Interview- Lindsay Boccardo

Monday, October 16th


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This is the boy to be podcast where we believe you were created on purpose and for a purpose and each weekly delivery inspiration in interviews with today's top thought leaders who are living out their unique calling every single day are you ready to discover your true identity and become who you were born to beat them. The future is yet to be created and now here's your host Darren early line. Remove him. Yeah Ornstein got cats and oh my goodness my friends my neighbors we've got to deal you this morning and sometimes just me talking. I'm I'm joins me he talks today. Bull house maybe the kind of a full house district race and I'll use and it acts as a I'm gonna. Deal I am but I don't say that went to the kind of work full house and you're poke lingered in Italy we have we'll get you right now ot get back in the podcast leasing graft is joined and a half hour US and now is so anti. Retired. Let today and operate. We left at producer Kate usually she's with a sort of podcast he's pushing the buttons recorded them the sliders event in my commander faced today. It's commentary in front of them over I didn't and I guess on this episode the mortgage podcast is Lindsay by Ricardo let's make it. Half or so ledger with this Lindsay you you are seven on the unit and have you done that for the union reform. I do I mean LA to look at it to see hire it people and I work best and a lot about. I work so one of the things that Annie gram is that it helps you understand what it is well. So for me being seven it's all about fun having fun nothing in pain of not having fun. In. It yet which people like I wanna be around him like. I never do the dishes. Yeah. Sold basically my life after this and an ankle pain was dolphins at the are you really this is my. Yes that's it yeah you know I will I will say that with people see our lives as I am a lot of on a same with me is it's not I'm not do it to observe our allies seems like I mean that would be fun. When I've observed after sixteen years of marriage is to live with me in my life. Is. In that you're having a lot of responsibilities that I should have gotten done crazy yes that's out of him means and they asked. Alleged call Hawaii say yes yes yeah I'm yet that the match. Asked to go back to the pain of something at a at a 'cause I I I think it was some wall horses at the Indianapolis zoo at at which was hyped by the way. But tell me a little bit about a unit where are about. It you'd know the three year war. Yes every elephant. We're gonna talk about a totally. Do you guys. Like I don't think that's straight out. I'm just a guess. All I just I just the president zoo and and down it anybody can actually do it if you go to the website there's different owners can do so others. It tells an encounter Aaron is opening count her since turning into Oakland zoo I'm still ask. And I just running out of the net gluten that was another let's say don't let anyone that wants to pay the fee can go in pain without an ankle gauntlet. I want to do that and link in my analyst Larry at home. I'll let go just would love that but I would laden I know that doesn't miss analysts' Elvis sing harshly critical about him you can keep elephants painting or do you exchange meanings with the elephant AMD NL is so any Joseph he's not mine on his fridge yeah but his life and. In may not austerity and the at the lips are key producer and he pulled it up there's the dot dolphin and water adventure animal art adventure which is where you do paint with the opens hello and he and I content without mentioning with paying ones you can paint with. That depend. Independent ped rhinos. Listen I'm gonna go with the rhino is not meaning any innocent until finals we still smashed there's no lazy whatever he knows exactly. You go to the zoo and it is because the symptoms yes let's do it I agree let's go all the will somehow find a way to talk about Jesus and yeah some. Well we'll decide about hey you know now regarded itself and there are campaign and certainly it's a business highlights yet. Yeah. Anyway we're gonna that we got Lindsay McCarty what this she's with us all morning and she she is a like complacent a millennial life coach Meyer right. So yeah career development. Making us as I life for yourself and that's really difficult for this generation coming through. And so that's what I work out of private client's parents and organizations dues payments become a culture is if you. Are working at a company or your nature are your probably your hair out because we want flexibility on a home at 3 o'clock we want a ping pong table whenever we want. And we just have very different view about career development and life and work and how all that works gathered and so that's. We're still woodlands debit card wrote she is phenomenal she's a seven on the new programs easy and ftp. She's a drummer. Well I. How you. First is our gender she hasn't even cooler drier cooler air anything where I could trendy jackets. Like I tires you know you're eating and not as I. You can I think it's great that they could be rich and week out at Edwards zero you'd be preaching right now is I'm going to be June refresh message. OK I like it. I don't know it's going to be just do. I guess let it be fun. We find people and yes they'll be in bed and a NM balloon drop at some point or at an apartment on that that elephant painting you're gonna do I'm probably gonna bring them on stage. Coming up this literally came today. And maintain its. So we're not amateurs who talk about Lindsay and I think to be with us this morning and appreciate it. Kind of funny journey how we got connected basically at least