Mom Smells & Rap Music

Tuesday, August 7th


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I and easy to and you mom. I am not a degas had. I was only about. No. Yeah now. And now the chairman's. Though it. Boy and a parent. About it outright that they. Theoretically. Every night like. That because there in it at an art and meet that. Battery patent and that. I. All of this. Okay thanks for Colin do you love who do want kids I make to survive. Except that already killed them all inside my body and what do you mean by that I mean ms. Bremer allowed and what what happened well at the committee hot baths. Probably. Slipped wading knee pads. To lose boxer shirts that say when you loosen up or tight round they say dread as these out an addict maybe years ago here that no amount a cold in my. Gentlemen is gonna bring anybody back. I didn't add it DNR baby did not recess that you know it's at a mother's cell like rap music. Here's here's a bad. That now is a father LA's ability of guy that now father guy heads is tell your story. Yeah you missed her you'd probably. Downpour but I got it knee I. You and you're. Lesser see how did you lessons you know. You know indeed the go to guy Eddie yeah it. Us. Those are your favorite song saying. You can begin a body grew up. It'd be a year. Six. Are there aren't like them. It is not Diddy lives and do it is just of these jealousy can't do those and I mean I think that. You know that thing the great to bid. Yes look without rap songs inspiring you you would have never had children and true picture. Married isn't that neat Russian army goes couldn't eat. And I. Mean yeah like yeah I the premiums and out many amigos are there that there's three. And I'm starting American boy band in Mexico called amiga so. He as the good. It is definitely you know the hunt I indeed roads display. Oh yeah. Let me let me be clear I gave up there half of my hands and let other people talk about it. I had to lower. Are you are able to size are we talking. You line. I'd be right. Dare I. That it is. Wit with parties. Step it or known in the world look like robberies. Are what. Latin music promo yeah. And I yes it does he say that can. Okay. Okay okay did jury more media are ahead that is actually. I'll be briar continues yeah. I love this guy's guys yeah murder rap song that made me. A problem. That bit you. Young adolescent girl about right right and yeah burtless rappers are about you know Brian lynch. You people because they owed them money. Now. They have leverage to do why didn't we. That's right that's why I'm gonna run a bank right after the show today. And advanced absentee probably children until. I'm glad I love that rap song at a calming babies. Don't have children. Okay. I mean you know what not they're not stab a tee and a there aren't always on drugs as I didn't know what I did. Catch up. My heart Michael knew what my everybody do it stabbed to kiss. So if you're also a key yeah. Thanks for combating appreciate allowed to. Run and I knew I.