Josh Kaufman - Part 2

Friday, April 13th


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In studio is Josh yeah no. Bachmann yeah. I would do that just to be a chair. That you're accidentally yeah. Yeah on the rocks and this guy that was a Josh Costin was on the boy's. You're performing with the ISL next week Thursday for the weekend. And you get tickets I'll give voice and tickets to this morning what sounds are you gonna be doing and you do semi original sauce maybe that sunny just performing arts and actually an action under an original thought that it's an outline your guy real. Sons and yet we look at that and laughed and I got a thing yet and host is going to be covers but it's gonna be a kind of mix of like. Some jazz standards. Give an example. Lag. On. It's jazzed. I might not know what it is I'm getting emotional out of lettuce here to stain is on I'll let us ask is he and reading the end Aaron it is yeah. And stuff like that some media and then we'll also do if you two. Rob Lleyton is obviously and then run. It entity that I listen Harry Connick junior again I'm big exactly. On a duke a couple of songs that I did when Iowa's. When did that then from that show a cool man nice and then also just like some kind of classic and soul pop stuff Stevie Wonder that's been heavy scene and a sick publisher of men and shoot the with Pete and Barnes hadn't seen yet process is so good. Actually I actually did a song from it with my I am. My daughters on elementary school choir of real quick there's. On that a million dreams look at oh yeah that's it for your daughter is like mcdannold commencing this. Yeah and its allies he it's. You can assure attendants to the concert and a yeah. People pay attention rather than yeah rather than eight airlines themselves are constantly and figure out where to get a sandwich after Josh Kaufman is here and I'm got to sign in front now this do you want messed that up again up probably well it's too late now are but he thinks is Josh can it. Coming up battery does one another somewhere to do one law on line and a time less on. We're gonna make it up on a fly you just we just look for some I'm looking design and wants to the show Colin that we need a story so he got to tell also that what's going on your life. You get married are you sad to just get a divorce. Ernie is a sad time and again whatever it is but we need of a lot of details when he took a laboratory yes OK to call and ran out 3172281099. Well that a couple minutes 3172281099. Josh Coffman are leasing and force here. Aren't. Well. I'm June Brent several Stevie Wonder songs are gonna show I can do when the game and I'm not doing for you for that up I. Am it ebony and ivory antenna. And get on the garden party yeah I want Indiana. I think it materially and nasty our boundary of Josh got in remember how this is. You probably figured out. Parents this season you. And a constant. Married soon to. And I'll. I its leg game. Let's zoom there's too fast car okay. I know maybe it's. You gonna rain this spring. Own fans come. I. And all the. There again homes. Live bears. I disable the stop the eve game and. I see you. Live fast and it's. Just outlined. Yeah I've seen both love love god in me and I see you Lenovo. Yeah. Then count wounds. Let this round. Gave me home. Then again. Pleasant strategy room. I'm gonna yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And hey it's good. Read count mama I'm. It is our own please do. And I'll. To me again loans. Lessons have you. I don't want that. Damn man bill. You can song. Live him. Where is she around. It. I. I don't know that one that I like. And my favorite went beyond that criticism that smiley radio show perfect song for this delicious warm day hash tag bogey on yeah. It says dear Josh saying to me like that and I'll do it every. And you know hi I'm naming get it washing your car then. I couldn't. Tell kids they are. Algeria I am I candidacy their eighth. Oh they know almost three holes and one. Day. It isn't the last time we. You'd and now it's Al wow and the same marriage yes. You know you wanna goodness that's amazing that the timing kids. That is a year bite deal with you know result of the groupies and things like that like the lady that just tweet is supposed to do you so value in these. Yeah I. Trouble can you write a song to fix it better than a year now and I'll help you add back. Asking me if I could make a joke to show it felt worse possible. You'll get burned where. Like there might be hard to be mad at him any dad singing like not. We exchanged. In the fight I'll go we swap wives he's so yeah. I'll go make your life what do you say that I live right. And Canada's seal bag yeah yeah. Release of houses can work we got in months on a time online at a time loves socks that we did talk to our personal incident we need to sing about it and just give us a little you know these simple music on the route tomorrow night at a time and didn't win it of course feels right lit a chorus at Cigna complies may do another verse Aaron allegedly. Is that okay Aaron. All right the Soviets just yet. Oh boy oh boy here we know of any affected you yet tonight and I wanna pass on this album. Make up your turn its immediate past. I don't. Bettered that all in England gonna do I'm. I do it ruin your talent pants are gonna get one do that you don't mean levitate. You go. Until it's nothing really. We should go. This way because musically after four lines will probably be at a course in a aren't we Josh and we start again everything out all right yes it will go this way and I'll start Joshua stark and you start start with the line up and coming out the first verse a connect amid this Baghdad a get well let's get to a figure out who are addressing this on to yes. This just in. I jest and Tommy your story. I got older and February of this Justin Snow. The player ultimately somebody yes. I just tell me your story and we'll try to come up with or allow some just for you and your. Are you well yeah I met my girlfriend are tendered shall we are each Cinderella story. Rally yes that's how that Tony Hunt and her husband that's only weird and warrior. But I am actually your editor toaster. The line. Elegant even together. We have been to get it sure I'm much now. Meet with pain and she could possibly be voting back in Quito or out or go out there and. OK I would do this song. And then when your with what was your original plan to propose to our. I am original plan. No right to eighty ever under aren't where she's gonna get answered different places can be. Friends and family. To. Yet even exclude go to an explanation and then show. Actually and up are not have a nickname for anything ecology cutesy name. Any you to name sword now artist. Our our college though. Alex with an is that her name. Is healthy now. Valid username. Be out doing an OK and then where is your first date. We actually went to shallow. She saw how close. They actually and it's a bartender in order. A day of iron and England make enough value to describe heard one word would you say. Perfect perfect initiatives ideal. Knowing. We're gonna say that arises it's airing ads that it it and know it and what's your favorite thing to eat. Achieve see me. And well and which are there is indeed. There. Bates okay how's others like eight. Like yeah I guess the big you high right now son she likes to ease and I like we'd never started the week. Not a knock it properly. Well you do it you are honored dollars. I I know you don't hats and. CEO Eric CB deal oil manual CB soil. They got that we don't know is they are certainly haven't. All right so. Near and Josh we'll start to music and then then we'll go far and I guess right you're gonna see what happens then. Justin saw a girl named analytics and immediately. Swiped right. Want him in life. He's my baby tell me me ads now. Seemed. I feel like smoke is leads. Take cannot. And it's. Not too. You read. Thank you. Certain maybe. Nine months. Seems like it's creating shorts. And I know that this. Seeing and it's boyish. Well being this day CN ZZR. Feeling yeah. Hannah owning. Is now. Yeah okay. It's. She's a good luck down. And I needed to huh. Netscape news and sad that no way out I'm done it's. Hundred it's isn't enough again we see you rate them. How long and do this job where it leads is fairly. We know. Learning how when I was energized and T Alex are here now. Alex. Want to not get weird very messy right just one use the pocket. And you're well that's so there are not alone just this idea does work out. I'd go see just copy and ending ISO and starting Thursday gets tickets.