Life Hacks

Thursday, July 12th


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Let's gets in my life tax on I'd love what did you love life had I do I mean we're also looking through this life trying to get by that if there's ways to do little shortcut. Well taken in the end has so I'd Nikki scoured the Internet yes we find force today. Well let's say you run out of it a chip clips maybe don't have enough yes and well would he have those little hangers with the could be things on the end its allies who yes. Metal is up channel it chip clan I am and hate those hands and I need to be hanging out. Richard should need to be fresh and not those pants will be just fine draped over a chair for a young is that mag lab that's a pants chair in your house I don't have him yet so now every sit down. And shares haven't to be in your room and straight everywhere yeah all of his pants and a and a net of the way now. So I await the pants to carry you know Wear the pants are on the fly yeah. Because I factory where my pants and need in this I Cuban backed up a he can't pull them up you mean air out. You gotta. I mean one night like a one wedding you know you can use those again be dry cleaning why I. Wedding would you want to put it trying to address yeah hanging there and I can't look at these jeans and a three day youth and Jeanne as today. And as a genes chair it was just okay. Mounds yeah gene if I did amounts if I do laundry you would go white agent might. Our rotation where. They're clean and their parent. A cat like Archie Arnett got if you are messy kid trying to eat a possible they meld super fast yeah especially in this heat. It one of the a rapper that you put that in a cup like you know when your making cupcakes you put the little he can. Put. The signal I see it subjects forcing through the sticker. And then that makes a cup underneath the that's because that's exactly your kids won't ruin all the things they really get idea maybe you're going to pick up the pizza instead of having it delivered in your like all mighty cold by the time it gets here you know they don't have one of those into pizza bags like the gap repeats that has put it in the passenger seat on the seats turn on the C armor. I hit although I couldn't keep that keep us you get home. Leaders iron in a car does and so well like on road trips we do the same hour you can adjust each individual seats death and it will secretly turned the other per he's got out of that. And only turn it on as like why am I some but Barton yeah. That it's a thing you'll be sit in house and you realize you're like burning up yeah. In light and a peg down I do like my new car has Zach air conditioned seats so during my son. Okay and. So yeah in the definition of the lap of laughter. Yeah that's why yesterday when he was out in the driveway for two minutes collecting a vacuum cleaners like it's we have a goalie battle now. Now I hated that might see them being cool right now. It was like yeah yeah. That's what he says US is like it's thirty degrees but feels thirty degrees hotter yeah or maybe it is thirty degrees on a roll like that reflective and a single angles and the absorbing it I was too scared to stand all the way apps I sat down on the gene known it was a mistake to get burned about covering him. Those outside jobs like do they summer jobs again this guy Twitter it's like try do an install on air conditioners a staff that must be miserable are guided Ted fix my tea hot tub yet they've set out there and he'd. Asked his staff top it that you know initiation that I have people who do those jobs are unbelievable. We get kids mean they wanna go play out of the sand box but it's sunny and it's hot nearly Catalonia. Replaying it. It do you put a little tense. Old Kirk your CMX. Things it'll do one it'll keep the kids cheated. And two it actually keep cats from whooping and thorough and that's crap like down wandering cat who that you're Sam. Baghdad now and I can my dad's Ian sandbox and find camp opened an end. As 8000 he'd grow from going in there if you put up tonight I guess and is cool it's always shape it ten sun does have a lot of tents a cab had that would never Amman a kind of little you know around treated thing and aft. And I am. If you are winning go AC unit has a lot of people do have those is smelly. So then you're running the AC with your rooms not like an aunt and that's my grandma had one of those men. And remember that's now put a dryer sheet over. And then and hot fresh as a glowing hand caddie probably the same thing with your car item tangent or model in my him bodies but producer wells but. Thank you very minute you but wills but at a higher gas where's gas comes out but it's too late I've already transitioned from underwear to dryer sheets who sat on the didn't its. Regular I've done is if you put dryer sheets in your car like under the seat it'll help for. An excellent it. And swallowing dryer sheets to just to double down at a. You don't like to light in the field tees the Stanley I'd like to be Smart bags illegally Beale CA's without a condom. But he put me on rape with a strips on and it it's all loose in the Bacon's fallen off and everything and out of it. Make the bacon when it's rock. Into a basket weave ancient who Jen cook it. Any of that basket begin situation and all that it's a basket bacon situation now that so scared. I know one other thing for you so you know when you have multiple sets of sheets right yeah and then he washed his sheets and that he put him in that the linen closet and here's. The chase and Ryan there's all the things take the case from the C sheets sent I don't and they put all everything that matches that. Case in appellate get a you can't judge you for not being able to. All the fitted sheets it's all shoved right in there will act as an idol package I tried out an Italian who would judge you for that. And I'll mud on it who's watching news if you. Come.