Halloween Costume Ideas Part 2

Monday, October 16th


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And we are talking about Halloween costumes and things like that we ought to pumpkin drop don't forget on Thursday bring kids out. I'm gonna dressed up Dietrich retreat much pomp and file from a crane that's pretty bad ass. Elizabeth. Hi do you have a suggestion. I beer Arab. Democrat and I got up like Eldon. Make up that's great but yeah and moderate expansion on the generosity and you and good Sheldon Brown none no outs and Michael's check out. I don't know. That's what we do go shoot all that can work actually think we did you did you I think that Ari look like Michael Sarah is a tool act like him as well on their ranking having now because that gives you. Yes well OK dog to work and it. At about where well I will I'll. Ask a little bit Avon high school lecture last name. I mean I'm out of course I couldn't did you guys at saint class yes and plus. Did you know that teacher that produce will always talks about that had people however. Physics teacher monologue about he hadn't yet. You know that physics teacher I don't mister mister drab right at the boys over in look at Playboy played pool and go through his fifty CD disk changer. Well it's gonna have a disc changer fifties pre match. I had something like that he'll need a pool parties it was bad ass at all the CDs were burned CDs are there are. Haas and I am just plain parties are yeah dram right. When they 100. CD disk player we'd even have that many combined in the entire how yeah overall how what is it is all our guys Phillip. A third of it money gap. We were always impressed because he had the cools bachelor pad he's like eighty years old and he those label there's actually nothing like generations of people had dug this and no one had ever questioned it out at Avon Macedonia and he's a cool what a schoolteacher your pricing. That's what I was thinking but now that they be like wow that's rod yet. Let it nowadays you would immediately get fired him probably you know prosecuted that back when the CD disk changer like that I was at. This summer as popular this in this. And back then it was it wasn't medium was just called techno. Storm and I had people over or be like governor guy and yet there this part was or is that we had he's sitting there isn't it okay. All smoke machine that's got my living room. Campaign. Fairly good tax. Partly.