Holiday History

Tuesday, February 13th


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Do you know anything about Valentine's Day other than back just what to do something this Wednesday atlas figured out they're right it doesn't wanna educate you about this origins of this a lot of focus holiday Valentine's Day which is this Wednesday guys and girls you know you got to get some known on. But Ryan what we have you have a long time contact from your college days writes with that professor Horatio Whittle Ph.D. Ph.D. yep and now he's in high demand expression this time of the year he specializes in holiday history worldwide expert and yeah yeah so. Were really that haven't answered this morning. Perfect professor or doctor or reject me Marie to refer to you the professor and a lack a professor Horatio wiggle by and tell us about the history about Wednesday. The origins of Valentine's Day may be traced back to the ancient Roman festival in park Alia which was celebrated from February 13 through the fifteenth. In an attempt to avert the city of evil spirit. Thereby releasing health and fertility and the Rehman populous aren't live cameo as a particularly bloody spectacle. As it involved their ritual sacrifices of cats and dogs. A young Roman women would line up to be hit with the heights of the slain animals believing them to be agents of fertility. OK we had a doctor doctor logo was legal not legal bottom Qaeda. Afterward the bottom tiers and the origins there was ancient Rome in they would peel off the skins of dead goats in in dogs and whip them on women precisely. Naked drunk young program and men and then likely fall promise of a modern day tribe known as. Dudes. I would repeatedly smacked a female counterparts with the animal skins. Many scholars have posited that this is how the term to be hit on originated although there is much debate surrounding the near 200 years they have poked a lacy as the rest of us tried to combine saint Valentine's Day in an open candidate X and the pay for. Which only made things had an oblique confusing for the young Christian and it realm. You'll get naked and do we kill dogs that's happening at precisely they most certainly would have grown up hearing stories of their great great grandfather is drunken leafs watching them maternal ancestors with hides of freshly slaughtered Golden Retriever who's. On the I'm sorry did you change and none no heart no. I'm. Speed up flying angels what would Valentine's Day be without the door probably cute on them and Cuba. Right in Roman mythology cupid was the sound of Venus the goddess of and I have been mas the god of war. He is often depicted in Bremen autism naked being it sometimes blind throated chubby baby. About two lunches and those of of really nearly as to believe these humans lack that terrifying edible and infants and C path. Much relate to the great British office Chaucer and Shakespeare popularized Valentine's Day in their writings and soon. Handmade paper greetings we came alternated throughout yet eventually in the tradition made its way to the new window the industrial revolution ushered in factory made cards in the nineteenth century. And in nineteenth that team hallmark cards in Kansas City is that it. Began mass producing Valentine's for school children lovers. And has been bound by a moral obligation to invest their hard earned money in a completely capitalistic Fossum a holiday. Out of fear of sleeping on the couch for weeks on him. A today about rampant commercialization of Valentine's Day mix of one of the most lucrative Blair about holidays with chocolate flowers and greeting card sales expected to exceed. Eighteen billion dollars as well a long way back in 2018 according to a group of very bored people who received these types of things a little charade retailer of Victoria's Secret. Is anticipating a record number of male customers this year though undoubtedly select the most uncomfortable items in the straw for the wives to the grudgingly went. For an awkward 15 minutes this Wednesday evening. Between McCain going to bed and the newest episode of this is us airing and causing every white woman in America to sob uncontrollably. Into her Merlo and sprite. A a these bases and intimate apparel will then be hidden away into the dark recesses of a bottom draw most likely underneath the female party's twenty year old high school cheerleading sweatshirt. With a bright orange socks she got for free disguise and six months ago. Where they'll be completely forgotten about until the following his Valentine's Day and or perhaps her husband's birthday is in a this is an opt out of Wednesday addition of holiday history with Maine professor ratio way about them Ph.D. on the radio theology.