and girl do you for a couple of years from your speaking engagements. Senator. Lisa any prisoners might relate. Hi all of our friends and we should meet a lot alike I'm Lisa addict as exactly and well. This is weird I don't know how does that mean he after its introduction where government yes. And then that we've been dating another hearing that they be debating and then I came agonize I again and another made minority babies now does pay to see it meant that causes him and I I'm from us as. Last night I went out mommy loves a dad a hug and a special club. At at and field event that he does suck and you leasing and it's connected to you and that I've got to know you I love work you're doing here and not Indy but I mean really all over the nation so. Just a little bit about what you're doing it in Indy with millennia those and coaching in keynote speaking I think here African rock start picture meter David tells adamant about what you don't yeah. So basically if you know what coaching as a lot of what is I don't sports playing soccer. Actually help people make decisions they ultimately want to make a career about life and sell. Dig through program adults and it's at some leisure career I private clients walk through. I walked through that process with Emmitt is a lot of people are coming after ousting and I. They counted everything gospels you aren't I great grades I am a good hitter I mean I've done muscles to do but now I'm trying to figure out what I actually wind is a career and a lot of the rules that you play by school college flipped and had a real world and I wishers class promising count I don't have a job and I don't wish this and there's so much about living in the real world having a career Italy like like that no one is teaching anyone or coaching itself. That's based UN have a base privatize them for five years in Indianapolis. Please go to my program is awesome and individually and in groups. Of its new build up mind. And just virtually new car every Ari can continue to design your life it's a lot and then from that as I was Dina here and Indies some some of managers and bosses Kenya's what did you do to this person they're they're letting their John other engaged they're selling twice as much. Can you help the speaker out. How to work with and matters and now I do keynotes speaking engagements. Side of companies and an aunt bigger conferences help managers. And on HR and people who work is beating others. The sum of the ships that are happening inside and career development and that also helping them understand how to coach and Allah. Their their staff and employees so that they're engaged Wednesday yeah. Ito opposed millennial so let me ask you a big thing and I owe these millennial they're crazy they're they're telling all industries they Applebee's he killed napkins. Are only allowed without. Yet at how so miles just on paper towels are wondering each paper products there's this makes sense it's. I I don't I don't like them money and I am. Adam Langer but I am with him with a paper towel and let them and I'm with Alina three. What yeah luckily I got a hot shot up what's the beginning of the millennial age were like what if you were born at this eight. Herbal that it is your house twenty leaders. Anywhere narrow range some people old people learn and like I am 36 halftime acts. But it's some of it too is just what you experience going ups and reason generations and this is this set of people. Experienced 9/11 at a certain age department of age and experience different X different things our life together as a group of people. That shape our view of the world and sell. The researcher on generation's interest in because there's not like the institute that gets to say the name of the generation yours airborne as gorgeous general research islands of finally ending on the same area so if you Google my colonials are gonna see a bunch of different like. Either 198019811982. And then 96499. Kind of it's a range of peaceably if you're between twenty and 36 appear. In your first job out of college you're probably. And if you Google him you'll see one of the best albums that actually we are acknowledging of him not taught to restaurants on the that was at the summit over the car right now and their millennial and they they're your their hair on top they're going out hello. 18 napkins for 21 lead our ethnic and I'm in for three on an. Act is for three like I hate my job I don't know what's going on like Lindsay help me wanna add to what winning. A. I want to like organic ink. I think I'd assume is Egan and they're accurate. An intent to hell yeah yeah on the air yet in place as it has been and it's an analyst at. Says that's exactly matters as well. Aaron somewhere that's. I knew that I just make my decisions bill I I don't think you applied that correctly you have what's in there isn't. Did you read it I agree he broke up I did and they expected originally. So anyway I'm gonna point 30 is that right. Yeah yeah. Either turn out linking their V can tattoo yes. Yeah what's it lets some advice or encouragement did you give them I'm obviously call you let you coach them up I don't know what he'd done. Yes so one of things that as a template pursue outs concert. One is that most people and my generation compared Communists. Were ongoing basis so if you feel a lot of countries like. My friends are so cool one we're 23 decision marks are ones photographer and I have really came alive if you're that person know that. First of all don't wants us media makes it worse yet but all that and at an event but also know that you're not alone that I see people all the time who. Picked by in high school and college there really Smart really sharp. Just can't figure out how