King Me Decree

Tuesday, June 12th


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I'm Middle East Johnny believes that nick you will win this game. And Johnny and Mac maker's Brown County game Brown County Iran and Toronto game. What does this game called king made to curry can meet agreeing okay arid Jessica believes that Bible win today. Good luck with that Jessica. And Sharon is teaming up with U I Tony says you today. She when tickets for kings island. OK okay all right so it's always it always rhymes with Cain. And your guys Eric give acidic decree as king. And we have to our answer will be. All hail king blight and king sing. In wing. In being. An ad I'm ready he is everybody else prepare I'm. I'm ready and certainly audience exactly. It ye hear eve night loyal subjects among these latins. Abdul Paula DeWitt never receiving payments. He should ever take this sound that emanates from Castro. Drawn all hail Ing to chain. That is correct. Game two Jing allies are right side that new cash register would gain. It isn't exiting Lesnar right stitching was great victories ahead. One point. The zero is zero I went negative it queen. Yes indeed Matt would take US nine mistress as well. Yes. People in this kingdom who would listen let the here. No food show BP did not look that backed from the Easter. All hail king lean incorrect. Oden. No food Shelby eat another bit back from the central kingdom of China. And the meat show about the beep beep. And the only tablet deserve it he owed panda express. So says me. He. Yeah and leave no food Shelby and other than that from the central kingdom of China. And the meek shall only be beat. Nearly happened this yeah he's yeah CEO Baghdad's at. Who is the key point here being this century old kingdom of China dat. I can't hear now I'm going to be disappointed when you tell me in their home. Is it minister knows well. And king of Beijing. Yeah. Really love the food and eats. 20 and I'm disappointed. Aren't up costs anything negative team and a OK so far one for Nikki zero for Tony zero for game that's me. Hit me now wing touches in the eighties. No other show we engage physically to alleviate our yearning Lloyds. He should use I say get that device to send from the bomb. Provocative calligraphy and photographic renderings. Of died The Sims and petty coat candidate Nikki. All hill kings sexting that's true. Sexting a tooth for Nicky and etiquette. Any good will have you. Maybe silicon time. For the whole thing meaning but it shouldn't too long lord of fortune. Without exception. He should let dog night teeth and gold within bedding diamonds. I think is fine. I'll yell Keane Blaine asks that's got to be that. Had that they do okay and on emirate Mary tell me my hands of known wins this. There is another lady in competition the my goodness. It would seem. I just a long god bless and labs today to demand out there to follow. 32 as the most juvenile and silly surname bush at night it's pride it's too lenient Nikki. All hill king ending a lame. You already. And Nicky is something. Mean that's. OK we ailing. An Emmy as Johnny at least nine deaths Johnny you are Johnny Johnny Johnny you won the legacy kings island. How about that I'm. Excited you line honey. It's not and has as JoAnne bush and he sees that no. Viewed. Our congratulations on online annually to those tickets one more and all this week here this Monday morning to free tickets kings island.