Happy News

Wednesday, July 18th


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And staffer happy news and we got a couple minutes away from another shot at a thousand dollars from. Oh happy and okay. Nine we can bring you cannot studio and Huntington high. Sales and land sea and in Dayton. It's. An old rule happy and very little. Okay. Look business hammering me. Hammering. Think tank in different car it's. Okay to me the good news you are concede the gas and there's not enough room in the back but Toyota and CNN day. And that a reality and into the good news. Big admitted. I think I got them here and I'm able to attend college at about the incoming. As well yeah. Now with my immigrant in Indianapolis and. A grand yeah. It's not in the end of business. Each team morale. I hope you've got a scholarship had because of bitter is bad. Very blunt yes the east room. No mom and dad are rich. Or not only did get a job that you lean mean and ISL and now singer. Are we get dinner on the line he's Idec. AE the you give me the good news I got hired on a champion sent weary and just found out that in ten days I will be and I'm in the democratic debate are. I don't. This. Much learning. Not a great day yeah Eric the other and a half. News given to us. There but we can execute a recruitment and Eric Robert again. He has our animals die school app content DA and. And he is Kennedy Hulu and incidentally the it. And look the only game. You got a good story you. Doing well for yourself you making lots of money back in there. Thank you heard them say dude. Romance and Sandra and the yeah moment you know always good yeah okay. Oh Carolina go ahead give the good news I highly AK and on third they'll let went a little buying. Why are you going. So it. Oh and Colin. Even dating and I'm Rick you know you're yeah. Did you. Batman yeah shoot who's. They'll put some wooden shoes in the dude do you care of those. Yeah those two. I'll had to play the way you know to simulate you and it went in and we'll. An end. And Andrea Davis and goodness. It. This.