does a translator job and I'm actually excited about. So if you think about your time in high school college if you did really well is because you did a couple things you follow the rules you can formed in your coming and everything. So in high school you can form right you have to follow rules are unsuited attention kicked out. And then also you're you're working to get ease in every single class and even nice stink a chemistry and worked really hard in day. On a real world of people who kicked by Steve Jobs doesn't follow any of the rules he doesn't follow the rules he makes his own rules and runs after it. And he doesn't have to be good at everything he dropped out of college and first asked. And so when you think about this idea that has to be get everything you have to know the rules Allen that is old thinking and it doesn't actually work in the real world so finance spot know that a lot of people are most people are it's kind of our program. And Allen and no I think I say is the one the main reason people I'm Brit air is just because herself is easy look around you don't just. You don't just on FaceBook pictures scroll and then your self hatred. Is linked directly in congress and how much is. So that UN have always saying and I am sodas when it myself until I thought I would do. This is it is this just like this land here and you start in this weird existential dark space. And know that the week each Archer's house actually programming your future behavior. And so it's very important that your aware of how you treat yourself to sleep were aware of how are now and our friends treat us or Austria's answer. And you announce it to be that much where I'll be speaking treat ourselves as well and I see that. A lot of people who work really hard and are really Smart use this pattern beating themselves up in the year to get ready now. And so he can raise his knees today I'm totally screwed. And then you kicking it off phew I got the day. Which are not actually excited you're just like I have to perform perfectly all the time or something's wrong with a counselor calls it fear a year. Mean that is just reporting idea and oppression our generation is the most anxious and depressed generation today. Which is it to sink it like stormed the beach. Clinton. Other generations have that we really struggled this I think it's important to just talk about an exit to mount an outline there's a ton of ways to help. What are some myths about meals specifically in the realm of career. You would love to spell. There's so many different things well won and there's a couple things that people typically come to me about it about one is that we don't work hard. And I think the main thing with is that we don't I don't work if we don't know why we're doing and it doing it if it's not for good eyes cell. I really motivated by money like other generations have been because we've always X we've most are experience it in security. And so when UConn must act to give you raise heard do more and we'll give you mark here and stick technique it typically doesn't work and human beings in general it's my generation cell. It looks like lazy not motivated by money in this way. I think a lot of it has to do with we wanna know why we're doing it and I'm pictures having a positive impact on people and we want to do more efficiently. And so the other flip side is that were really good acting out things with technology. And other generations like there's so many names out and like. Okay Linda I know you hate colonials but next thing we need to print a word dot. I'm not helping you out you know so far four times as much as mean and had a rotated PDF there might be some elderly. Team. This person Aetna Aetna is off any. Joke hot and it one inch by one inch square. App that I. Heard I guess AL well. It's not gonna ask since you're I AOL as a culture that's dying as they get rid of the Aniston and I am hearing at number I mean he. It's your last away messages up people at the literal terms like that and I am just like who's on a dock in that lets with a on the day of the crash that left for me the guy in the crash and I. And I am skeptical in message out yeah right right I. At the mall wonder who mouse evening and adding that. Passes. Maybe it's comedienne Heather and the NF snatch and grab the are you likely to get girls symbols that take up like a page just to make picture rating oh yes yes yeah. You can never did in this thing. In a cancer on the millennium little battle you are a little little you're 39 point yeah you'd be tax and and a what's the one after the like coming up in that of those heroic. There's a ton of AS there's like ten different names so again there's no like naming institute at. That's different and the summit will call on gen Z the homeland generation of founders. Hank there's a bunch of different names that people are coming up with. We'll see what sticks. Sticking some people so calmly tells John I've. Went at those are old. Doing the G I guess there. Yeah. So that's good stuff I know that a lot of listeners are they going to be working with millennial or they are in and they've been aspire to what you said they want more information to get more connect with you may bulky ports keynote -- recommit to their business may be some coaching. And they get ahold of you. Yeah you can go right at web site or dot com. And he's you know that if you're driving yes he's yours aren't on your like him knock in a text and I I promised myself that you made it one day I don't wanna break ahead I think I. Digitally signing autographs and he's all right so glad you're watching me at you can also just go Iraq the twenties dot com it's easier to spell it out running your twenties dot com and it's Spaniards