Missed Connections

Wednesday, March 14th


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This connection adds this is a place where you can now go and you go to Craig's list. And right up and ads say hey anglers to Starbucks in Plainfield and and it. Beautiful and then went cream on your mouth as I that we talked a little live again. For each phone number ism embarrassed to do it. At the time and now I'm kind of like find you are initiated truck stop CNET misty yes I remember your name. And then Celgene area now we go through Craig's list of findings and we read them on the air hoping to help them. Find the one that they left this is for to this love. Yes so if you can't read some right at a Craig's list but on your sexy voice on excellence here's some missed connection ads here. This first one who's old. The only African American female. Crown Plaza Hotel bathroom a point right now and there is Paula woman and for water. Indianapolis. We met a few months ago and I am not been able to get you off my mind. If you're waiting on someone at the crown Plaza Hotel on the west side. And very sexy. Young African American team mental. We chatted if you are leading on their company to arrive and we went off briefly. To the bathroom. We did not have a great deal of time but do you are very accommodating. Them. You fumbled opening my dockers. So you just yanked them down. The button popped off and landed in the John. And we've reached for the handle to flush it down together. And left and loud at that point. And then you made me like chess and don't mean to the stat man. This. Man. Imminently. I know I you know I think first the first idea was is flush it down below and get it to we get it out so back on. All leaking at a public toilet that we had at first I mean well I Democrat idea just an idea what first I need to just get rid of it. Well that was how they connected they reach for the handle together the budget deficit. You're already doing dirty things and advance. They had started the dirty things yet it and I'll get on to honor. Button popped out flush it down now let's continue on diskette man. No she turned him into this government is immediately mean linkages then turn me into the scat man. I'm not. I don't there's a lot of ways that could go in my head out now share as clean it. I and company analyst nothing about you and hope that maybe you read these on here and would like to look up again for something that is more accommodating ST to review. It doesn't requires much need light being in after all. You know pointing to be fun to spoil. Now was called young African American female crown Plaza Hotel that. But I haven't in Indianapolis back when I was single he's I was rushed to the bathroom cargo and that yes and then flushed down the the yeah doctors that hit the button now is well on a hot as maybe I didn't have been wearing dockers. And it may be a lady will only due to a guy. He loves my dockers we could be yes it intrigued. Dividend man wouldn't just say in my pants but had to specifically limit how dockers is getting my card gated my Porsche this. Yeah. And this was a lady of the night Aaron never out of it that way I didn't sound like he had to pay heard though. That is even admit that. I don't know I'll ice it ice age and you kids go higher and without the true. I've always that's there's new slogan iron to. There's a minus column DMZ on Emerson man or woman beech grove and what can happen and DMZ. I used to see you there all the time chewing on your parents stretching a pink scratchy back and forth. I'm always in their own business. You are the best looking BMV lady in the whole place. And Wear nice letters went big sleeves and don't have whiskers like the others. Who whisked here. I love your long jet black hair you are so beautiful like a young share with a little nose. It looks. It looks like you had a couple of teeth pulled on the sides but it's cute to me and makes the front lines really popping your smile. I always bring you a little pact of salt and vinegar bugle chips always ask did you bring mine down nuns. And that's certainly areas that really solemn pepper bugle seldom a bugle to. That's fine young did you remind the younger and now amounts. I started telling the BMV my beautiful mother lady visit. And you drive a yellow Camaro. Icu sometimes when you're out by your car when I'm waiting to see you one more time you are right Camaro. No didn't you. Name in the car just saying that higher 1980s. I know everything you need to know about that guy who he thought O'Meara gal you can I don't know Camaro I had ice he sometimes when your Al player car when I'm waiting to see you one more time before I go. And eating my Mexican pizza. I love Mexican pizza like the list they say that basic Italian and Mexican put him together. And flat delicious treat personally would be ideal lady. Even though I have a girlfriend. I would love to hook up with you sometime if you're OK with