Lisa's Pieces 11-12-17

Wednesday, November 15th


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Radio theology here on 995 Tzipi Al -- present by all of it now as a university are your faith your weekly dose of faith hope love and music. And I'd just you know. Your Jersey church he. They like super Bible thumping like religious folks al-Qaeda would just in the season. Just a taste the flavor is a little bit flatter. Or maybe you like your life. Maybe you nature like Richard thank him you know and I can use to some Lee have been a season. That's overdue and every sentiment from seven to ten they're doing here with Lisa grant final hour. H Wheatley bit of a bit called Lisa's piece is pleased that you bring us some pieces of your life in right now you are on cloud nine York. Just high on life is you are creating. The future bringing hope to the world with this whole mother of the year dot com. Situation. Yes but that Brooklyn yes I'm that I launches web site this week to help encourage moms and build a tribe of moms who are encouraged celebrated and committed to helping other moms feel the exact same way. You can find it acts I am mother appeared dot com. But aim at them in this brains of like the hate or would they be for eagle anywhere I'd have to say Ryan and I are so proud yeah. Do you ask. You yeah. Saying you had an idea asking you brought. Yes it is to bear upon the world yes so that they can't I didn't even so in private stealing his mother of the year awards stickers eking yen. It's at hand always treated is on the booster encouragement the same you're gonna rich app a that big Everest Eckerd and create this moment with. A stranger or with your best friend as a matter. When I walked Everett to brand brand and Lauren are our neighbors. Walked over to their house and hand delivered or sticker and Boren was like. Only my ash and all your two green in my hand and I was like ball and I'm hundred I don't have thought of it that way I are here. Aipac advocate like is they sprint over like my kid in Cuba may like adding to. You know look let's go give the first thicker and then I had it like I'm holding my dream in my hand. Amazing and I'm like it's as it's so RB I mean it's amazing in amid a big impact I'm Lauren. Says thank you yeah yes and sell down. Then a couple of days ago I was. And unfazed that down and Steve there's a clip from Steve Harvey that talks about if you can see in your mind you can like you've been holding your hand out like. Oh my gosh I did that I want everyone to do that and instead of trying to channel my inner Steve Harvey yes we're still let him take it from here. Doing if you're in the space or if you're parenting kids and trying to help impostor their dreams like cooler take S so in Google it. Listen to everyday is amazing intranet. Probably came home she said. Slate which in my daddy's it. You'll boarded up or just school being a Smart and tolerate no I'm going to look at what is she said and tell them what you rolling your great. Us and our beyond TV fathers there was wrong with tech. She's able she'd be in a Smart to put some like dentist unbelievable paper. Fossett BR come aboard came put on paper you'll be on TV. So when it was thought to get into an argument so I got sent tomorrow wrong which I knew what that means going you'll get ready we're going to swoop in right. Some normal roll out there and discuss from afar that came in Rome. He's that I do as well want you to do what she won't she put. So I don't know that it basketball player what all of us to achieve its. She civil clicked I don't pay take that to school tomorrow and give it to take your paper put it in neutral. Every morning when you get a regional site. Every night before you go to be regional yeah. Joseph paper. What he told me. Was a principal of success that if you're writing down. Any station. Any thing you see your mind you can hold in New York he knew that. Yeah so he gave that. After a day and every year when the teacher was livid I used to send her TV. For Christmas. Because I wanted to hurt us. She saw me win. She says boy you send me all of the TV for wherever you off. They you know honestly I got two minute TV I have to GD TVs away sometimes and unknown it's all right to. Not sure that hate. And then it'll blow would start real problem is on TV yeah seven day swing. Yeah. No cheating on her. Alt. It.