nine. Let's ask her that okay thanks to a few weeks. The gossip. Are you England and now the real heroes our traffic after those from at I mean I included in the group ahead I mean. Plaques grow on collegial Hoggan beyond please do group if you let us all in on a post and you are about the only as or a murder with Lindsay Ricardo she. Is a millennial. Coach and also speaks about the millennial generation. To companies to people all over the nation here and Andy but all over the place and die she. Is gonna drop some knowledge on us today I'm out limit of her journey. But also that your a snowflake out there and your millennial. And you don't like to work it's nothing New York you don't. Right now I'd take solace in U don't like I am I ascended in you have of the Egan had to. I need anything com an I have a big into actual paying until unharmed. And I just don't know it was one of things about it put them in the income as a cap somewhere aimed to excuse me. For all of wearing scarves growing beards out right now personally I didn't mean that's an anti us. So there aren't the look out you know our. Posted a listings and we have people from across the ad in a generational. Scope that gen action may be we have some boomers listening to our air our podcast possibly and it would gas a lot of millennial listening itself. Let's see you you spent a lot of your time. Focusing on my generation but before we get into your work give us a little bit of like. And if your journey to get here is the Barbie podcasts and so I've seen stuff on your website rocker twenties dot com you can check that out to do much about Lindsay. And and seeing you speak seeing where he doing I mean I see Yosemite you. Are right now I think in the sweet spot of becoming who you were born to be which is really cool that's why I went on the show. Eligible inspired by your journey but let us cannons at get behind the curtain a little bit here I guess and see like how did you get to being. This rock star coach that tells people discovered their purpose in life and write their twenties and stuff so what's the Lindsay Ricardo kind of behind the scenes up to this point story and a. Osborne and I stormy morning get some drinks evil it's gonna be on I'm going to ask. Still some of it is just the way I'm wired and and the way I was raised but in college I wanted to try every single major I was that person is in the nurse's office always. And changing the slips I did ask me and is in his slip off on out to style and she's razor sanitizing the its ultimate Ike I'm curious. And and I try to budget everything's. And at the end of this time you know of course her parents say from my. Education which I am really privileged and experience so so when I got to tell them when I was in my life here super excited Saturn as a mom dad. Doing resonate together that's Ayman jam. No it's really grad school you variant on their stern is slowdown and that there were like singer on dinner tonight putting tassel. No not what did you else Alaska lights implement tool to the world arm band this. And I heard my dad take a deep breath and like. Off. Ticket now I pray I'm about to get it he's a he's at Italian new Yorker so just use your imagination here and he's taking a deep breath and Easley. Who are not do that we didn't favor education for your travel the world hit things mistakes do you pickings and drummer at at a they have helped engineer actually have retirement like white. Winner has come. Some like maybe even better if I was going to gel that point it kind of like your calf and you yeah like that's how I closed after college graduation is congress is happening on the. It Christmas right before I graduate. How many years it takes to get the sport okay support so it's been you've been and that's their bank and. Are done surely as you graduate surely he's gone on to something magnificent shall bring up the career at corporate class either unaware or it and here. It can't make it and nothing nothing. Sports as well as a parent to your kids in a general rock band through the country it's just I think it's just an up above either. I'm joined the circus or becoming a Carney if it is really in that ranks and gets actors. A lot of similarities. So I got to do that for lung cancer for six years traveled and I loved it and got to see the world I got to play and really weird places I went reluctant to bar in Mexico City and the whole footprint of the bar it was like a hundred square feet in salary when he we're gonna but the drums and there's a pool table sitting there aerial temples in a looked at me. That was going on not my miss and a drums on Templeton. Has been a ceiling like yep that's never going through your I. And it having my head like mysteries fluids dripping. On me and I'm like. Olds stealing in Mexico. Can we don't really weird dream behind yeah. Yeah. I. Don't need I don't bring about bullying aspect is what I studied that are really country out of the pool and playground that's and is a great when Abbott yes someone wants to play pool literally duke. Yeah I don't know because there'll speak Spanish side to smile and not noble on the yes I got to do and then I get in doctor right right OK let's let's what also wanna do and mostly I mean I love music facility apart at and you two are at that and that's a high level you're not Taylor Swift in your life. It's it's a road weary and tired and Hausa wanna see a felt like the thing I loved was connecting people and live music settings creating events were people. To leave their lives lives from minute be inspired think lots of different connect to other people. And so I took my undergrad in psychology of public communications I'd say take that go back to school for coaching. Which