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Wednesday, October 11th


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Holland right now 2281099. And we John radio right now if you want those tickets two tickets that creepy tiger. We've done in the years past is that camp out and it's been using a bust it rains or something. If you are out there in the cold in now despite that may be risky to party take a way to camp out. Ideas kind of creep because they're out there and Melvin wilderness amongst the trees and stuff and and it's Anderson. I don't want and I'm not a I eat out there idea for Rio and we were doing the paintball thing. And I would we were the paint and all right zombies then shot in knew he was down hid behind a tree is the time to look to your iPhone I without getting shot right and I fell into a barrel and he had a fifty gallon drum like sideways and double in the fifth young German I got a shot so much they Atlanta. I fell into the job in the drum on top. Rolled down. And crashed right beside me and Thailand alone and budget being married and I don't just think how easy with this issue Meehan I would have been you know skull crushed him tipped would be of a move. I know they do they probably carriage and I would stop them. On stopped early February in the middle of crushing candy behind a tree I was candy crushing yeah. Archive that America doesn't dreaded ago here let's do this area and Lee and now I you're ready to play the game. Yes I am okay RE he's gonna describe a constant and it's multiple choice is that right produce about it. Did you as their outreach at choices there's four choices in this or this much but what I've done is I've I've gotten an excerpt at about a real cost him description in the interest in constant thing and these are all real. They're real cost it's okay real. Plan that cost him quiz listen up to this description. Well. Look what you went at it now he's still a few to pretty Fernandez from the party. We're working on and now Unix there you love it to the High Court but you're gonna be stuck somewhere and human zoo for the rest of your life. What's this cost you okay is it game undocumented. Worker BT but that a burglar. See at a jail bird suit DR man and gorilla cage but he bank. It is insane they couldn't jail bird suit is in Iraq. The man and a guerrilla K it's very busy. That's like a gorilla caring man really change. So you stick your body you're the age part in the there's a big fake but yeah behind you that's so weird your legs on her legs in the there's a fake gorilla above that looks like is Kerry knew indicate I'll be tough to explain if you like the hell is that they're just as well you guys are all humans and then the running and up in this case because Europe. He gonna get him in jail you've been enslaved by guerrillas yeah it's pretty wild. It. Oh you can't stick a needle in me here handed give your fellow arthritis. What you can't scare them into behaving better. Talk about it this costing which comprises a burlap long sleeved shirt elastic waist band pants and socks sculpted mask and you'll frighten. And at a Dow like stitching along beside the cost him gives a homemade appearing. Saturday. Homeless junkie and fifth. CD voodoo doll. Or deep cave man doctor. I which I DCC. Wouldn't doubt that sounds right school for. All right let's is unanimous in the third one you gonna get at least three of the five. You know what apple woodgate could keep the doctor away and apple bottom can't. And it's not because the medical school your doctor worried about passing of the Serbs and he made that. So fear not go to the doctor when you swallow food calorie he might have died on the inside. Okay we know that what was really bad. Okay IRA is NA. Rock solid just it being patient costume. C botched plastic surgery. The is it be patient cost him his rights really. Hey you know one of those medical skirts with a butt sticking out of it and then that's it cost him. All right let's do another one here yeah. Two of them are. Are you the kind of guy who gets a lot of action we mean buttery someone's biscuit a little bit of hanky pinky. We mean do you do a lot of cattle prodding the oyster ditch with your lap rocket. Yeah I'd say like the kind of guy who likes afternoon delights. You'll be throwing beer pong balls and if so look up since you were violating the prime directive you'll be wearing a custom that is gap I release the crap get on a regular basis. Hopefully won't actually be playing a game of slap and tickle during the party. You can wait for a more private location before you take the ball and I didn't know where strolled the midst of course. OK Saturday gigolo. B movie philosopher. My scene a book of common suture. Or. Occupancy. Powering in this costume is and it looks like a guy. In bed with the naked lady on top of them under the sheets of all so you walk around a lot like the innately. Like giving off I guess you see your face the fact we're headed by a it's cut up occupant of that in one I really we've got to get isn't right or right to win here. When it's hard to get to go to our creepy. Pager calendar Friday the thirteenth effort Indy screen empire movie. Mix these T that you in the windy too right smack dab in the middle of the scary slash Q scale. It breaks the mold and he's in a whole new level of creepy. Property this furry black and white jumpsuit cost the haunting NASCAR and figure transformation is complete. Notable wanna be stuck in a room alone with you especially after they take one look at your pitch black and I feel lets you speak and the more you just can't still the freed very. The grief here you make this fast however we want to kill that we divide it can be done in an instant all you need to do is shake your booty out on the dance it. OK it's just my morning for a Halloween costume quiz insane. Not quite dead yet kitten. And being sexy skunk. A C zebra demon with a RD zombie panda. Man. On the bank. Or the way and is it. Beers and boy isn't sexiest guy. Is it sexy stock. And shoes could pick it dipped. Okay. Yeah. Need. Is that an option. DC said this time that these RB panda OK that is right. You're lucky. Yeah. That's funny. I congratulation message against that he's gonna spend and I think that's coming up on Friday night Friday uncertainties. We get every light yet. OK you guys fun. You fun OK having played terrible I want fun people to be an Arab men and the only sign people. You don't drink beer you get two free Beers and you get more if you want. All right maybe taking camera there so long ways away probably best. Who loves you aren't what radio station nature gets on that. That's right up. And it you know that that could be eight mile excellent. It's the right. It's Nash at them 1025. Amounted DH and her and sent. It on oh Newcastle. Now. And it is number one to act on their their banner ad on the web sites as we hate your guts.