Lash Wednesday - Part 1

Wednesday, April 25th


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Okay are you ready for what last Wednesday. This recall compressors and his secret revealed this morning will win an appearance against the Indianapolis 500. City. Does smiley morning show prisons. Slash Wednesday. Reverend do. Scott smiley a lot of calls count how many Aaron called stolen and yet. So I wanted to burn through them quickly OK but let's try to get information trying to move on. Haley. It was the last time here in the smiley morning show contention. Com it while it's been a while I don't I don't our ranked L welcomes the show here at least in gesture sent. Okay now lap Madonna got a bunny a couple of critical. It was a day and I'm. I'm negotiators. And the banning it and in my yeah. Our banning it was pretty dramatic and I couldn't work and I don't know why but I just couldn't help. I mean it felt my tree there and stuff. And no one can never be able. I think at the money is doing right now I think I could I would I mean it. And sitting on the money talks and I look we'll work on certain. Talk about that we need to. I don't know how I'm gonna be out I I'm. Currently not you're wrong. And once they take our Internet greener. And I'm inviting. Us just playing. I am not a good life and I don't know if I would. And I mean you'd be I mean late. If the bunny rotor a letter that was like it's neither funny I had to dole. And anybody you want my friends to see me there aren't enough on how old daughter we are now copyright. And I'm here on the behind me you know. And say here's my friends. That's my idea about how old is your daughter. And then you're going you've already report. Do it now and doing. But he wrote a letter yeah. Good call yeah. Just kind of a funny dying when we may know and set it down and I'm mysterious circumstances like. You put like a like a bottle pills regularly got a smile on Larry thinks someone tell me what I don't like I'm. Look at my and my friend know about it now. Everybody. And I. Know you are so we've got called EB no Easter Bunny like it might Wear to work with the Easter Bunny lake. And already on the and the funny he's hand I would randomly in our diet arm. She came pretty Nash and you know these about English. Love and. Well listen. Yeah I I've. I'm like yeah let's sat down on that then that's pretty yeah yeah it's hard yeah zoos. Ronnie carcass in her freezer. Okay. Information please. Alastair Carter thank you on that stupid that it myself box like tissue box in my freezer is B like must be some that Nader he's doing from interest. Eight you. OK Bridget welcome to smiling when he should confessional when was the last time you are in the program. And in concussion. Miley just a first contract and yeah 08. You know I was born years already. Started. Saying OK tell me what you did. Sister another threat to the grocery store and they are seen anywhere in the sorry I marshes thank you couldn't do. So we're check out lying and I can say that there why is and can be done and it been like a little pop rock package. And mom's checking out and I did pick up the package you can take a look at that pretty colorful and how it. And a mom and checked out and we start walking out the door and helix down homer in the middle of the roadways and you. And I tolerate it and what men he end though it seems. Like. We paid. What they're like. Men. She made me go back and didn't put. A lot of the. Social Security or make me guy Obama saying change shame. She changed. All right the gum these guys did out there and it button bunny dad gum. Down on BP so far. Pretty decent we take some more calls. My morning show is slash Wednesday juicy secret revealed on a program. Will wind up their tickets the Indy 500 and of course. The wc PL smiley morning show cooers light snake. That I blocked renamed it to our stem branded us on all over the top of it that's great attack worth it okay go ahead now and Haley go ahead picnic Haley. On land I learned that this girl or Ike and her. When virtually other every single day loaned him her brother in an apple had a party at her house where her parents aren't. And in your brother in about sleeping together like we have checks and her bad. And mine alone. Is a good. Pretty good use contraceptives. More than we are. Your sail to America you know sent home. Abbott. And. Oh yeah a rod Williams block that out never to outline already and it's a little guys disclosing your arm they under the skin. Early on but Italian I eat meat that's paint. That's an instant which is worse the router the IT ID. I have we have or what about the new risk and I think you'd need aren't aren't. Though can you see it is a visibly can you like. If you check your lady to make sure she's got one. In out she's monthly is that there I really I don't feel you're but let me feel your rock yet. Or that she's an anti I don't know but Seles says let me let you know rightly with the advent of future birth control we could say to each other. OK so she had sex or relations sari with the co workers. And they run best friend's brother now would you ever. She doesn't now. What she doesn't know. No scene she out. Upper orbit is about was man. And yet when. I was mad about it what's the big deal. Now apparently Atlanta that. Means you don't tell us he was something around with them. What I meant any is there a reason why you took advantage of this Brothers amount that's rises up and. And they yeah. Then well if you're odd years I like your noon and all over the place you're getting pumped full sex chemicals. And mom and. There are a little else. Slash there's she's eleven hasn't eleven as the other was saving himself yeah. A pair soon. Soon. So yeah. Okay daily Al. Flooding around the death of the body. This stealer a young boy it's nasty get any better. But he's my favorite so I think and yet it is pretty good. Do we go back to the conventional keep this thing you know let's do it but this is interest right duck died. Dodd welcome the conventional when was the last time you've been here before. Never been in the confession well don't worry just mean listening. I won't tell anybody. And so I have. Certainly. That quality and one thing led to another go look too intoxicated and I end up having. Relations that you've put whipped around someone that has been arranged says friendly and and remember. And. I still paying down the incest disease is. Channel you're not related but as far as your chat and their family. OK well just Tom Lehman who blew his own relatives that you had sister sister or mother. No no no a lot of lights. I was because. Like. It's been rated China market and maybe a lawyer. And some flowering sister aunt she's the easiest and are not related. But there would have been your aunt quote and quote ask your mom is good friends. How many times party. And anytime I don't want it to happen again. More more more than once how many times five times two times seventy times. Did that was Shia maneuvering of the round. Mountain. Did you was it pleasurable. Pleasurable did you enjoy it. What do you say like pain and and the baby yet and maybe aunts and may peak. I'm bound to Lizzie it's Wednesday that wow. So that was had a field. Linked again ends. It would go on the same same same night. Did yesterday is she hagee didn't come as you've been clamoring for more dead in her life. Not. Hey you have heard it says here. Oh no it was not awkward. Week he flirt with the disease she sees flirt flirting with you again can you tell she once again big duck. How old are you. Altria Group Deborah now surging to grab. It's like seventy. Now seeing. There will be. Older. All right please come and more breath. More and yeah Johnny and Mario last Wednesday coming up in the moment stick around we have even better content. We could see is so it's hard to look at on computer screen right now they're gonna blow your mind. And we went snake pit passes. All this perspective.