is an offshoot of psychology and I was in coaching school at most the people there are like forties and fifties priest Alice in their career and l.s like. I just come in and I don't know what to do with everything else learning it was really fun and joy to let SI know CEO in their right mind is sit down me. In wanted to coach because my back on his Lara hitting things with sticks and paying a lot off now. And so I took Alan I designed this course form on young people now we can't ideals but anybody in their twenties is coming at a constant fear what they want. And a life and I I took everything I learned same thing that seals are are getting from their private coaches and created. A workbook that looks like it belongs in target instead and I use that work on my clients and it's really fun and that's kind of I got into that basically because of my love for people in getting to create these experiences were to walk away feeling more hopeful and excited about her life and sell. That's not built that up and I love to get to do that this is not this year. Doing this work and never really had a traditional jobs so it's always interesting to me when I get to meet people because that's part of what I know is just part upon wired is okay at return up or being an hour and you Graham numbers again and any Graham and I am seven. And so everything is exciting and I'm enthusiastic and I wanna have fun and and that's that's great our jobs and it's just designing and do I want every F. That's eleven that was a love the journey there protect take me back to decision to go back the coach is you use our parents down egg got a degree Hammond a band. Now like when you came back from the road from 56 years on the reds at him to go back to coaching. We parents like awesome that sounds great or mean what was that what was that conversation. I think it works if I think they kind of I broke their spears. Just like I'm never gonna it's true I never ever normal tablet can we just established MM I was harassment as a firefighter like this is not my app and I think they knew that even rows cannot always curious in nineteen in a weird in on different things. And so on they were really encouraging actually entitlements and a mile business and they kind of let me big and it took a hands off and they're debuted they let me be pretty independent and try stuff and it was encouraged me to take a risk and so like I handed my blood from. From my whole life with them and but it's demonstrated the business they were excited to encourage Meehan. They saw that us taking the steps to do it I was just like talking about it and then Netflix in all males actually sell so yeah I went really well they were excited they concede. Is kind of like to call it like closer to the senate target who I am I think of every western fairly they aren't where you are that's at the center of a target and you're trying to figure out those pieces aren't in every opportunity either Lindsay closer to the center of that or further away. So I think they could tell us on a journey as a country. Yahoo! relies. It's uninteresting and there was some of our our past yes that we now we got opportunities are you haven't errors in he said. Something very similar to you know the fact that his parents were super supportive they were both career. You know like a long time in one career. And that was there at the when he realized him he led the this in your case when I want sermon. Where they were like it wasn't just like hey I know my parents are always work as they have with their parents. But it was like are right. Let's go you know were were were enthusiastically supporting insane you should yeah that sounds like I maybe not have that it couldn't. After yes I think while I think my parents are silenced a lot of stubborn as any surprise there and like well am I doing anyways let me. Yeah now at rice and beans and so that acknowledgment and who now work for me for a while. But yet they were really there is I am grateful. I think your parents neither parent you kind of know things are your kids and as they discover what those things are it's exciting it's probably also terrifying Newton you know. I don't realize how dependent on hang out. Fire whatever it is you know at. So please thank you speak now I have dogs for itself. And a ninth month yeah. I babies you know of my three year old like. Is that life so yes and that was exactly is it's like a I mean pack we do this and it I have an. A fund that I guess that she's like fourteen exactly and act mic left his decision and then let them. Nice and that's usually and I remember that name banged. I. And we have breezed past that the president in losing my real question has. You're OT what is years of your day look like with their plans entity success stories what's your favorite like. I help as a hair right ash. Well it's really about it's really about them because it takes. A lot of guts to say I don't like what's going on and I wanna do something different at takes courage whether you're gonna start work now the train where you're gonna associate coach ever. A lot of us it stopped. In an injustice actors Ellsbury years. Yes and or even more. But my clients remember a simple up exits semi. I think one of my favorite stories of late. Is a client Islam is what she said she's at extra meat become. Kick ass human beings yours and would have children that are in wearing whole life. Super thankfully I mean you know and so that app still on her stories of interest issues on entry schoolteacher. And for her alleges was working it just wasn't she's good at it she's really powerful meaning Erick just reports now. As the worst finish es third figure out who am I really what's the target one really made