Missed Connection Ads

Tuesday, November 14th


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This connection Nancy Rio guys these are ads and people who users can write up in that Craig's list and these are people that maybe dismiss connected they didn't get connected to him ms. Burnett exchanged phone numbers or whatever. And we're trying to help them connect he has wrapped Christmas Exxon. OK can do some kind of a sexy voice to producer well in the weeks he's really feel this little. Learning to excellence goals. Thirties to ovals and parties and nobles don't opt and in through lean. We were waiting on food in light chatty. You noticed my feet corrective glasses. And told me use sun had to get Saddam and just got his eye patch off from lazy eye surgery. And I'll. Are you getting emotional and Swiss steak burger and I was getting the same with pollution rooms because I don't like fungus. And you said you can't spell fungus without if you win. Almost laughed my glasses. Like a funny lady. You learn an attractive older gal with beautiful hand with the middle age and you cleavage. Like it sprinkles on her real. You like. You looked like you've seen a few things in your life and I'd like to show you one more if you don't. It kind of looks like emotion. Let her polish. City I'm a little funny it is. Thought we kinda. So we came at a moment they could lead to pompano at least if so let me know. Respond to your hair color no no it is. Allen was all parties in ovals and Andrew woman Malario very classy there authorities in ovals though. This one's com. To mine out Hoover woman for man near east downtown. Low over. You might outmaneuver. And little moon and move very. Here he's downtown after being disappointed by two other bad businessmen. You came to mind miscue on time reasonable. And strong. Watching you have spent half sold for over your shoulder like a potato sack made me ovulate. I wanna be your next sad and I need my potatoes mashed. Don't forget the seller dream. I was instantly glad it was you winning. When I saw your handsome face but I kid he started sweating. One minute scratch your post. Did you know you look like Ellsworth brother and me and I want user hammered and make soul or. I wish. I wish you would've looked yeah I was and he practically put my pie on the windowsill for you to steal. All the creeps in on me and you're going to make me feel alive and after this break up I'm inning homer. I might go by a sectional just collar union. Thanks for giving me something to fantasize about instead of headaches. I'm going to put a chair on top of my washing machine like scaring you at present ourselves against a Carner and pretend it's unity. I feel like I'm going to jail just listening. Analysts called to my not Hoover moment for men near east and good luck and if you know who these people are you are those people and he Collison we we'll connect you. With them. If they wanna connect with you that this one has come looking for birdie. Manager man looking for not looking for good man for man dance group. You and both water. You and I both worked so. I've been gone for a few years now that still think view. Like guys do you. He used to give me a hard time in kid me about mounting yours down. You even handed me a self once the meat and shop. And called me when the phone ring it's in the guy holding this phone mouths down the of course everyone gonna be the last time I played it out as a joke. I never told he is the truth is I've always wanted him your stance. I don't know exactly but I still wounded if your interest and I think about it once the last of the day I mean no that you might be interest it. We're having a former coworker. Your stuff. Allen was gone looking for blood man for me program Bernard. These are missed connections ads are just trying to. If these love birds together sounds like there was a missed out. And around earth. Oh man we have one more here if Korea. In his one on one under. Man for woman outside Indy. If you're having another dress they'll want to. I'd gladly help provided he can keep it secret this time. Always flapping your damn guns. But I need another T still winded. And had that you're missing Youboty. I've been willing to give it to you for years but never saw a clear sign that you wanted didn't over accounting and but I gotta give this one last shot before the fibromyalgia. Takes my legs it. And then wow. You remember my legs and you called the most restaurant can. So low bandied screamed kill or inevitability. In an article prompted. I don't know how much time is left I'm glad. Are now you're never these legs I won't have a much longer and from the fibromyalgia. Now you don't need to respond to you but just remember I'll take take care of your need next time. You don't even need to put down Leone anymore Carlo now has gone one and for whom man and he lets up Wanda.