Lisa's Bathroom Troubles

Tuesday, January 23rd


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Radio PR John Madden and five ZPO we're back and that we still got wet pants I don't know what's going on. Where your weekly dose of faith hope love and music here on not an act by Zito and he's number one. They're going to host I made a confession this morning I am forty years old had a little accident with the the bad guys this week and I is now have been 35 years old doesn't have a for another five years and I don't have an explanation for it. But Lisa you have made me feel better about my name really embarrassing situation and I still can't believe I just told all the Annapolis about. But you. UP debated in till six great. Yeah and I read it and it isn't like it and diagnose a bull kind of problem or is it. Let it to Agnes mean yes like a Levy of and it's that latter or actor or whatever and out laughing as I I just have zero control of my daughter Anna and so it was every night all I have ever like. Overnight how to train or FIA. You know or Fred just never did it amount offered and I'm not I'm Paul and Mari and figured out S jokes on her I never know until six. Showed that under. Even like psych couldn't sleep overs I mean it's a mystery around. I remember going and I really liked it's is that my grandma's house Alec even if I was in his neck on her lower. I hear Matt I bet I still remember brand shag carpet honestly and act. I peed. Cool and you look like it did you did you wet with the now. No really yeah. Do you reek and and beat if it's wet everything a disaster shadow around carver tees that's been so right now it's at right at Apogee. Yeah. Lou Grasso had a mean because here's the the the thing that position to me that I was the reflection I made is that it's been awhile since I've felt. As dumb as I did this week yet. Woke up and I was like no make it sort of make your enemy in my lap and I was like. This those terrible. I cannot believe this happened at once and that was good is that like. My wife was at war what in the world happened there but she didn't like make fun of me or shame me or like at what she was really disgusted or disappointed uses like you guys and she's what's going to come. Did your parents do a good job of like is I think when you still really vulnerable on like I guess must BP in the beds here six. In reg grade ninth was BP in the bed at forty was not just right but if your praise to a good job of like not changing UN it like encouraging you through it permits every time. Opera act yet they did and I think it's a benefit I was lucky enough to where I was protected from that I didn't even know I'd be embarrassed railing at pat. At all those ages and I was not doing it and and public. And how are you still had to be released that. And maybe that's in which is great effort I agree she really. Didn't because when you sharing your messed Ernst and allows people. To feel like and battle outside and I at it has Berkman and and I'm always at each agreement stories. But yes eventually appearance did have a talent doesn't come to pass he sold us this thing. That you use its metal thing that you so in year. Under and then they'll metal thing in the color called it medieval chastity belt and going back lock and key. And then there's accord that and it and it comes steer if suckers aren't here at Jim as a player ear. And so when it senses the liquid buses in your ear to wake up as the oddest you're sleeping so heavily that you're not waking up eight. That is not true idea buzz right through like it buys him oh I'm. And as an infant and. Air field kind of except act while I do the math Lisa let's say you're in diapers through age three you talk about sharing your math. Nine years of peeing every night that's almost 3300 times of sharing your master of the a lot greater god givers and share one more time.