of and down she realized how much she loved doing social media work. And at the same time everyone feels like obvious manager I Iran expert because my house announcer now account now at an end but she is serious about studying and figure out how to do it yes. And so she Irish in me in the fall last year. Green jacket in near a school but we got to forget soundtracks like 68 months and I RE let's get to work and so we started to put together. And understand who surely wasn't and she understood how to communicate at other people on and we got that she learned how to network and it's great people and our world who were doing this full time the putted about for her. And then she found the right connection she actually misses. She stopped she's ninety train marshy this summer she crossed over and now she's a social media manager personal company here in Indianapolis and she's loving yet. And I remembered just that moment he went on sale alms celebrate and remember she is like camp we just eight months ago I told you damage and actually believe that we. Totally change gears but we have an undo what I love and an untrained and I get to expand and try new things and she's just think this is such a better fit for me when I was in before but most of us are going to just you down our own like just one day of leave our current job indecent difference now. There's a lot of good stories are at another client when I first started. Coaching and didn't she had a master's degree and was working at a yogurt shop and heed your life this is so common alliance and I did all the education or retirement and I'm. Not at all where I wanna be. As we figure out what he really passion on she got she's a passion coffee. And sells at a game. Every scientist. Picturing one you didn't you didn't designate that it was frozen yogurt are desperate for this woman and only averaged only room regular you're there and just all around. Founder Larry but like we are trying to she's lane I can't so much there's no hook up here outside again. That's where my god go he'll. Probably oh yeah masters to relieve release smartly out of Afghanistan it's your time. All day MBA yeah. But it is ours it's just like it. Approach Yahoo!. Like Oliver and this is that that's that he has a business card idea idea. Our never tire out hurt him that she's like I wanna do you know I really wanna gain to cost even I don't his armor Starbucks and a lot of us wanna be at hours at a site counselor try something believe are going L what does that even look like as we did the research and music man. Brick and mortar is not work I just knowing they'll open a pop up and compete with Starbucks in Aberdeen grievance and there's no way I'll ever make it so. She realized though she could start with was being an expert coffee roasters she studied just off the roasting and started roasting. Beans and sold them on online instead and that's how she's built a business and so as it's really distinctive because. We think that are dreams are so so far out of reach you can actually take steps towards them pretty pretty quickly just may not an out exactly like think well if you're trying to you. United trying to go in the tomorrow it's merely tough there's light into. On to start at us east and the lake is a cultural thing that everybody's trying to position themselves that. Are there actual experts and others just posters up. You know I don't know I think Daniel Pink is it is one of those people that kind of pleased the way from taking research that was up an ivory tower that. No one else is a man. In making it accessible for people. And so I think there's a trend of going hey here's the experts say here's like what the Ph.D. people say but. Nobody commanders and that's how does that actually I'm Alex has more to do with. On I think the trend of knowledge has more to do with curator acknowledged cell. If I was just a career coach for anybody reduce it came to help you do the things. Nobody would hire me if I'm like hey I normally your career coach hope transistor counts of first operative percentage second job. You're feeling confused about what you're like who you are and how you're wired and how you design a clear on that great that's for. That that really narrows on Daniel and I know of that space as well as hear people that's it that's a track that's the thing and so if I CEOs like help me scale my company. I got up yeah. And that's an up am I gonna that such things on it is just. With Ali appreciate any Internet it's more about being an expert in how you applied data just like knowing a lot of stuff do you actually quiet to reeling it. As an in your story you're talking about these transitions you know she did in in these two quiet street oldest Thursday's transitions right down our. Our significant. Right yes he's a lot of courage when I see I see inexperience in a lot of rock artists with folks is that. The year is a massive. Massive Earl rising all cash totaling right so. For you obviously you know I know a little bit because now your knee and be your 7 on your am of these things and you know you get. I get it right and realizing that one of our strength is that we we don't have or a real. The year I think we at their readers should you don't write an opera may or may the world fracas on the way it is just off. Intelligent enough yet we literally out and you stick cents hit thing yet yeah. I. Mean like in fact that we have you know that we need to do radio show on on EPO every week is now. Members opposite people after we already started they said Manny you know. It's Coke rages that you'd that you took this opportunity to do radio analogy I'm like. Apple wasn't worth the courage like an opportunity regular radio show it when there's no