Josh Kaufman - Part 1

Friday, April 13th


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Ladies and gentlemen back in studio. The winner of the voice couple seasons ago and Hoosier Josh Koch. Decide this earlier but you know how many people downloading your SARS from the voice turned. I feel like as hoosiers we needed to get used through and we paid the money to buy those sons and become Obama high data are iPhone all the time. That's awesome yeah I have people coming out and I still listen dear whatever you know I can particularly better yes any gay and. Yeah. Or. Yeah. Did you this month lows as. All businessmen could. Amount of money tonight. Yeah. Any bad. I think he's been since the voice yeah good bud just being mean on June oh on the different things kind of all over the place as far as the stuff that I've done since then that's sound specific yeah well I mean you know. Right after. Soon after when I got home I did. I did that the Jazz Fest here which is Fonda had that same year I did broadly showed that it plans on and then I'll get our jingle jam I remember very. Right away yes like the first thing that inning in back home yet. And and you know but just I've been working on a ton of new music over the last couple years I'm actually working on new album right now. Is usher still Carney wrote yeah yeah. Chris is now. That was fun there yeah following year add permanently and I'm hoping to. Give. A full album of. Christmas stuff for this year that would go off they'll include that song which is an original and then I got a couple other originals that I'm working on plus some you know classic. Well you have to do all right carries. But I thought that was an idea politics at its standards and AM back and houses and sings Christmas this year I. I had a candidate that the classic at about. All twenty years old was in my mind may. You you remember he was generous to the smiley rose on man you gonna get the Soledad going to the sunny days you as any of that OK here's Hyannis just top Antonia came back ended the smiley roast. How remember we mean I remember I remember when McCain to move all. They're also so pushy about his play in this process did Susan go piazza don't know he's human way. Oh man Josh outside. Of that there really. You can only no one's own. Dumb asked talked to him. Don't wanna pack it in gamma. Wow that's a and he's absolutely my own. This complex. Yes you'll yeah. Have I mean these are all this is I didn't. It's not a. And again. Familiar making fun of I don't know why you would do yeah. And. So we're gonna he's gonna do a couple signs is gonna do cover forests and then he's gonna do an original song too so oh would you say the Indianapolis symphony orchestra is the ultimate cover band. Yeah we are talking about guys. Aren't they technically a cover and I mean yeah basically right and they're not doing any originals yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'd say and it really like no different McConnell at that they're playing 200 year old. Copper saw that centers. Where. A citizen Hilbert circle theater break down I'm even working with the symphony to get this ready well armed well and we started coming up with. No sports. Like what the shows and look like in the songs are thing over the last several months but really like. We don't rehearse until. With the full symphony yeah next week wow global times in my immediate. I'm proud. President let me I'll just read the music you know your professional yeah hard app you know you can do that only. We are working with symphonies and you're you're working with all union musicians alike it's very limited how much and when that yeah you can't regular summer so. Yeah and elbows let's. You know every week and then he added churn out a new song you know. That's amazing nor following a girl Hoosier it'd again this year this from Fort Wayne, Indiana I can Christiane and mignon I'm gonna show next week but. Do you watch it now a little bit this are you this unsettling that I had said last I'm surprised this cat you kind of know how Orix. It feels like have learned a little bit over the years now since we followed your process progress on the show yes and you like cat. You go to a studio at the midget I imagine a magician would you. Yeah and a ten. It is now yeah plus tonight's all Miami Florida. Do you practice with the and the musicians that are from the channel you handsome lines do you record anything that you play on attracted the odds network. Well I mean you you'd you always record your. Your version of the song in the studio and musicians going into oak acts for that because there are those are the ones that they can practice earlier and accidents you know I you wanna sing it they hear how you noticing it and they'll figure and that's kind of collaboration you get together with demands a hand they can do it this way and they give you suggestions and cannot or make a few don't know how you know if you just say I like some people just the kind of space they wanna do it how they original version isn't yeah like OK and they come up with that may be come up with some changes and on yet you get you get a little bit time to practice with with a man. And then you did they give you outfits to Wear to an address you know they do all that stuff yeah catcher. Yeah I mean are they feeling that you were at the Fedora guy yeah yeah they come up with that her. Now you know what would happen I just kind of like. It wasn't really something that I did all the time because like I you know you wanna like have some sort of like look when you go let's of the people recognize inside did that the first show I had a hot then and they just kind of like. The wardrobe people like let's stick that's right it's your thing yeah yeah. 2000 Aaron now you're the point where usher was like you're not wearing out. Indicted Josh got the winner of the voice a couple of seasons ago or whatever and that he's Hoosier lives in town you play with ISO is it next week they're performing with them mystery yup that's not so CU yet you'll get with them next week and then and then do it did what days it was at next week or Thursday Friday Saturday OK okay one Jun ninth. Yeah it's expensive it's all about you getting paid local concert ticket what's the I. And I didn't pay well yeah yes and you know decent yes. He'd be dropped crowd but I mean it's waved me you know arm and another that I was willing to do it. There have been a number or you wouldn't. I probably get some numbers and of the people encouraging the exams I don't know John and they like it this will be great exposure for your head back. Experience. We're just an eerie I've heard of dollars there's many different levels but you can go more expense are you dig into student ticket pretend I wanna be in the Muppet Show level that he you know like the chill out yeah you league we've got forty some dollars a cap on bad at all. That's so awesome on let me play tune here if you just tuned into our show. Guys and Josh Cox and this is in studio with us he's going to be forms and get his guitar hero's couple seconds we will give away free tickets here. The radio. Even getting these artists treated you and say hey good job doing my son fast and smooth and they are. This. That's pretty easily along at a school. That's got to be kind of cool to be the artists and watching the voice and all of this song when I did it. Had hardly even been released yeah I remember that Isiah what is it sell gas processing that it immediately play the others are at that time we in this plan decisive. Because if you commit to populate. And that is your lose your job you did a good job done and we gotta know when the voice so well on the cars and I started.