Missed Connection Ads

Tuesday, July 10th


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OK let's do some on this connection adds this place even go to Craig's list and that actually go to indeed missed connections. And maybe you saw somebody over the weekend or whatever and you just didn't connect with Sammy didn't exchange phone numbers or whatever higher concern on what kind of how I fast. I chance maybe they look at these missed connections to. So we find some of the most interesting ones and read their money and who knows when you'll connect these people together when ninety enormous connection at least add. Okay are pretty strong Campanella is sexy voice to. Oh yeah like romantic voice man Luke in June. And just freedom as it is not enough is les. And Pitt are real hoosiers just look at Allen reloaded. This on his column and goodwill on Friday east side agent. Wheeler who's shopping. The east side outta willing UConn man. I was dying sport jacket to wiggle my uncle's funeral. He threw clawed his way and also had an enlarged heart. Com it was his time. You and me was in goodwill around two. You was dying three belts in a little Brooklyn area. You Kerry did belts around in the aquarium. When you come close I said those that are funny looking fish. He said their so. Dynamic and ice and I know just Josh you have a frog or snake. You said no and locked away. And ended quick you lick to look at a box of dvds. The first one you picked out was a triple disc a problem child and problem child do that. Problems channel theories out there it which are my three favorite food. Well. I thought I'd like QNIC. New but when you took the roads DVD's. I knew that what I was feeling was true. I hope I see you there again soon. I'll be back in a week after I get back into town after spreading my uncles ashes into a lake in Kentucky where he liked the panel vote. That one was oh man do what on Friday that he had died. Area did connection around as you know these people are you are that those someone's. Let us now will will put you in connection with the other person. And sweet thanks checked somebody you know deceived dvd collection includes all of the problems I'm these. I don't know that move. I think John Ritter is a little naughty boy that adopting Anthony's like well hell yen. What is aimed tiller got reasoning. Really it's from the early ninety. So. I didn't even realize he dvds is definitely the this will it is and wearing all black close to Jeffs Blair house on college and the and his impact and yeah. About a month there's and I was driving down the road in nice positive lead our dog walking alone. I was going to pull over but it sunny days. Could mean this year as you have gigantic book zooms into rove. And do it would. I thought that the putt must have been with you lucky and but then I realized that you didn't know that these. As you were trying to convince the pump to come closer to EU. But it would. If I were that the I would of war Conrad over in jumped in to dim the zooms and started. The puzzle in those other two puppies you were smuggling in your shirt. And it don't hold teetered later. I've never heard that before they just want juveniles and I would have helped you with a but I was very sick. In on my way to the clinic. Have got Perot leads. When I start the ending I can't stop without a certain medicine that I ran out of if this is going to happen and I just Washington know that I'm. You were wearing all black with a shirt that and big bold white letters with a simple phrase. Eat me huh. And classy. This. Then leads. It's. East beach that leads me to believe we could be passed files. I dread there every day that we need to see you. Own was told wearing all black close to Jeffs warehouse on college avenue. Just warehouse let's just warehouse and it's there in terms of undergo that Tony just warehouse in college and Jeff's warehouse is that GE OFF or is it JEM I have in store. I think the more important thing is that there's a lost puppy around their and a free property in a finance free copies in Bloomington. Bloomington college at this. But that's a way to let. And these are missed connection hands. This woman is pulled. Beautiful cashier at long monitored south side. I was in Wal-Mart and in I think I'll not. We talked about it she interactive that. 89 dwelling if pollen lag again and he is ninety tells you can remember the memories or is it. I think Kyle and kind. We talked about chips are miss it. You like purple bag garrido stood as it was purple not because of the flavor spicy Chile asked. I told you that color had nothing to do with the flavor. But you'd just like purple and each. I like the spicy chili. But I think the purple bag schools to you. You had purple I mean upon and I was captivated by your eyes in that amount to with purple lipstick. Last if you like Barney the dinosaur and MS from mcdonalds because their both also purple ten. This conversation. You said you had stuffed animals goes on your. Even though is just about chips feel like there was more to be said just not enough time. I Davidson the only purple thing I had it was a purple helmet pants on now and you giggled and said thanks for her. Ha ha fireman sorry together but I ran out of time because I had a paintball gun on lay away the homeland. And got to. Ago did that and for years. If these scenes. Including Q launched its stock. That has me. Would hook and a beautiful again this year homeowner still. At a German tennis again annoying you're right there's some missed connection ads for it.