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Tuesday, August 7th


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Go ahead you and at a time and her. Comment so landing about. The ink. Aren't there. And it is. Not this say about. Your. And it. Eight the obvious I don't layered part right here I am right now. Yeah. At the Bible. And it. And I want to learn family and are. Currently there are exactly right that is I. Let you do it is it is acne. And is it now. Now live SMU rabbit bank after hearing one of the yeah. Aaron. And bad outlook. My mind that they like. Video games make people gas. I'd like thing and stuff that I never at the did I never had a chance to do and never will do now. I am unable to make your brain and a stripper wants yeah. Yachts is in the living room get Nadal again I like derided dirty so you know. But yeah. And then I can't comment about Canada Paramount thing I think we're way. In an animal you because I was in the hospital and I I don't apparently. Had a rendering ball. You know baby blanket that a cat art and art is our hope that aren't and it. You act funny as being out front and now it is true and yeah I'd get it eagle umpire. And bankers so I have my dog to follow lovely as yeah. As there wouldn't completely. OK let's go to Aaron Aaron Lee com about. Any that topic were you guys were not the last guy. Out here. All that stuff here. Though. I just one where I hit it it really. Depend on the kind of wrap. It or not. There's other rappers. Now there's actually a whole lot market and have Lowrie. That on route futuristic zone particularly mentioned. Such extra and all that it's really just how. And what do you want. We talked a lot that's a media that's as I loved cowboys in and say I'm happy. Like logic talks they'll go to college is yet can't hit it Aigner and about actual genre. And just hearing only common things in deciding night but I labor raps are about sex and drug yeah. And Livan on the street. And at and pants and I had like grabbed me Tony an accident and gliding just smiling. Lincoln's illiterate he doesn't know at sex drugs after. Cassie on the smiling when he showed up at eight AO RE Diane Casey. Target. My wife was EQ is that 500. Personally I don't think it appropriate cricket bat about the that month a year ago curry became how are the only thing that would calm. And you weren't heard my youngest niece who's like didn't want her to her favorite song was downtown my Mac and more and there I mean some weird and kind of like cursing all in the whole thing. And she would watch the video just rock back and forth yeah. Downtown nom. Yeah. And I let's do nationally what's up nationally. And I wouldn't calling about ball not let that I am not a lot out here I collect it all I would think at. And my opinion and it does barely let it out and but where kids hear it because I asked her in and then edu and I was like well. And my grandma got it warming having no idea what was on and there was a complete and it courage and and I'm like today. Very surprised at. Arab. Yeah. I hope. Kelly and there are many of that you are now like maybe a bit you know I'm about.