Thursday, October 12th


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Idea about IU Bloomington fraternity that was suspended again. I know I'm playing and is now a from Ball State route they try to do what it needed this time. Pistons didn't eat and. They suspended. Alcohol law violations in hazing violations. It's completely after a certain point kids you got to know you can haze them or they'll get kicked out yeah and a lot of college quit. And I think each other out. I don't Idaho. I don't know it and they did that isn't just I think I've seen enough lifetime movie to know what goes down you know I don't think. You have to get that close for it to be considered hazing any caller I don't think anything yet to be inside the on top of a bottom yet another top Obama. He must think that's a classic fraternity initiation is getting spank him bravura yeah I'm I guess I've seen in the movies I I would enamored college I don't know doesn't scholar. I'd rather just see this banking in the bottom and. I didn't see Spain and I would not yeah Greek system in my brother was an SEC NC EO. And they did anticipating things that was pretty like dumb sadly he had to clean out trash in an Al Lee. Behind the paying our community service not now think they wouldn't purposely throw stuff out in the Alley and then makes pledges handed out. And might be hazing and they didn't catch up they throughout the relief and memory or rubble below and then those things they did test there over the weekend. Either we I don't windy we are not to have this Greek like but I did watch a lifetime movie dying to belong. Our statistics from blossom. And next they had to walk on the table and the girls others her sister's row early markers on their bodies. Calling in and circling the parts their bodies that were terror. So basically I am an expert yet again recess sounds like today's come out lifetime movie gentlemen I'd be watching everything I need to know. Be washing my junk for weeks. Carly any outlaw Colin if you've got a story where he did you get pays to know what was gonna happen you know I have to say what tests are easier and you don't want if you don't want to if you wanna. Atlanta that's who I like this Jack call Lannan lettuce values and hear your stories com am not that said the Connors three went seven. 2281099. 3172281099. Are you confident guy to say like I I never joined a frat that it high school on the on the soccer team we had a buddy of ours who. He was hilariously Chalabi and at. Very little wind has malaria that's hilarious like like a death of be like you'd athletically. OK but. To the point where it's awkward to watch the NBA athletic okay I think Andy was he was buddy younger guy Ed we would we would drive him home but Ike had. You know like a quarter mile before his house he would doubt the country we have him get out and run in front of the car you are awful. Definite hit it act. I don't know there Fred it is starting out I Doggett yeah if you I'd rather early and never emotionally traumatized Idaho Lazio you do I don't know if he was dying to belong and we want to belong out. We don't gamble on there it was it was so I'd humiliated I mean you should do it I don't know he says there he didn't do down but that was back when it was okay. Saying there's a time learn yeah. RV. I have always say that I really love he was the same kid who knew he had a massive adult. Collection adult erotica closure and a and he got caught with the wind. Any freaked out and he threw all of them away. I feel like took a ball down of the drive laid everybody knew what it was and it was stolen in like to admit. You put it those things read it just like put a message at face and like I've got to count yeah. Carolyn Tyler care roller born yeah. Yet aren't there yet they never got to be our phase bugs like people are waiting for it to happen like what day is he's got to do is he's gonna chuck it all out the end of his driveway it was like one of those long Favre driveway at the end chuck it all out there is like that the arts has stated it was god is god and it almost instantaneously. And Kurt. Also in college here with a little fraternity will follow artists or turn in the world recognized they tolerate. They have the ruckus group which was the united army infantry. All these kids were another stay in the Rian pays over discriminate against whatever you know I'll I'll be part of this group. Like a group chooses you. You want to join this group. Place is your outlook to put an end it here I want to do the same thing people above you had to do it until. You really belong with the group. Literally except you can go alone to do a side note saying that people around you are willing to do. A foothold and got him one of the things that. Mean I don't hurt that is. I doubt it but all of a deal it would polite about it now remember when I lived in San Diego I don't know the navy or whoever did they date with in them. So they would do with the military you know to talk about. My arrival at airport. Wearing. They take this pin and it with the energy they should have you tested the points of the pin and they'll into learned on today's attack. Derives its people order now part of brother and now I can see that. I guess this year is you know when you're talking army have verses eight fraternity. Is. Were founded as this you know brotherhood of like helping and serving any guys that hit that. That was the original meaning what else and that's what they'll tell you. And it's become nests you know all during a zillion body fat yeah and it becomes a safety issue and that. But when you're going and choosing I howls. Yeah saying here's the things that you're going to deal or we're gonna do this and this and you're gonna have to do doesn't it. Like this is. Once you end and it's if you wanna be a part of best you have to do to steal an eight year old little contention again pandering to pay and says well you're. Visit there are all like mine. An institution. Education right so your parents are sending their children. Two and paying for it so they're not gonna stand for the idea that you know these terrible things happening to their kids whether the boys think it's cool or not. NL like then this school has people to answer to be unfortunately. I just feel like rats I like them okay I'll tell you why like that after a Garrett has quickly come up with an idea no eights eights because if you can navigate a frat he can survive a frat in your life. You can. Overcome just about Yediot also file a mountain and stuff on the ultimate like you practicing the introduced as a young adult. And if you could make the right decisions to