Lip Service - Theme Park - Part 2

Thursday, June 14th


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I hear heavy metals like dog got it ready to go okay all right so produce well you put the cans on this night here it is we're playing a live service game. Men verses Clements of our guys with one point ladies with the zero highlights. Well I got evidence so it's adding Antonio they're happy or intern in Antonin teamed up. Producer well and pastor Darren together just do and parts of flip flop and things here. We'll see its game face on OK all right a minister at the time you get. 62. Sat. Oh hi I am and start being shot and based not based RB I am starving. Arnold's star being punished addicted to start fast pace I. Do. Not. To do not. Its government and it. And that you don't think you're good yeah that's good luck. He trips aren't bad dude I've seen perhaps job of hello good. Not fit on tracks yeah. That's probably bucket I do not fit to fit it's nice to know. There's whenever you have turned to York too short for the rise toward Cuba now to. And you did aren't true. Imus climate that happens well on June not the out of that well is that what we'll do not. Sit on mats that. In this could see it even got. Now it was that wrong it's always so inappropriately. Disappointing. Yes OK that's a Larry it's they would eyes yeah I know ideally your file into it it was there and it hasn't it bluntly after all we don't put any thought he. Could okay. So no more points for the guys we got and it's not tune out had to for the guys we got I'm starving to for the guys and now we go to the ladies this is the lip service game. Final round here you guys got to get more than two points during the sixty seconds I mean the percent chance of them beating us right now is I would say negative at you and I. It is in business and buried an ad okay all right so now an intern and he put the headphones on turn on the heavy metal music is a plane yep she's not responding okay ready. Sect. Go. Analysts here I bailout he sees where I'm. Allied. Air speed and I think you hear eighteen wording here I'm not I didn't I mean outlets now alert yeah it here I love it here and I a lot of our and I hear your face ally. I'm spending has and I can get that went. Passed pay any mind and mind. Me and aids aids. Thanks pain straight lace my. I might taste. To me and my bank might pays. Pain hey can you paint. I mean. Can eat me. Hey my fate. On an on nice days my highest. Admit that. Oh my god ticket a game or dad. It was it was paint my face of a sudden it's my pay. And the. Win congratulations let's see here who's the guy on the phone for man we hit. All Megan. Megan what are your own people the men and you're right Smart. Balloon got death Portuguese kings island so you can experience planet snoopy featuring when he rides and attractions including peanuts character meet and greets. And a petting farm and over fifty animals. The graduation when he got to say about that. I don't did. I think it broke my. Yes yes yes Colin on which of those tickets and we got to mall this week here.