Lisa's Pieces 03-11-18

Monday, March 12th


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Why do bad things happen to good people to we're talking about for the last break Karen radio theology. Man I'm five ZPRU weakness of faith Pope Levin music and guys were talking about this senseless murder of a boon county sheriff officer magic of picket this past week. Was laid to rest this weekend and I'm leads I'd. Two small children and wife. And a great guy man of faith. Served in the community served this church and he's gone. And I think when we see situations like this happen they make no sense I am. They don't seem fair at all when that the common things that we feel. In some of assays and of this maybe don't fill courageous enough like resources admitted to say. It got to where were you in the ass if you're all loving and great Maguire doing stuff like this happen to people. Like immediately get does that resonate right yes not only deputy picket that a young woman high school senior in a city councilman all within the span of I think. Two or three d.s in them and have a rural area northwest side of town. 161000. People in Lebanon and not gotten super small town but still like at pretty much everyone knows everyone must net inaccurate. I mean we see Europe and rural community like when things like this happen how everyone knows at ground and so you can easily is is solid her as grounded as your faith is as long as you've been a believer you can still Iraq by things like that some like okay god. Where were you why oh why didn't you prevent and I think here's a tough thing in and we have to be honest about this is if if today. If god stopped a bad thing from happening to someone. But he didn't do that tomorrow. We would still say he's on there. Am so we don't know. We got was that in that moment with with that you pick right he might have though five minutes from that done an amazing mere. And the difficult thing for us is that when it doesn't work out the way we went to and every situation we have we always wanna come back and blame god that this group picture now let him out there and I think proof that god is still there is by the response we see you're talking about about the community coming around doing that. The fact that this is a massive tragedy but internally. You know. Deputy tickets always is fine right but it's not going to be it's going to be easy road for his kids are first wife but I think the reality about that is we live in a world. That is not operating under the way that it was created. Reality clots in separation from god has allow things to continue that are not right are not fair and got not happy about it in fact he has. Put it put a plan in motion that will exit eventually. And a plan emotion my sitting is son Jesus to earth with a perfect light to dive Parsons and come back from the dead. He allowed opportunity and access for all of this to have God's presence with us in the midst of the broken yes and the pain which. Does actually help now but it does also guarantee hope for the future. I'm but even with that as a as a real theological answer doesn't necessarily make this peel a lot better and I don't think we need they'll guilty. Or weird as people of faith if we still really really feel sad. And in an angry even mess up like this ultimately save if we are the only sad and angry what something that we can do to get positive momentum. Well that's an eye it was our limit this because like it's a mad when my best friends is supporting the Stanley and real time it's been devastating. To even support her through that. But they set up a PO box. And am I gonna unity now as you're driving at our featured a good read this animal was heard Oliver social. They set up a PO box and they're accepting gift cards and monetary donation at when it will as a radiating out if in my Regis you're the cursory store today just. I went in our gift card and sent it that you lack you know and that's make all the difference every partisan encouragement. Like Ali happens parliament and think of somebody else in your life that's going through something down and send them apart a gift card something is something kind today for somebody you need to. Missed a lot of that ought to do something to see faith open lot takes some ground back from the since this tragedy this week.