Missed Connections Ad's

Monday, October 16th


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Let's do missed connections ads these are ads you can actually. Post on Craig's list. That and in your desperate in these desperate times where you maybe came across somebody over the weekend popular very attractive you had some conversation may be. Your eyes met and now you're stuck it right I don't know how to get all the people try to these ads and hopefully you'll see it. If not we read them on the air as well do you mind it is time from the south. As a public service to our listeners and and it if you are this percent or you know this person reach out to us and we will put you in contact and then if you if you want that you might not want that attack. Here are today's and if you don't mind put on kind of a romantic voice. He's entered. Near today's missed connection hands of foreigners to Owens go and check. Jackie Jackie Jackie and threw well. Jacqui yes please unblock me and talk to me and Casey Jackie. I sorry I ran over sprinkles. She doesn't it can't oh but it was late and we just to lunch rooms. And I thought I'd just hit a curb. I know it sprinkles I would has stopped. I would have won it sprinkles to get eaten apart by a coyote. If I could switch places with parenthood. While I don't alluded to and everything negative but sprinkles was just to catch and I'm a person. Don't lose two things that you love it wants and I hate not talking and seeing you know I didn't know what to do so I've talked to a new little kitten already. I'm calling it deemed the most ordered Tiki sprinkles so my I DQ could love to ankles as my sprinkles. It is real Putin gives kisses. Me indeed as wanna give you kisses Jackie. I'll keep my alerted never ran over another cat he made me happy and seem bad to own most of. Tank and guess yeah uncle Jack DS will never I knew I would yes theory really I wanna does the same line. Man I do not cheesy have a cat that was. He did have a caffeine they got half inch screen and ran out and did she ever like I am not gonna rule anything out. And yeah exactly yes this is true meaning Jacqui asset class sprinkles aren't. And now you know you can kind of relate to that producer well it's series a bogey I didn't lose a cat they did not eating apart by Cambodia. It's just. Aided was. Hi Tom. These are missed connection and sincere another one that's when his column in LA fitness. Each man for man and going do. We used to see each other GM and messing. I tried to use machine that you just used so I could feel your warmth tightness on the pan out. Only reason I and and breathe in the air hugest smelled. That growth if I can get away with it did not look like a Psycho. I just bury my face was seated that let our teen pop off our snort it like a line has been kind of they've existed for do it a concern is that art. We chatted on the boil point gap. The book Harlem. Going back to a boil it. Loyola. We had that gave me alone Lilly massage. And made medium. Our long real really massage and made a meal of my bottom. Of that is gonna throw them this way I had it then I did edit. And so it. Then I returned the favor by eight. Using the place where I put food foursome stuff that wasn't for it and you've had a drink any federally recognized nips. I want you to work out so I can watch your penis body struggled once went on the machines and I hope he stat. I want to feel that grizzly bear belly tickling the small mind back as you chop my muscles and smother me in your weight we've got to get itself. Didn't and this is crazy I'm looking for another massage you Chevy halt and and it almost told the only thing that aside I should have your man Clinton view and he likes that kind of talk. You mean cowboy Troy is available. It's free. Got to be seventeen or older. That's got two point seven stuff that's two point seven stars pretty gratified ratify two point only fifteen rating system was in fifty points. And android apps it does have a four point one stuck sometimes. I played there aren't yet and this is greatly outlaw guys in the area so many apple gay guys are different and Droid X and aura that emergency amateur to a jury got polite and networks upon her. But it while it on that app you can apparently get some great meals and oil play is the global network for meeting gay man known and a tremendous absolutely no good if you want to search for one's sex unique. You're getting both whether you like or not also. He don't get anybody near you because of the GPS or distance feature whenever they call it isn't work in Britain darn. It today. So many great people on the yes all right this is seven missed connection and it's excellent is holes I eat Tina. And for a woman boot yeah. We left around the same time he was loading up what you called and not Stoller. What you look like a big half and a look in chairs. I kind of teased in San you must be making one big old Tom Huntley he thought. And he said why. And I said your chair looked like a big game. And he said things against. Thanks again thanks for enhancing the bank again you're trying to figure out. Had a strap it down and not scratch it and I would stop and help. And I was late to pick up my end grates on from Ronnie. Is always seem blocking my chances when new. Yeah. He don't like and his mom couldn't handle all I got to do is so I had to go out on the proud and give it to more ladies takes. I'd like to make a donation on your notes to hour and I was in an SE VNU as the red F 150. We locked eyes a few times and ended with a smile. Wanna talk and see where it goes you know what to do you was of the blindly I'm guessing what's your sister. Balanced Aldo Nike camp for a woman known. They can connect there it's just beautify you know and a a chair cutesy picture kind of like animal nut started it and I'm a little hot. Are they now yellow pod that'd be the perfect place to use your boil play out. We have one more miss connection and do we have time for this I love doesn't Aaron. This one has gone. Come see me tees. Woman for man Coventry embody appetite for priest at a single aged 28. I get off work at 1 PM come see me. I'd bringing home left over coconut shrimp. I want you to see my apartment TDs so we can snack and correction. That and and for breezed through time and I'm ready to lick clean your Covert tat. During that fret paddle. Nominee extinct. Is forever and I love and beautiful daily op analyst told come see me woman for me and. Just gorgeous beautiful beautiful snacking. And track snacking crash and is that giant crack smoking crack down now. There's your missed connection ads here in a smiling morning show lovely lovely loud and throw me really ran his illness.