Keeping Stuff From Exes - Part 2

Friday, March 16th


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Colin in your comment on the topic here element to this that it should mute keep things from an X your exes like Jet Li the wedding OK well. But that's where are you back. And Garrett. Different than like this is my prom date high school. I not and it's and is not a Julius says that I. All gathering and I'll go. Yeah I think he and I didn't see you having drinks at weekends. Bombed by con. Yeah you feel so cathartic like just sat down my yeah. Yeah I yeah instead it's laid eyes Susanne announced. An on ice is a high school sweetheart we you know. It is just all the and other things that we did them and let it be interesting to look at I don't look I don't stare at a matter I don't get amount every year anyway. I haven't seen in years but it would be assisting a look at him now the anti mention and am now a lot looks. I got nobody wanted to get tripped on the dollar naming her and it's the I am not know what am I still I thought I'd I'd I'd definitely stuck them on FaceBook style and that's that's similar everybody does now. There. I am not telling Larry let the chips are terrible. Here. There are my idol and that nobody ever gonna remember this seeds of your relationship borrow like you booze fuelled weekend then apparently could use it can't remember why you took his personal home. Earlier you don't know how. Remember. And you end this and now no mercy we had more meaningful relationship. 34 event but you guys had combined. Error on the fire lines all. Okay Kayla and so what do you think about this whole deal of the east can and should he be allowed to hold on their acts. Wives husbands girlfriends boyfriends staff pictures. Memories memories. Think that. So quit my appearance. They got divorced aren't likes that Ernie. And they kept pictures from the wedding and I have a picture and then frame that I. Not because you know but I thought that the board with a bad idea or anything at all how irony. Peeling them all not Q. It is nice to kind of see that money on your mom and dad. And my dad yeah. It is we have it like could you have a photo of them at a picnic. Whereas like a wedding is likely let us celebrate our eternal love each other while all the knowledge that you do you know they are no longer together. It was early last night they celebrated their internal three other. Than many knicks after them. Yeah not that they ever where Nicky price and. So that's their own wedding and that's Manningham and has a body or your parents and other of their with new new people like Yasser. They are out now not at all and definitely one that he'd try to get that book say however. When I was about while my mom didn't let me completely destroy her wedding dress for Halloween. There's. A yeah like memorabilia napkin stresses wherever they go. I act that's what she says that's who she said and that's in the guys. I Taylor. Are you a lot pertinent. I kind of like the Iraq situation we elect can't we're divorced. And I history got hairy age so will likely cleaning my house wedding Qaeda. I was cool like capped pictures of my parents' wedding to look back and. Every Gaza so for your step children Tony yeah. At David's kids they have those photos I think he should put that what's out dozens of how big is the biggest one. That frame the. Like 36 by thirty I'll use this and that up on your iPad bad accident. And you know the wedding is like. The entire winning the entire reception. Shower on DHS yeah. Now watch this. I realize that play. I keep one little thing around so I can watch that I ask a player for all old media when Monday's attack won't wedding was horrible looking great like I've seen pictured writers still together and in love and stuff. And my mom even like all our lad a dark. I did bridesmaid dress but it was the only colored dress your Atwood and seeing it around I hate it it's like. I parents went marriages are like their wedding is. Not as special meals like. A picture of them honest load or something like that I feel like it's you know it's real love at that point when your light. We should burn the that a unity candle every year it watcher VH as eight or whatever and yeah and then you're then like at sec the Urals or you like we don't need to do Internet. We should keep our photo out not just put in a bot. I like birdies there we're going to be around for awhile Darlene and that darling go I'd get a comment. Yeah I comment I am my parent got it worked pretty well and my little better or my aunt. Now my right and never got you know hurt that very well the code they kept all the ER older or at least kept as. You know eight millimeter video records act that way my aunt can't see you know what they get earlier Hawaii. And you got your vacation. At an app I. Know are out of work out at the right. I think is wait do we are excellent cast that's probably what I would do like her to pass yeah. I mean that way you can justify. I Caylee to show little or no on 91 girlfriend. High school in New York City in the Jersey show our our first pair up brand name eager what do you think. I didn't. A hole. They keep saying hey I'm live Tony and the rigor. Yeah all the rest of us you me everybody. Let me tell you in a pattern now why would why don't you want him to keep it. Are you jealous what's wrong with you like it YouTube player let later are doing it and I narrate. Our hat. That don't they novel into Amman don't like me and him and I know there's a nine. You I was there and you know the big if anything. That door and cry of the loves who loved you well I don't know why do you museum's priceless artifacts around for history. This video we don't use you know. Bonsai Oz anymore yeah why do we need to see that the sizeable gap. Want to just throw it all of encyclopedias. Get rid of all Internet its past 1985. Get rid of all of it I'm just saying the amounts that we have. Is own law that is not starting at David Wright museum. I'd like I've. And why are you trying to erase her from here I. All the pictures are. They didn't stop trying to talk over us. Not okay now go ahead what else to do an insect. I wouldn't and I am pat I have a girlfriend. And the first day and they end up seeing her box so all of that add up our act it. And I'm making it feel like bank. Well what what did tonight I don't I don't displayed and I just have there I just kept in there in a box. That guns and looks through the eyes out when you mentioned NIC at will create a throws. Rise. I formerly. Entertain. You love visit you at sixty. You get out there and a jury he's. Just think now I also can't like Polaroid photos of some girls that were not as long as the other girl's hair care.