courage or just like yeah we turn the Mike on. But then they sort of unpacking like. You're now you're on a secular station talking to tens of thousands of people about a topic that no one really likes to talk about in public religion or god or whatever and anybody can call you and ask you like this are unpacking economic. Now he can't yeah yeah that. Can go to. Tomorrow look I'm not so. I think you know personalities or whatever can work into that turn. What is a way that you helped. You know either yourself or other clients like how do you break free from that at stranglehold that fear can have to really step and who. Who I really think you know who got straight people to be in theater at a Bieber really make those transitions. Yeah that's a great question so the house ecology looks psyche of children and how changes in what affects it so one of the thing. You can see in childhood early childhood is the development of self doubts and those usually come from north and origin from the people around you sell. In on my family my brother is if you took me and put me on steroids in house I've times market areas out in Smart that's my brother I'm like. That neutered version of James and he's a Smart enemy wait funny aired so sharp. And dumb is a growing up my family I was like that it Y one says funny to watch Christmas meals ism light sweet quiet and calm. Not at all. But what I learned right up my feeling is as feisty quite sweet I got attention good it's positive but it ain't. It also develops self doubts on why can't be the center of attention that's not my spot or. I'm not supposed to be that person ever and we all have be self doubts I'm not Smart enough I'm not remember one point James kept playing all the instruments that I did. It was so much better so much quicker now my dentist last wilt. And so when I got to the drums I got to retire in all in base attendance and drums seems like only John. No you can't. Just you're not in the drums at and which as Larry is he now daddy and it. And I and math yet and so he. But you don't all of these things happen airlines he small defeats of these messages that we get growing up they tell us and not enough us are not you know whatever it is. And only get it in what's interesting about self doubt is actually protects you as excited from. Going outside of like a zone of comfort and safety which you kind of need as a kid he needs support self I was always the loud here Pickering gregarious one in my family. Then that causing issue and my family of fortune one of work so I had been quiet. But we all have we play these rules and when you break on you for your family especially American cartwheels in our village on the ball cross country and start over and and so all of those things that you thought torture by yourself. Really environmental and things people told you generated response to the relationships around you so what I seat. To coming like I wanna be this have a person and I can't can't do that I can never do can never do people citric never do you do. Wyatt like that's who told you that urge you get that from. It's on the child raised so. Mean what was cool as in my early twenties or throw a lot of public speaking for some like. This I am so freaked out pirates and went through all this training. And got drilled I'd advertisement to training and and I learn to train other people and speaking and it. I'm over that hump that I could be disarm attention in a sense but also used as apt in inspire people it doesn't really have to be about me. I want to be about the people are watching and listening. And so for me that formative experience flipped that's helped out on its head. And I think most of us come into adulthood still thinking like we did your kid in our family of origin. Actually have a chance to completely. Read kind of re right we wanna be and I shall. And that's what we have a talking about a lot like how did you see yourself and your family and would he want now and why don't those things worked together well. And it's kind of an aha moment for most like us they don't have to earn his brother's not around did you ever gotten. You start stretch yourself out of we think you are. Kabila's yeah I know. You know that the coach and as you doable annuals and and in the corporate settings here in an apples on the nation's it's not it's not a faith based thing but you know that that. There has been at an off faith journey in all of this so like. How does that fit in to. You know in the do you feel like a sudden to guided the data that said he felt. He felt like he grew up in is an important right in India and a religious upbringing he felt like I God's will for his life Wright was like a tight rope. It was a tight rope out and if you performed well he did it all right. And he didn't screw up you could stay on the tight rope and and achieve. You know the other side of the tight row right. But if you Sanders screwed up or you'd weren't sure you fell off and obviously fell near death and it was a reachable yes and now he's in is you know he's in his thirties. And he's had some stuff go wrong in his life back failure is actually define his journey more than success has. And so he's got a place out there and Mike and I think God's here but. I'm sure is second on the tight rope anymore so I don't why you know so. Upper hand is like it am I still. Where god wants me to be or is he still in my life because I'm not up there thirty feet above is trying to balance that that Tyrell tells her. It for you where where does where does faith or or guidance from god working on this. That's really question I've definitely had those failures to earn like on the right track and I screw up I'm like I just let everything just let me Diana. The