Missed Connection Ads

Tuesday, December 5th


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Well there's a place where you can go on Craig's list that he could write an. An ad and say hey I assassinate this week and we made eye contact we have some fun conversation. I'm in love I just cannot get all of them yeah I don't ever spoke to him so now there have been people and the thing what are the chances their CD's ads and home. Sometimes it's better than if he didn't let us through this can and your so analog you gotta find these people so. We also go through and find some of these real ads which are just genius I mean have waited this I mean that's what makes them so funny. Mean I hate to laugh at these people. But these are real people hoosiers looking for luck gonna read these missed connection ads on the producer OK and you put on some kind of a us a romantic voice isn't accuse Regis how you would believe that they wrote it is okay. So. Aren't you oh yes since. Sweet time designers yes. Loon city. Zone is a little. Lady across the street. Men Perelman Pittsburgh. You live across the street from me. Gerald and assuming those are yours kids that didn't play. We seem to see each other often as we votes to move. On our respective front porches. When you brilliant smoke. You look like an Angel coming out of the club or do. I know smoking will kill us but we may see snacking on your smoking treat it's like I've already done it and go on to have that in. Yeah I think you're is a little. Would love to get naked it was you can see how much pleasure we could give each other and I won't even ash on your back when I'm dog and. Snacks and get your lady to respond. This. Is people don't know it's not any. That he would surprise me a little bit. No you seeing this is almost impossible. If you do and have an interest getting there. Tell me how many lawn jockeys he got on a similar shot and what color my mama to. If the answer is any and it's a team nanny and her lungs got a lot god and told him tightly and Tara. Jack. And it's always. Players that not. There's not a generic term for all those dumb things people have now as the sisters son talking about it and this is it as a multiple campaigns more than on any line good Adelaide at figure regular. Yeah I. Hug you and your fortune what color my mailboxes. Rhymes with some purple. Well I don't was called lady across the street men's room in Pittsburgh companion are right you know these people are you are that person. Colin let us now we will connect you. Missed connection and. This won't totaled sixty country. On Sunday morning a straight man remains. Steve really get the station near Franklin polar. Did you find in sixty country. It was a camel. In jacket. Genes in the grounds when those months. Lose mine right behind you. I was planning in my jacket jeans and brown boots. We was a couple of heartened to Marines. We was in the eludes. You wouldn't see each other common. I wanna season. You went to one register into the knicks. We was both in their 10:15 AM. And I believe he parked out back analyst in black extended cab truck on forty going list. As I was today. Op area in the specific and very specific yes. Not so hot sexy. And standing behind him zigzag ZU two months sags and bags. In his tent behind it mine new user asks. We can take a back at jerky out in my blind. Wanted to compliment your boots a nice look and gonna pleasant eye candy on Sunday morning news. And loved it hooked up with him and mine blind. It's a year of this and have some fun with your sixty country guy. If this you thinking you know and interest an email with country guy in blue slash cam. And subject line and that always. Lined what does a blind is that the ear like a year had an easy night in GAAP. Mounting exit penalty and I so he had not richest way to keep the deer from seeing the terrible things you're doing other in the palace it's not a that was close to configure all the tears her and other went there. Yeah me these humans are doing unspeakable it's the time I. Mean this connection that here on the smiley morning show. Third and so is it business would ask. Linda L stempel. Linda L stempel Linda don't stempel man for a moment now and for one. Played trying to reconnect with Linda stempel. Who moved to Indianapolis from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Used to color stempel temples. As yet Greek temples scared but lunar base I'll honor upon them. You couldn't see those though like yes atlas he made love to learn like I do to keep. I hoosiers delisting we got a finds canceled temple business you may love doing like I. I hope you didn't but I could get over it is you're done making load her if she's availability. Maybe you know. She. She capitalists like big if you do that are. She knew looks like Camilla Parker Bowles. I. Little ones have common Prince Charles married who is now on one night did not hitter in the ten category. She used its. She used to winners later says that said how old are you mind with the Dalmatian howling at the moon is married. It. Yes that's actor with pop students do things. She's older. Should be easy lurking in the aviation field all leads will be appreciate. Can't get that Lance was called the Linden who Stifel. Linda L stimulus article in Camilla Parker Bowles okay dimples on antibiotics but you wouldn't know that it and lets you do they like me loved OK let me keep it we got one more miss connection at a four year. This this is adults. We swamped gremlins detached or just. Permit an up Mike south side Indy okay. You learn hidden. Young. In animals are an average. It's okay. I regret not having time to do it a second time entity and hope you didn't think I didn't enjoying it. It was the first time for both of us I thought about in Austin ever since. I want to please you on a regular basis and no you want to be on me to. Beat on me beyond me a he he's a don't feel bad that yours is smaller than mine because I truly feel like it's perfect. If we meet again in outlook and your anything yet to war. I want to keep your special place in. I've never felt this way about a gentleman's. And have only vacuum orders. But want to have it in the place where I eat food all the time yeah. If this were brownie batter I had a ball. I. I know you wanted you're. Life container. Made into a lollipop better. And I'm sorry can do it enough but it was my only time. I'm still a straight Mary. The feel an overwhelming need. Here's your knee it's beautiful unless of Jacqueline was. Are we swapped its your grandma's detest her. Now boy. I Diego if you know these people reach out to us we will connect him doesn't allow birds.