Guess The Punchline - Niall

Wednesday, April 11th


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Now ladies and gentlemen and others. Contest from the planning games department and a smiling when he showed pretty easily go with a charming little game golf yes but the plus. And he regard contestants are on the line but LaBrandon. Coming a little bit about yourself. Armed. Well. Oil. They don't match that's Brenda and mega mega contestant ever to attend a little about yourself. I am I am from climate that I'm very upset about that game yet. I. I might say you didn't listen today but you did listen enough to how good were you the last. I almost did it at that Obama. We quite a bit didn't most. Add enough not. Somebody who does he has there while we did we'd do as a favorite moment again. Sure we asked the rest of the Nile warned fans not to murder yeah. And we don't we garnered little. I agree that a pick I I well and how do you and all cell have you seen him do an interview before. Yet I have and what did you. In the art world. Is kind of what she'll crazy interesting. And then I'm gonna is gonna come in front super fan salary freeze on the tweeted her one of the ones that we did yesterday. You can act occur to resume on lists used to seize it too upset about her hand out. I'm going to give you tickets will he be forgiven in your eyes. 100 per our hope we do I'd rather give it to well Brandon Brandon what do you mean you just as well. Because of the gate I think I've always safe. To stop let alone adds I was like guys that Clinton really stop listening. All right well. You are still listening in and focus of these guys hate us so we'll start with. We record of any even more okay now the buzz in with their name right. OK if you know the punchline I remember it always rhymes with denial. And yeah. And definitely since last name you say the full name in order to get the answer completely wrecked Soviet adamant it was it brown would Nile it was files have been the pick test that would have saved files Warren. So the rhyming word and then the last name of that does that make sense yeah. Well and oh yeah. Is wrong are you on the way are you on Al-Jazeera telephones. Sure. He wishes he is there any further away from us tonight has that liars you know it'd be more tolerable than this place yes. What's your favorite morning show here in town. I mean it had. To show both. Of us. And I'm not expecting that pretty good likeness and I feel like everything circular that everything eventually comes back around that you hate us enough you'll eventually get so far you know people that heinous heinous heinous because they Dana. A Jay is they ask his famous I mean did they hate this 'cause the mine is so that's also fair. Okay. Below the seine just don't know yeah yeah they are allowed to. And did I feel good I didn't famous painting I sent saints colts I don't know the rules exactly you can't say eight SP can't say this thing. I'm saying you can't say that it's a Saturday when I say you can't say it and it accepts now well teens say strain us now. I. Don't strain my anus. Unbelievable. And that OK this is why people hate that's as they stream. Look at Iowa these hesitated. As heinous. Act and on with bishop hears occurs against the analyze it and don't pretty descent aren't. Bring it may I'd we've played this game for most people forget that they aren't. And don't forget it rhymes. At that grant and made a moon this is the alleged. Called dial whore and if he were Elaine in a grocery store that needed a clean up. Yeah. All that and meg it is obvious by now I guess that she's one point closer yes that private concert yeah I try to encourage it while it rained a little delayed. Delayed now. Mahan it what would what would happen would you just explode you know a friend go backstage before the concert you'll course will be to use of the ship go backstage. And kind of hang up tax. Hang out with Nile on states private pre concert. All I I don't even know what would happen Buick. I don't wallow. You'd exploded everywhere. We slowed our time during the Burrell lying. And now Brandon let's go to youth. Are what would you do backstage Erie is right in front yeah you could touch him right there. Oh no I'm not talking to you tonight. And grass in grand would you explode and yet yet you'd explode a denial. Okay explode I'm not lose. It's it's. Angela. Says. The music the did not bring you some would unload on him. Explode look at it go where rat with a good. I would like. Well yeah yeah. Honest I thought his team should play the game. At eight. I think that you'd think he'd probably because he would be on stage a little higher up so if you exploded in my and I chipped away. There are. The exploded in bloody body him well IC in your hole you can spontaneously combustion what you're saying and some notable line and getting a tragedy that all the liquids probably wouldn't get him. I'm guessing about all of them but enough of the US. Class and that's what you're here city and that's either is that sound all of me where that's on came from. It's not all of them yeah that's. I grenades. Now exit on a grenade. Yeah. Lot of passion you know what that the painful and it's yeah I'm. Saying payments. They use pay us. Yes now you deadly cancer patients on the yeah. Well you can't they pay let's just make that clear. Yet you know. Heinous in the paint us. A note I. I know who's not going to be passed. Intercom communications Indian. Will be covered in his notes again. They allow the skated outdoors as bailout. A lot to say body parts of their content news yeah it's. Simmons OK here's the next one let's go for it. Would you call it went our. Enemy concern in Aaron hammer brand and shout out your name you know the mechanism at one point and you have to get three to win. Would you call dial horrid if you were at nine chew. Megan. Or. I. I eat one more and you're going to be exploding through denial. Can you imagine. You. So excited. Guys like that I've ever had that situation where a girl was so excited and over the top that they just did it right there. In front of them really mean like. Had had wanted. Highly and that's not him we don't talk about that and human beings eat out often. I wanna man if I heard it's slow hands you know and that's where that comes from the slowing down threat like that more relaxed. So I seen them fight it out and it unstoppable and he. Oh no wait it's safe harbored or the winds. You called Nile whole or in if he was always rejecting the hard truths about himself. And that way and Meghann. And. Okay. I. You've got him tickets to senile that from one direction in concert plus backstage. Not around what do you say. She's losing her mind about how. Now you see why I asked what I did moments ago. And you remember that every parent and staff meeting yes I would. Congratulations and we'll have more tickets all this week.