Keeping Stuff From Exes

Friday, March 16th


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Should you get rid of that year old ex girlfriend boyfriend husband comes to minds pictures. Stuff and seeing them. It was gonna hide it away sound. This month. I mix in over here and I ran from him last night and Andre this because at recently is going clean out like it. We came across some a bunch a bunch of stuff round David's first wedding yes and the and stuff for my first wedding some insight. It's like we keep its pictures into a threat and with him now you can. Idea that he was saying for the end I have. So I said you know let's keep a couple pictures and an envelope. And kids can look at them if they want you. And let's get rid of all of the rest of that giant. Thing nap then from his first wedding and I mean light and Internet it's. That I didn't I notice I'm not I'm a stand up for. And it would have bet you'd be you'd break up when the memories are alone run away. And a break in it's his life he had a good time how many years 1015 years that this woman. Ten years probably liners more than you give away more than any of our. At and and I have like thirty sic type Ares I think that reigned there out of this funny I keep it but it in the outlet store. Now I don't like OK yes I was with that person for purity of Tonya. You don't need that. Stuff Mullen and announce its you know. I've got it adds it's weird because I went to told me about this evidence that we gotta talk about this on year because I do have a box somewhere I have no idea it's moved along with me. But back in the day when I you know dated girls I I I had these pictures so I I you know I mean if Franken a little like a boat you've just put pictures in. In a little folder or that cuts down. Why. Picture album and well. Some training costs. Kentucky. Oh yeah and it is at Arlington like even like. All sent. Before computers I have had a hard pictures. Yeah a little photo album you an idea so you know and then at that she'd like we break up is like well. Does put that away now it's over that because in the goes about. Need to find another girl are you hang out you've creating memories years go by and you have a nice that folder again nice OK but unlike the. He breaks your heart she's message and the Jillian pieces or you're like you're house can't see India by police. Then you keep the box so he a giant box of all of the X our debt piles of a well. But saying afloat I don't know exactly where this box says. I am guessing at least a year ago off the front desk quietly. Made in any in my hand and my brilliance there I. I don't have to make that I could. Tell that we did me meet a guy saying now that I'm thinking about it could be returned I'd be like. Read this is from an old girlfriend don't you that I'm the visionary I have a hope for the future. That I can take it composite of all these women from the hard pictures to greet the ultimate love dog yeah desperately need our break my heart. And always willing to do what I want you haven't this quietly and I've done that you're gonna come with goods. IKI nine and says puncher I've I've seen actually some pictures she has a hold times and old boy is eleven that's fine I don't have a problem with that act. At I mean and announcing she has a problem with me having these they're. And it is kind of fun to look at not just a look at starent I'll blame miss that woman but to see the things that we've done in trips to New York City and out in them a deal. Say like we have large and small are. Photo memorabilia from his first to immediately talent as well swords I always art site. Yeah I don't know how many pictures do you value and applicants are well. But you know if you don't live you know pictures of Boston that I had I had dived to just let us know in Austin background on the carpet like the. I mean the first child is you do yeah had do have a lot of aunts and you know embattled not Smart and did their wedding and yeah yeah I don't even imagine at this point liking a second child as much. Yeah. Are you invested so much into this version you yeah yeah I definitely like now quite a bit he's easy like I get him now. It's so are you say we should throw away the pictures. Well I hate. At Disney that's the. That's urged mayor and in an average child like it to them for the kids OK but like. I think his game ninety and it really wish you had that napkin from your parents and yeah and I'm. Pretty happened. I don't have any nick next from weddings and you know I never had a winning before but I don't have any like I. I'm things I got I got some creepy stuff man I get the jets do it now go and I don't like how fickle your heart is lady. Crazy like. Being out itself my first real girlfriend in high school I for Valentine's Day got Miette in. Of cookies made me like cookies if I didn't eat the mod I saved but you know and you did dad I stab you think a little bit in the start saving things like that note she wrote me that yes flowers that we exchanged for problems in the big and I just haven't in its basically become a compost pile and I. The bottom of a buyer. All good isn't it has that it has all the stuff that there are serious. And I don't know I did the TN double representation of the little piece of my heart got rid of and you prefer that you and everything you alone in touch fall off the face of the planet and now I hear from dwelling and. You know you remind a lot of my break ups weren't really. There are there were kind of sad and sever may be when I moved to way too you know it wasn't like now it was liked it. I hated this woman right Fermi you know there are those things I if I hated somebody and they're not that special box somewhere that I don't know and that's the best they didn't make the box that it old. Paris that they didn't get yard yeah. Never I mean who one time I was I actually the one being broken up wins at a time all big gross ultimately. I bet you he adds that maybe that's the trick it and I get here the one who gets dumped you maybe wanna keep the memory one on and on today.