Happy News

Friday, February 17th


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It's time ladies and gentlemen you're back happiness labs and we Tony twins win plans when he ran. Moon happy then. You diseases ma. Yeah Lauren Miller and our little businesses. Dad's sister and Campbell I think his name is. It's handles Evan king wow he's attacked and that thousands. Like. And it's a do. And Andrea and giving good news Guerrero. I can I get is it practical effect anything and I can't and how likely am every week. I got out of my trick in the banner and I got a. It yeah. And yeah. Lefty. Egg. Happy. Well I eat at 80 happy. The celebrity does it pays is per oh yeah she might this morning and back then. Then everybody calling senator losing team. Now we'll do. Yeah. Jean king and this is your iron it's. And happy birthday Britney thank you it's Britney bitch hello. My happy news are you ready and go on Saturday the leg to a movie about Britney Spears and like the other big movie got any. I Don. 8 o'clock in case you're wondering I've spent a it is now I'm sharing. Giving the good news you'd goods. Friday. And he's a sound and party wants to come this unease grew how's song nine to six. And drink some beer wit their bloody day. Happy. Happy. And I don't is that yeah it and today in this town scandal have had a hit it we've discovered by friends and and he sings uncle round and round. MTV beach house in 1990. Insanity Santiago. I was down there I had my girlfriend Deborah ever got day on my head well. Shoulders thank you sex and and they are he was singing a song called I'm. It was and one of those has yet to big hits in early ninety's in its image contact Campbell I can't wait Europe. And I'm. Well well well well well. A it's. That disputed time to Google I injured in the week and we need to. Over a minute now look and yeah. Using the pregnant recognize him how he just looks like a normal guy. Not that Iran is only does that like Alan Anderson again it as your taxes Galaxy Tab ten pounds ago. Happy you took. And happy news girl. I am not going to absolutely. Room six hey. Catering to a world. It does this settle in mind that is think in bad care I can't find is the rant okay. I need Caro that Ain with us on the care and. And I'll cast your now them I'm down on Manhattan's dude is fat Darrell landed okay go ahead Caroline. Okay I'm. And I did we go to Carnegie Hall. And Carnegie Hall. There and hood Kelly. If he does say practiced practiced practiced my grandma's going to be very disappointed. And yes I am glad. And and weird singing. Singing one about I didn't think. What's what's the sun what's the hardest on the same. Exactly it obviously is quite different time in. And out of. Welcome back. I. I candles in the wind as well handel's messiah and I don't know the long mean is in the U loneliness and reduce. You have brown amount about how does get along. The candle in L I'm K Atlanta today angry and alone in that minute. I'm not a light burned down Burton never. Apple yet. OK OK. Yeah. Think missing and Carnegie Hall yeah page program and our own well. I'm okay. All right I got an addict and say OK just relayed on Skinner a hero you know we want Cara black and amp. And did didn't listen you chocolate girl go Floyd you know we love you. That other wanna say I say thank you can't. I'm here I'm. How. As they. Okay fast food I had. He's so highly. Get seed. And. The wind there's a kind of well congratulations. Airline. And about five people on line we get wrapped his segment but go ahead and scream out your your happy news guy just rattled enough. Are. Why is equal to our. Turns eighteen. It is in the army after that. Yeah carrying out yeah they're unhappy news on this matrimony snow coming out there and not. Then you can't listen to your card and. Williams. I don't send me. Ovarian. New. It related to stay thin jails.