Lip Service - Theme Park - Part 1

Thursday, June 14th


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But they were playing a game here on the smiley morning show and giving away tickets to kings were kings. And kings island kings island mess right. We're playing the lip service game are erratic but yeah. OK so it's ladies' purses men's so the ladies team up at today since nick he's done. We brought in our intern happy happy are you there I am here you are there Howell the nineteen what's going go to the infamous everything good everything weighing Michigan right here in Indiana live here volume one that's a long drawn the other day every day saying yeah wow okay RTC's digging online courses OK in worries that it may well it's basically and yeah yeah okay and I know you've got to carnal lacrosse shirt on the end you play lacrosse do with us what's that like. It is like Ayman none. Like soccer yeah but with a stick in hand. That's what this about celebrity overnight watch soccer team. Ever talks in Atlanta wins this week we are not sure if she loves your absentee. Like it here she hates it now and that they should all show only say as much as she passed it yet so like answer questions very generic and it really doesn't answer the question. Let me show you an example. Do you like popcorn. That I guess blue ear hole there and ready to get to the second part which was letter played favorite flavor Sodini BC she wanted to make sure she cut me off even getting to that point zero. Okay all right I know you likely crust. And your favorite professional team. Well. Not really a saying hey. I guess you could take. It. Okay so Tony and and Abby are teamed up together and and then will and pastor didn't ridicule okay and triggered only if you study that men have never won this game one the men have not it's our day well yeah this is why they leaves a cheater and so I think that this is going to turn that Abel yeah. It's terrible day down. You talk down to the radio host. The radio genius earlier on you and the controller. A case or sixty seconds each and we'll need to wrap special machine I got the machine got put on a case of pastor Darius now putting on headphones so we will we will hear anything. We're doing the lip service game which means Daryn now have to listen. These are phrases he might hear at a theme park okay all right sixty seconds on the clock. Read eight. So. He wrote and sixty Cerro. He wrote master. Who's a stick around city to zero. Q 620. Cinnamon roll them around here these senate mineral city zero the podcasts. This part. I'd like your I had used so much I'd like your eighty packed. I like I'll let you fill my pants I don't like. I like your beanie hat. I lied to highlight your your jammies to Betty back. Lot of what's it cotton tee and get naked and but could get content and let's get. Ripped through it again let's get patents can be published on your left on let's let's get. Not get trapped let's see if I did what I've what let's get rest desktop at least talking at least we asked what we've done it any. I don't if they can't enough it was a zero to six early at a time zero as against itself. Think your other Edmund back on OK and of those that somebody else it was zero to sixty and let's kick cotton candy but you did get I like your Fanny pack. There's too much tongue involved in the past the end headphones are a who's gonna do it next has gone hiking. And see okay you'll receive. And that means you'll have headphones on. Okay RES and I got there I really thought cotton candy was you know my pains if it's a restaurant those look like that when you listen and some irony Mitt death Mandela what's on did you get the play was actually got to get as I was distract as Metallica in the sand nicely because it was a split mind and I kind of when a jam out but I had to figure out what OK are right now Tony has Edmonds on average adding Internet he will be reading the yeah. The words and the ready set big guy out. Asked at. Winner knee and wind speed wind. Win means the Teddy bear we need the Teddy bear fat Teddy win me win yeah weight immediately and okay that's. I might fever dry. I mean I had a nice day bring it in a row right Paris and there. I didn't knock. Can't ride and rat and I gave rise right. I did run I do yeah let's say. Favorites. May grant speed. It threat to aim at a defense. I asked. I'm. I got and I'm there on eight the next I got I yeah I don't I eat I. I. Asked. And I have is that I've of that how many zero. Let me now. It was zero they did I hear a there was some aggression that's my greatest living at it again angry they're permanent. Okay our lineup it's special guys at one point lady zero will slip club at noon and then one more rounds you when this thing next billing service game.