wanna hold you know. And none and that's I think it's a gift and we ran it through divorce was really give you like ash consulate in people's army and so on and we can do this you know Adam. But I think a lot of times we do see councils a tight rope or he's got like three doors in if we don't pick the right door. It's because our broken as we screwed up somewhere with the students in illegals out in elegant the front door nauert run personally and I think. You know and I think that's I think for me I talked a lot of passers about this in college I was even in constantly and I just. This type of things freaking me out and I think was it was I'm Brooke and in books as well as Euro. And on that really stuck with Aaron a lot of literature in college. And I think the conclusion that comes is god is so much bigger and and I. And don't have gone through times earlier public divorce ankle back and I read like down or it's those openers like Gregory Moses was just kills me OK we be friends like. Attila the deadly why did you really blew it so we're kind of like how can be okay it's just so mentally it's isn't an advocate. I don't think couldn't looks at us and expects this deeper and it has a decent. You know he's like okay you're deafening as this up let me natured if you. And mr. and the OPEC. But for me I think god is so much bigger and I use to believe and IAM. So much free year. And I myself. The space to be out mean Alec freedom to the edge irked people which is more of like if I arrest in love me very different. And if I'm living here. While I'd retreat and RP yeah can you might need to pause and industry wants high casting here. That us. Term what are some. You know be on that topic eighth and in working with some meals what are some things that. Colonials are thinking about as far as eighth from conversations with many years it's Indian friends that could be like myths that you would dispel the someone who'd because a decent colonials get listeners though they really do I re. Dirty word you are really wanted to call money all right yeah our Barbara ruining church and pupils are like while they're never prominent church can't NL. And I think some of that is because we're looking for an authentic experience rooted in community witches Basil halfway up is higher it needs is love and wanting him and that's lower looking for so. Laser beams and smoke machines. Are ridiculous like we don't even. I remember I've been I've done at the fortune I've played our worst teams rely on I'd love musicians out of worship music it's nothing against all and it was just I've had moments like. Re doing what what's happening and I am millennial moments like. But to actually Tony but does anybody know them like hurting right now Norman is gonna pioneers and then it straight scam attract a guidance remember having a lot of moments like and on and so I think what we're looking for is authentic genuine community that's rooted in love first. And then it truth. I think a lot of times or seeing is. What people think is truth to what they're sure the Bible says they're coming out of the gay and there's this mentality of if you don't. Agree with what I think we can't be connected yeah. And that doesn't X that's not human it's more human decade we're gonna be connected and we might disagree about abortion and or something and apple we can still wrestle three and take care of each other. And help each other at slow secondary. To what the main purpose exactly. It's I think that's what you're seeing in so on this idea of inclusion making sure everybody feels like they belong in one cents. On is causing Activision and the deceit and miles apart. An experience where certain people aren't allowed to come or are lesser. You know word. And news. Ministry. Honest and that they have more power stations that I wanna keep had to write better and I'm looking at the clock and realizing that you know people are almost done with their tried not session and we need to wrap up I'm back at war brewing organic roasted fair trade gap can be to inaugurate all the things. Can be mission a lot of government. Free. For all of take out the GM is out yet you guys and I'm inaugural. Org and yes that. And were. It means we need to have Lindsay on another episode and of the times having to dig in and because she is a absolute treasure chest of great information. And phenomenal story. And so why Lindsay thank you so much to be in a part of the border we podcast. As well lesbian aunt Rita theology with this and that people wanna stay connected with Lindsay actually do. Iraq toys dot com. Same is Caricom. Is the mining act mop. And seeking passage through outlets and it went back to you on Twitter is a mostly. There Ebert releasing anything that closes up. I didn't. And that's that's at ninety miles or read every act up and trying to get it yet party would have risen. On Atlantic are all right Mike. I thought we compete but that's about it it's short it's a rusty when he had a belly and not get a yes number 20 but the word. Out twenty's. The word twenty under equity ET Keebler and on ya on your Blackberry I thought quality care type of man. Awesome vertical let's take us in the market. I cast in go check it was used to record please dot com. Mean for the going to be hot cast. We believe you were created on her missing for a purpose each week we continue to deliver inspiration and interviews with today's top thought leaders reliving every unique calling every single day these syndicates his son's Sunday with her next episode. Are you ready to discover your true I didn't even become you're born to beat. This the son FaceBook and Twitter the born to be prime cast they teaches it to be creative with your host Darren nearly blind.