Great Peebates - Valentine Day

Friday, February 9th


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In any segment called a great. At the same one he gates great great PJ day's big split now does this well what we did is put producer well and Carter and a bathroom. And they add they can debate on as a topic but he can only debate as long as your stream content news. Loss this is classy radio guys president and you have that as long as your argument today I ain't she genuinely send them in the back down with a recorder. While they went out and now are you ready for in this business might be the last time we do this but I knew hope well given a shot Hamas right. We meetings that tell us not to be create got to try and do things they notice it trying to thing did isn't eager to stay out yeah hammered out Tony's not rock. Yeah. He did it anyway. Let's get it. Instruction at the great dates. Though he notes that grace. Since he. You dates today aren't artists are key dates would be rose. I'm gonna dale holy if you pee on my name's Norman I am looking near Anaheim and this is Sally so yes we even got an exchange Aaron you can get. Don't cross the street James who grows the students. Okay you ready. Episode one and maybe the last episode. The great team needs me yeah. Incredibly different ways yeah debate with GE it's something is not kind of day real holiday. Remain out there you can go for its. So what is it Valentine's Day is that may that isn't really a holiday or is it just made up holidays act and you and Carter yeah debated. Right debate. Don't mind being yeah again. I don't know that is the real well it's pretty easily behind him he inherited a 100 dollars. Yeah gross. I'm going to yeah. There are no. Noting that you know it's faced. It's fake it's. Made up by the card companies to sell more cards that you can only get in trouble doing it so why would you bothers. Doing that. Not. Even update you beat us. Your little brother who want. Better. People looking eagle. A little more good news normally do. Here in the special love yeah. That's ridiculous level should not happen. Top top guys can still hard alcohol and chocolate. And that's a big blob has cultivated over time and it's not incidents not one time. It's that's not how real love is more real obvious partner relationships. And seeing each other overtime got some super bug and current rate of making news. Oh my own universities will be celebrated at all little ears yeah yeah. I'm doesn't do. All right you guys decide who wins or. Her screen TV and. Little rain. The air is flushing the toilets aren't well woody who wins on the debate here on its heyday. Art and and only one and as I mean you know in his defense he also had more stream path and that's without CNN yet a stronger younger stream you know I mean it is we can only do this when does have to go I don't know to me. Minister drink and count the count a better. A hundred to match hold it air I'd note that the whole thing is that I wanna let it out so I can talk back. And hard to do its Arctic high calorie how how old is Carter he's 37. Is like twenty something. I don't know.