Last Text Goes On Your Tombstone

Thursday, March 15th


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Maceda is in new viral trend it's. And here's how it works what is the lasting you texted. And that will go on your tombstone. And OK so check and see coming up everybody's right honoring Carter and checked the brocade Nikki what's yours you've. U two's so if you like you're. So while what does yours say producer well let Carter. He says eat him they're going to talk all these check my bedside table I think his membership card is in there are some. Tension left a lot of work. A little more to put down attempts to. And chisel that it. All the getting sponsorship might stump the amazing thing. Mine mine says yes exclamation point make them feel bad. It's not about right yeah. Might as getting you online now thanks so I'm an opinion about it and that. You're gonna Thursday enthusiast into you blinked in creep back back back and odd. But is specific so yeah Colleen if you if you let us know I don't know if you remember hitter Colin from your friends found right now and in that read whatever the last text is and that should be on your tombstone negro Sean Collins recess his last text this is a viral thing I guess been able in taxing. Are sharing what their last Tex would be and this would be on your tombstone yet check your last text on your phone as he would the last this message was and that would be on your. It seems to so dumbed kind of funny. Brush on says my last text was he's a big dummy and it snapped right he says. Amy came in from the eighties are hers was I think that's it I'm. That's perfect. I'd Josh on Twitter says she probably saw what happened last night and decided it was time to abandon a sinking ship and I. And I Craig says mine literally says or guy Borg. Have. Boy ill. Tonya and assays for says goodnight ministers in the last words of and as Andy says they're less text was oh that shower was amazed balls. I literally to item yeah. I had gosh she says his last text was kiss my ass I'm out. Our own and that worked out ninth. There's prisoners are yes I'm looking at it now online theft. Do you into. I Colin if you get and endlessly last text message in that that will be on your tombstone and that idea here dirty let me. Get more. These are yeah now she controls the music in March that and that at a time compressed time pressed that's. If you ever go to press time he hit a great music Rolling Stone record or maybe had to John Mayer sweeten the sun hung out there and these. And you know where we're where we're going get any of the musical. History that an economic edgier look it. And we get that music and at the airport app that. When you're at the airport which is which and always have to do them nervous about playing yeah I get an. Specific nudge you picked different types of music for bathrooms song's verses like Georgia street signs. Well you know actually interest big that's going to be. I'm not sure on that yet. I think Chad do you mindset please and quest not just the bathrooms right I mean it's breezy. So they're right out at about OK so had at W. Pretty sure yeah. So do you talk in between the songs and stuff like news they're going to be OK I joined the bathroom. That is out. There aren't enough. I.'s announced huge chains on number ten and Georges street what do you do there is it more like. What's the target demo on George C. Classic rack it depends on the day to. Going to be a mixture of music but out working at it and are they on their expert crowd can be a couple of days. We actually here. It's awesome and many times so. Even in an a nighttime he's walking on Georgia street you merely your music. I am their determining outlet to meet its gonna go out because of L ordinance they're called again and. I'm what I mean most people don't even think about that kind of thing but here. Libby dirty Libby that's her name it they got given name dirty Libby yes we controlling the music I mean that's an occupant and and then what. A perfect name it well came up where it begins right at my desk all day it literally walk up the lyrics aren't. That's that's I. Is that right you know yeah yeah singing it but what are. Oh my god yeah. I'm not doing their tailgate for college tour that and I think it was IU and their play music and this father and son worth pass in the photo bottom front of our Booth. To drop and young son and that you know I'd it was a really pay attention but they're dropping bombs everywhere analyst at times as it got sari again at that and also. It to get out of this area. Tailgate yet this where people come to party on the very incur to bring your kids here yes. Music they want rap music and pop but. Yeah like it got it there. And because if you are an app it's really create it I did not know that really. Aren't pretty. Okay so we're talking about that this viral thing that's on the Internet right now where people are posting their last text message. And this would be supposedly would be what would be written on your tombstone when you die. So what is yours. I repeat pop that's it hot and knocked it really did Q yeah. And my dad like yep that would be perfect warm thank you. Guy Alan go ahead. Mylar or whatnot Colorado. Mile Ireland okay. That's an okay have you. Antique as. We're very leading many. And spooky. I Olivia. I don't like being away in the I would rather I'd buy. A car. Josh go ahead. Wait are you wait nine you do it. Right Mary go ahead. My guy that is huge. Continent. When you are looking out. Both Brandon. My not put an end not that take it out. Really fast until at work. Got to tell you it's that relations but it sounds like what are you talking about. Honestly it was a credit card debt not working out. At me. Real and work yeah and a pipe on the the aerial instruction. Okay Largo I had. The yes that that the first one did shrink and said yeah I'll go ahead. And it I don't look at what the U. Hadn't. It's ego risk that Rebecca what's your last text message. Yes I'm having a late night snack and struck a very silent and it does kind of ideas. And then and her final words David what would be renowned near tombstone from your last text. It was real. How Javier do in the text contest. He got direct deposit the wheel around out here yeah because it makes sense. I thank you very much appreciate it and now we got downhill from channel thirteen what was your last text message he's not just text viewed as the years out here. I'd be done things in good pre that it works a bit.