Indy Missed Connection Ad's

Tuesday, April 24th

Hoosiers looking for LOVE!! the Smiley Morning Show tries to help! (aired 4-23-18)


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And now missed connection as these are people that are looking for love maybe they ran into someone over the weekend as Starbucks is like an IQ your finally have a good compensation is that. Darren I didn't get their phone number. Does that place on Craig's list they moved it but it's still on Craig's list moon missed connection hands. You're gonna read some of these two as well yes and if you can't put on like a sexy voice and I'm romantic voice. So I don't know that sound like a news. And a bad way and so yeah ounces. Perfect and then nineteen of these people reach out to us and won't connect you. Okay. The first one is gone. You should've asked me in the Wal-Mart. Indianapolis. What is the young ladies that was looking at me in the wall march. Over the week in and talking about me in the next pile over. You shoot is just came out and asked me. Hell yes my tad surreal. Hell yes it is a sponge Bob hit Betty boo from behind. And yeah I don't be afraid to early eighties. Debt she. Is a billboard. Saying. And eyes opened to beat his man as his as you know. All you want to get Bob did you do. Pull out. There that's classy right there you've just got to let me know if you've got crusty trends. On the interstate if you were serious. I seen the way you've sucked down them milk duds can Vizio all shared. I Cano did to apply any immediate past round itself did have gotten. Delmas column. Just asked me in the wal mart's example should just and ask me Tuesday diet is attack Israel. Under science. These days of sponge Bob Hayden to forbid time. These are hoosiers or tenth or eleventh and listen closely as you might Ambien and identify this person is on his people. Girl and black Jeep that funerals in science hill tank girl and black Jeep. Maryland black Jeep at funeral in zions and he ends and zions uncanny. You were crying. In a black Jeep and a funeral thing and asked me for a light. I was smoking so I had line. But I wasn't there or funeral like you. I was around that corner working in the transmission shop and walked over to just funeral place to use their pop machines. Got Pepsi and I'd prefer mr. did over doctor pepper. That's there he made a joke. Do you come here often and I think I cut you off guard what does it is I do it popped. That you're cigarette and he started talking about your dead exploit hundred. As possible he apparently. Fell out of the hunt eggs and it landed on his and it is the lawyer so terrible freak accident and she is now heading on the mr. Pitt again. He's still loved him even though he cheated on you when no wooden wanted you at the funeral. I'm sorry but I feel pretty lucky if you wanted to come demise funeral. I hope you get cute. I hope I hope you get to you wouldn't Jacob as we got together down the road. I offered to give you opiate. Walked into the pot machine and when I got out you were gone. I was pissed at first because I can't ever do to gives back to back and you might Barrett's esophagus. But. I got them down. I can't stop thinking. Wow. That was dog girl and a black Jeep funeral zions. I don't can't even make designs. Back back back not at the funeral hotbed for the yes yes to miss that mr. debs there are no. He said it made life so they made love that go outside the biggest shared a cigarette and then he offered and then during went to go get it and she was gone. You back and he was out there on a story right there. We got another you have every anti. There missed connection ads on the smiley morning show this one is going. Johnson County humane society. Johnson County. You're a male that works at the Johnson County humane society at that time. The silly female. Who likes to visit the kiddies. I was then there's the other day holding two American short hair having kittens. One in each hand it. You walked compensation. I see you're a double Fister. I nearly swallowed my love. The way you said it seems so erratically char shop. Let me tell you. There was a third kitty it suddenly needed to. Man boy now I don't know I want your dad died on nine mumble. Well. Now no self esteem but not. Like I. There. Is I'm not yet when it's your dad died at my mom block. I don't know if there's saga now. It is it's. The way you've talked about caring for animals. May have to not hearts LT a year emulated by hard my mom actually. It might be nice. Hear more. And maybe. Even more. Now that I don't was gone with Johnson County humane society.