Lisa's Pieces 12-10-17

Wednesday, December 13th


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Radio theology are manner and five Tzipi operas about all of it Mazur Reen university. Where you weekly dose of faith hope love and music and met Amanda we loved being a part of your life thank you thank you thank you for listening. Thank you for the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds well over a thousand bucks. I join a community on FaceBook if you haven't yet everybody's doing it jump on FaceBook find a radio theology. In be a part of the community here in each and every week we try to bring it just a little bit of a faith of eleven your life in leasing you prepare. Few pieces that do just that with so without any further ado let's jump Italy's pieces this week. Okay as and a little Christmas story is Leo who. It is and we gather rounds they crisscross applesauce and anger I mean yes or gather around and out of my interest as of yet sip your hot cocoa eyes and you mystery of Christmas prepared. And it's a one time. Long long ago and is now. At Ryan's it im like assessments on your husband's salary and yes and the apparent. And at every once about twenty people are gathered. Policy in in the house together for Twain for our rank this as the Christmas tradition yes it's chaos and it is. And tell one person. Ran after him. Estimate. I'm an Aztec empress and half apparently like it was like every half hour some I was rapping like this sounds like a Christmas or movie. That's exactly what it or not. Great huge like that is it everyone is an instant. Basically just like Aaron whose ass in and around and here is a group like in the flew right lack of honest and it got us it was terrible. I think just as I can imagine being their I would have been I would have been a full blown panic attack so disliked sweating in the. Is it might time exactly eggs can't. Oh yet and we were like and then we are going to my feel is the next day in and luckily it was just ran at its Adams who preaches in Al. I'll be where. We're going to pick Lisa Bryant might what are we gonna do we get the stomach to luckily we did not edit on the way grant started young volatile. In college woozy mom. And if pursuits it's the worst thing you know it down under was as that is. Is is this the first begin now Auguste and now bug us especially when you wake up from your sleep in your life and and that is that word I was gonna go back to sleep instead into mailing and tigers. At a to what leisurely had this bad got to the first time I'm sort of sweat this thing I don't I don't into here in recent years is going to be a good part of the stories of parents and it's a night here's a redeeming quality to the sorry I'm proud with. My mother had heard about this tip. I call on as of now I came from a house with twenty people with Sam and Leo Ryan and Ed are going to be guaranteed Packers code red code red sounds good. Arnaud all the colors of the comment and a little. And she's had done about it I've got great use. I'm like that's not. Okay not helpful I am great is. It is the savior and Jesus all locked into your. The grape juice eggs and then yes so not upper Ari has its so Ryan as soon as we landed at my parents' house. Yeah he's in a bat and I am I ego and he's got them. We alternate it used ticket like as a minister with. Is that Hendrick is so here's the thing this is gonna happen to you it's Olivia I know rang just had yet a little about the Verizon and Motorola. Nestled reruns old you know your family commitment saved. And grape juice it's happening all over the place and will continue to happen it happens you this Christmas but. Is it to deal in order to stop the spread of it too early for the person of our team. If you drink grapes it's eight ounces four times today. You look back at the spam you or anyone in your house of honest and that. You hurt it here for SA tests. More than once so is this like Welch's is is like a 100% pure grape juice not from concentrate right OK a hundred it is the only purple entering exactly. It is radiating out John that I've Tzipi Lisa graft talk right now about. If the stomach flu gets near your spamming or in the season how we saved your life. In the content to understand silly you're saying if you get a call from your mom they says hey our remember they are Emmys had the stomach flu. This isn't going up happening prior to being around those germs that if you drink great Jews how much. Yes and it's eight ounces sports and today it's 32 ounces I'm guessing you're one yeah yeah and 32 ounces aggregates and a day you'll be throwing out you'll have another issue. Back out at. That's I earned a purple and liberties and things banging India. Anyway but we understand it's it's a no it was shut down you're not gonna throw shut it down raise it even rhinos living at my family's house. Well he was experiencing flu symptoms and and we were all able to be saved yet are you for your first while we're just here read faith hope love. And a little advice as you know what UN medical wisdom you and you lose hope in the holidays just the whole time academics. Right. At.