting yeah. OK given a title or at the artist sings a song. By Kerry or what they. And god knows yet RA are at a name this baby sound. Anything there. Oh. Photo towed toda now Africa toda left that zone. And that's the greens down again. This is actually had big mountain baby I love the way I love your web. Try to cast yes. But he you asked Julia oh. I was paying attention on my ethnicity. I exit line is the third one. CNN ABC on. Title or artist. Yank it out stealing a plane entitled just went out there I mean you heard them agility what does that sound. Mean my baby B Mac he's. Let's drag it's my name this baby son for a chance to win. VIP tickets the old baby and then that's going on carnal on Sunday noon to three eighths. My jam back in the day. I. Can. Say let me. And he any guess on that one. Q and why is going to act but I guess some wanna look at argued that went right it was big and he's certainly maybe by TLC. Around. I am I right here is another one unease to let members to write a damning or do we have left to. What is the name of the sun or the artist it's. Avery in the name of the artist of all I get. Okay yeah yeah. And I'll repeat win and it's on the we just didn't know I know we've now. A kitten at. Here is the next one final one you got a name this artist or the song title. Yeah who knows him. Now that's a get out even why bush got the check out the baby got back. Amazon. Com media. Back dating back is that right now is that right yeah I mean. Yeah. Got yourself a couple of ticket. You're pregnant why do you know baby and then that's going on this weekend got VIP tickets. I'm way children under ten are bringing. Join us to correlate that that was that building and it's like yeah I. And and acts of random antenna and a great congratulations hold on the line and nag H sells tickets otherwise keep listening to win your free ones here now.