Mean Tweets

Wednesday, July 18th


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I mean streets of the week on the radio we will read these street sees real treats from listeners that supposedly like our show. You guys ready for as a mean tweets. Now I'm beside me. And it's a musical disparate producer well that's certainly does loser of the day and thank you very much particularly in the band's. It's fun to me it says that smiley radio show is like the world cup of radio DJ is very few highlights. Even those are boring and he's. Then going on way longer. Then you want him. There. Makes cents at Yankee WZTL. And in a mini shooting neighborhood that's got lining you up and didn't you used to held before having a convenient excuse coffee early on her. Yeah he treats. At Harvard we only use ace that's to be bored irritated or shamed and her husband David. David clearly after the deal with Satan because being married to Tony looks like it's hell on earth guy. He spent. There producer will that these body isn't voluntarily transitioning. But now you can get them pretty bras for Christmas stuff. I wonder how long it takes to set up the teleprompter O Brad Julia Moffett thirteen to bed says she doesn't seem completely disinterested at like listens during a relation up. I don't know music talent from I have been. This and says besides smiley radio shows struggle a security to get back to his seat during and Dave Matthews concert. He seems so confused and lost almost issued a silver alert and. And he WP PL not that drugs. Surprise your lesbian college experience ever happened us real lesbians avoid a shots tainted by humans dean and vegetarians love's breast Cherie tomato but not a we have this stupid out of a gallon of hot dog water. The good work down low round good good. Wondering if you get hungry and hanging out help for Tony because I bet as the revving gets asked her and Connor he starts smelling likes. 28 and. Not at all. Anybody takes. Man. Producer that will that be has a voice like a horse cookie monster and a body like he's eaten away mark cookies I. A year ago yesterday producer well I doubt that okay yes Mary told telling but I get bet they'll let me get back yesterday and set the. And that's Benedict to actually get up at thirteen posted one of those leg kicks in by the pool run ins to Graham and I'll like you think was. She needs lotion and milk to you about the side effects of osteoporosis the. Yeah I think yeah. Lucky for some of guys around. Similar silver alert now.