Missed Connections

Thursday, October 12th


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Let's talk about this connection has now these are ads you can actually a right up in and and into free to put an ad and are on Craig's list and maybe you saw somebody over the weekend and that. An eighty thought there attractive and made eye contact me at some witty banter for a little bit you know like a man that but he forgot to exchanged digits okay. Now here you are struggling like pan. I really felt like that which it went on a staters on that this is our moment how to like get a hold of these people well. You can just go back. Thanks Dan tells attitude and our may be may or there is a place on Craig's list where you can write out a missed connection had. Andy's our local ads and we read them on the air as the great thing about this they're real. Not a thing about them is that producer will has his creepy voice city I'm sorry sex evil Arabs into rock. He uses his real passionate passionate voice to re like them. Passion enthusiasm any reads them exactly how they are written so sometimes there's some type is but he just reads he asked as they wrote I don't want to offend the author yes I want to honor the material the way it's presented at a thanks a OK guys ready for his connection. Whereas I and west. His personal and his lone. Cement at least the man for man in Immelman this knoller and are now I'll start Ingraham and I think he's meant to you wife's rerun mystique Jimmy's. Thought it was my wife's fat juicy bones but it was you'll wives and I'm like wouldn't fill out and Jimmy John's name Ian. She got awry no booty on cougars buddy act and I wanted to go on safari. Proponent of user can drag the Jeep. I just wanna watch and occasionally full pom that seat meat while you build. Then there. Never did it do did tasted no remains pay any beef. Ha but I had a taste for your moments cute blue it's and I wanna treat the floor of us to an all inclusive knighted the super eight. Two queens with our two queens. Will order more towns for the fallout. And won't know where the buck stop in the hands start to Houston is just a pile of flailing flash laps and screams. I've during a boxer Clif bars and Red Bulls to keep the hips charged in oh my god we make our own room rodeo. And we go our separate ways. Love to have another opportunity to smack your wives but again. And you could try my wives for the first time captain. If a what was going to smacked a nice budget. Man. And I treat you as it is is clever idea that I am an interviewer ever as a couple open minded to that. At least you know you're gonna clever like Google being placed on Jimmy's. In Nora and is Jimmie in the dawn and John says Gareth Edwards dot. Oh yeah. Jimmy Johns yes we just any bees eatery in top 160 karma but then and that's that's on the that's that's that's karma that's way up. That's not Nora and I know it's arrestor. And others say it was Jimmy and it's just not a gym like a tool Stoller. Well there's a lot of Anaheim angels store and needing my job and Jimmy's NORAD Indian at gala. I'm out there and Jimmy John's that's mild Jimmy John's panel of the cookies yeah. She hit an argument Ali I'd like to cookies to. Pat Day is another. One in his London home. Very young John Lewis and gorgeous ass. Man for man in Noble's new issues. On the bear today leave it through Craig's list years back we had a very nice arrangement going for a while there. Where you bring me a dominos. May I give you finishing massaging my camper. He got sick firm and it. Started out as a urinary tract infection how I found this was more. Just to gays I got rid of that lazy boy add up reach into the driveway. If it might have contributed to your getting seen. I got a new. I got a new bean bag in there now I got on eBay so little work know little. I've not heard from me would months and I needed dominoes. I truly would love another chance to relax that gorgeous I do not finishing mountain. Your terms John total discretion is always. Won't mention the free pie in your mouth only client. How we never did relations. But man I wanted you to do take me but I know you like the fair exchange and you know I don't have anything to give or. Plus. In disaster occurred hamper bag in the. And I just got let go from half price books. And more than fine and peeking out through and don't. No one was alone. Very young John with gorgeous ass man ruined her own hands and have to fight another trailer yes. It was good it is as it straight little that's at Night Shyamalan. And need. Jesus get dirty play he bought them that god you know like go from half price that is the only. That's happened to lose your job and funny about this this particular story is I'm really join you guys life was receiving that Domino's temporary giant. That was it. And I haven't got. There missed connection ads here and you can find them on Craig's list we just freedom here this. This money has gone you Britney cashier's east Washington Wal-Mart. And for a while in Cumberland. You were really cute and we exchange flirty glances but that was it. Noticed you were full up with the babies. No rain and handle it all up when that they've. Does your swelled to twice their size means. Or is your full it was a navy no ring based on your face is that mean I could tell that maybe hasn't slowed down your baby maker. Glenn let me scratched at each for you I don't even think it's gross. I would love this week that's really got to get it loud and let it. I let everybody wants the air and I think you're grant us an eight I'll stretch that it's important I was the one you Buffy a get omelet way. It makes perfect omelets and Mike and I. As seen on TV. And dad let let me treat you do one. Amaechi utilized and bought a couple things around 11 AM on Saturday October said. Let's read out hit me up or fines. And omelets. Now ask about Q pregnant cash yesterday's Washington Wal-Mart and for a woman Cumberland. We got one more here and this connection ads here this one is golden girl. While beaver you worked concessions that guards are lateral line I'll beaver club I thought that shut down as brown brown verbal abuse. Bob the stands around downtown. Hopefully I can find you know you can even while beaver with cubicle workers. He said you liked my faux hawk. I told you it was actually called a high fade with hard part in Korea. Girls. If what if we're not. Ballot I told not it was actually colonize feed with art art and quit. With ethnic and but also if a guy says that while the way. And I and she now we hired his cabinet. But you on the globe alternate cited series because you quote wanted to pop them. Forward hell yes. We talk I told you not awesome Sully working Garth concert. I was the guy from Vegas we ended up doing it shot talking about beliefs and eat and stuff. You like blew my mind with about how you just use your way through life in then you fill the inside in my pocket. You and say he felt something beating your future. I nearly choked among all of you for. I got to hit it can. I thought you were probably spritz adapter huge to get ready for. Lunch. You are probably sprinting up here. Gooch to get ready to fulfill the big prophecy but then you ditched me I think you said you named Sidney. My phone was detonated keep your number happened so fast you're equal to talk with and I'd like to talk more beacon fine. I got more for you to feel your way through analyst called girl while beaver who worked concessions that art and. And just under let you now. That there is such a thing as a high aid with hard part and went. Hit a quit according to the dictionary. Is a piece of hair especially on a man brushed upwards and backwards from the head. Up those are the topics have nots it's pretty much. Like the costs as. And the confusion was that it look like a full pocket he said back to her no. Its actually high fade with hard part and quit that's all I have is quipped it's everything back they're just Crist up to the front.