get through that environment you can figure out like pretty easily and I carry a very good thank you very measure colony go to another one in David and not dead the fraternity that what do they get shut down Manila. Earlier what. And a forever and people move out around the guys that Cigna knew he said that's a blessing that's real blessing what's okay. When your I mean there's no exit wind it's the middle of the year. And there's no extra housing and these to find a place to let. The Sallyann here's the end that idea saying myself rad to pull off one time decided that's all I needed to know that I never want to join it at. Everybody slept and that Reagan attic with the windows. Yeah they always do that. Like the cold door yeah. Lenders and then when all I ash at IU and I went around to all of us is and learned. Yet to be in at 10 o'clock dinner is at this time. You have to at certain times you have to get up at 4 AM and wake everyone else up because there aren't alarms allowed. Because you know the alliance and we gotta be blood so how does the story some wake up I now I didn't ask that question Dana. You have to wake everyone else up and you just weird little. Little boy and I. Maybe you're young and needs once fitted you wanna be long groups that can. I'm new I'm I'm new to this college girl wanna eat when a lot of people really popular people you wanna be accepted you and wanna live in filth. It did remember to Ames Iowa which is said the cyclones Iowa cyclones one of the schools up there I was state university guest. So on up there and Aaron mercy in this that build these dorm room smaller rooms. I remember listening the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Aren't that crap happened the other throwing a party this weekend they've got to get a bunch of sand from a dump truck into the living room area where they have beach volleyball iron got to get the K you know these are things that the other have to work dot. And you know mug DJ equipment embodiment of a did DJ and stuff like that but it was an American I don't what's at that cold room I guess is that it did the guidance of. Ernie and keep the dizzy is appetite that's now. Oh yeah it is like that it is they close those you have Athlete's Foot climbing all the way up. It's everywhere. It's like you sit on a toilet seat you know you got sucked then and have brat how. How about you David. Gaga born I I disagree with your previous caller because you're chasing the paternity as well you may not know what a sadistic bunch they are. Yeah exactly I actually agree and I think every. You know for sorority and fraternity are like that right but there are ones that all our and I have been shut down and have had you know charges put against them. So I think Jesus say that it's only Hollywood acting as is and dismissive. And ignorant thing. What what the idea where UK's. I was serious one and number. Eight Arctic to the pledges. I was one government put two blocks of light and that is room. It blocked by. The pledges are naked and they put a large. I am olive on the block of bites. And pledges had to pick up the aisle with their butt cheeks waddle across to remember puppet on the line. And the heat team at the U olives yeah. And it okay at a previous article and does the Collins did taste out of committee duke yeah that's he'd have. Amen languish lane and it didn't. Complete my question and even maybe you can answer this. The obsession with fraternities and the nudity. I got me naked browse. I announced yeah it's not all about it it may be Bhutto's. Yeah I think it's an heiress and staring people all down embarrassment or humiliation yeah. Sure they're trying to humiliate you looked and and then it's and then you forget about that whole thing is like some crazy with these guys say man what a play there. Humiliated and degraded that way. Then you're like I guess I can't do it to somebody else in hand next year well you have because he got to pay for talent as they can't wait is a thing and enjoy and it. The plot was like 90% Greek when I was there I didn't join a house I live just fight it took advantage of all the benefits of house. Which where basically free booze yet the precision Olivia are volatile party yet at this sand beach volley so that it would bring Otis day and the nights they've well shall they would they would play in the attic at the Kennedy Nellie would come every now and then. Now I would now or I'll that's. And that's that's about it that's about all the benefits there art of being in a frat yeah it then if you couldn't it be to be got to get all that stuff without having to be an. More power to via compared farmers to to create 1099 join China and thanks so much of the comment appreciate this art ideology thing that's weird what's going on. Am I wasn't on him about the fraternity. Conversation. Earlier yeah. I actually graduated from her guilt. And I was or if they're still there and from what I knew about securities they opted that it was mainly just the mean now we have another turn it should stop arch your back. For heating and brilliant stripped everybody's doing it it's it's the people aren't getting high that are one's getting to stop. So what happens someone complains and said listen I'm not doing that I'm not gonna hear humiliate myself and I'm going to the authorities have Santa making nasty this. Is that what happens. I think it's somebody exits are. And and one person is willing to go up. Now. So how far is too far I guess that's the thing I would say but stuff. You did say I'm learning and. I I mean a lot of immunity and that things like I've heard are like why holding him and leaving him somewhere not Ari buried back. He liked that yeah. Your gonna need counseling for accurate I'd say probably able most of it is. As hell I don't owners I guess I don't understand it's funny. For the people that they RD had to go through so now what they get to enjoy someone else suffering. Well and a lot of downtime in college we don't know that I'd figured out how to put all my classes and in the middle of the afternoon so I could sleep and drink beer luncheon and go to school I. If you there at a time just planning out how you're a blindfold your friends and they can find their way home from the woods. Like it did exist funny time to figure out lunacy you're a kid when you do it. I think she's right now I think a lot and most of the most of them do it and to some extent now and then but yeah. Instead it's you know when it's silliness and a bonding thing cool. When you're starting to get body violated or your safety concerns. Or people are drinking is a much they I gap that would be and now yeah.