that sort of thing. Maybe in your Camaro. Because my girlfriend is crazy paranoid. And would totally know we love ruffled my corolla. Hello. He's crazy very nineties cheating. Just not care to be actively traded she got her she's right. But those few goals man anything else. So there this lady must be so. Sell lowering their notion that whiskers iron and snapped and glad that this jet sharing she looks like a young share the little nose and no tees on the sides. You know life in your bugle daddy if you see this I'm always wearing something particular undermined stocks mach. Let me know what it is or when I look like doc just smile and what he wears it for stocking shower and he got a smile and little February during department store whatever. Had done some like that Kmart little apron at Kmart here drizzle Kmart out at Kmart after it was in my head wind in Kansas and he's argument has been. I know is let me know when that level that it is over and I look like how a lot of my mustaches. You might even know where I work if you read the smog. And I'm. And long. Yet. Gross. Out that hundreds of crime with blond mustache as long means is a great be weird hand undermine. The mustache. Marion block may at long now in the soup is probably must. And a mile thick hairs stat could be Allen's Colombian Dion Emerson mantra woman beech grove into another one here for these are missed connection Nancy's or hoosiers. Look at for left. It's a uninstall additional reception and for a woman a normal family dentistry. Allow specific Al karma alt fan what is it karma family dentistry public. Jittery. I came in today for my employment during the early morning. I broke my tunes while trying to bite opening day could beef jerky. I can happen. You coming in fast. That's how I know your enemy. You looked wonderful as always your face looks like an Angel baby. I think there's a missing comma there. On Angel baby has to click on to remain INS and on and not a small but does he reads like Angel baby. Could have been a baby that died in prematurely aisle and now is an Angel yeah I'm anxiety. I would even why would god bother. Our green or baby angels babies there needs it is you know we need them the baby in the Angel course. Seems like a traumatic way to get a baby and ours that's on I didn't you know maybe it. Things happened understand baby dies you know you liberty wanted to. Evan are now I want well there has to be it and some sort of comparison for a lady space. There isn't such an Angel and me too and you're funny I thought you'd be grossed out that you made a joke about. Quote jerky to being something you fix spoke all the time and that you're supposed to eat the beef jerky or not the packaging. I know 1009 if tangled in my boxers not call. Hey I'll cage and just getting Cameron relax you are the highlight of my trips and Dennis. And I'd like to reciprocate. That cavity fillings. Jake and and home Mike. I can't contain only seeing you every six months anymore so I'm gonna stop brushing and start by opening everything was hit. I'll Jack my mouth out for you serious. We had a nice conversation be far left about dog management. And I since you might have so. You might have similar feelings as me. I would love to take you to lunch some day in navy we can take concho your Chihuahua with drones are locked again America I'm sign read. That dog has thrown maybe the conscious in your Chihuahua with groans. Are walk together. On 00 my god as I can really count and so specific there's no way nobody knows who did this yet aides did the person named Jerry with a Chihuahua named poncho with broad. Family dentistry. And yeah the letter and saying yeah it's there. Merrill's shuffling to try to figure out this is that the don't see. In the you can't give her b.s in their it's just a bit not her he's in the united and now we also need not mean narrative and my dad had aids growing up. Oh wow I had a cat named George grenades and that we had to tie it to a polar front yards so couldn't go to the neighborhood and we had to alert the neighborhood about our age you. You put it on next door app for that. But that's not ugly the good old best. Easier yet series we adore adore and think church does yes now we isolated to pull over here and I can't tell the global. Okay. Yeah it. Allan. Katz speaking their gas from go under the right at that. I'll leave Indy 500 and well. Nobody sit on that. It demonstrates that we had a nearly in recent weeks my cats interacted with your cat and Denver Clinton levels. Let you know and there's the right thing to do there's a chance that in mind contracted. As IT. He and I. Know now that was that was. I know is straight oh illustrate is now. And I think it was gaming yeah oh yeah draws the eighties. And now. Any difference. Yeah we are and it was a drug transfusions. Anyway the blood transfer what Wheeler disastrous days in dobbs grounds. And the closing of this says it's on shot but it would be amazing.