Goats & Sheep

Monday, April 16th


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I heard a beyoncé stole the show Coachella this weekend. She was really get really nice desk he's just Al yeah. Have any chemical or any and that while Kidd did get to perform at Coachella yeah and that's not that. There are new and even many you. And raced over to the grand Ole opry performed their hope. Well let me hear your best you know. The man who. Men who. How what would you do with the loan league go out and. The OJ Sloan I think that's what the line isn't that what I am alone legal with a low don't you lay out. Who was a lonely out you're thinking of well would you do. All right let me get tired and. Okay here I think yeah Gaza to the hill what would you do with a lonely guy and well I would let. I it's I've always when he's defeated go a cane and I don't understand how old you eating dark and they use it my I had goats on the farm that I lived on for a little bit when I was kid. And I'd ago it was Percy we had Percy penny. And there was a couple other ones that narrow piece. Anyway each week I Jean jacket from. That's cooled a bit early eighties are indestructible. And get digested systems. We shouldn't give them cans and Jean Jack yet present embodied in LA where the phrase asking and team for around now I didn't know that yet. Like when you get fired your bosses like you've been asking and it's like. Ago Lou. We have mulberry tree on my arm on the very humid climbed the tree with. He caught that guy goats can Klein in eat they'd eaten climb everything. That's how they amount I know yes. I'm mature enough. I don't know ask me ask the guy out you saw it with your own eyes we use well it was intact it wasn't straight up it was kind of old wanna. Almost like a Pontiac kind of jets out towards a low so it's sort of walks up a ramp a mystery yeah. We just think you'll like. Sports like shuffling but I'm sure I was still yeah yeah. It was still pretty amazing but you're now I wasn't exactly vertical so wasn't really does three. It was you like a moment so the goat walked the laws. He didn't climate cherry tree plank yet Petrie if there was any incline at all if there was an ankle technically well I mean there was incline as the US ago lock up a ramp. What a miracle. That. At you know every few feet there was a juncture. Is my honor points. You know Lynn. Juncture but like a Shia Lee. Act Ingle live SO he had to get around those junctures allies are. That's the Chris I've made that now I'm not chair I LL at that particular poor places where you or time so there you gonna tell us that it is that would that go ministry. Because every time this comes up do you sing that song but an annual rate and only go to dinner and a unit today yeah I'm wondering yeah. Some about it if not. So much about it we he he told me winds could say yeah of course we got content he wrote it with his bloody paw. As well it was a bloody. And west in blood it was a mulberry juice. Tied up from that broken can't that he was the he's putting fistful scans in his mouth and enjoying the time of his life with lover okay just. This tiny engines are. A major announcements are you sit there in time in one week that you reference love me and now to a bad fall well I am doing in Africa that remembered that other people expect to have a and you know why did you go have paws can't really crayons. In a Frankenstein goad did you have a we have a pond just adds sheep are on our farm. Andy you know she has have tails. When the born. You settled scale colts really song. And yeah docked you have to take a rubber band yeah. And how tough circulation and it falls off a guide its job thank you. I'm not I saw the dead well yes yeah. No worry as well. Sanitary being yeah it was like you would get dirty and I don't know for you turner keep that wool as clean as possible. Because it's what you are offered sheep. That way wouldn't they know like dogs to lift snow machines are now have here is you know cheap. I have seen and she they would run off a cliff together and yeah you follow like ants marching news follow each other that's how she could never climate. Aid could never violated. At the trio that the lamp note I had seen. Isn't land lamb is biblical in the lamb it's now and never knows that mess around when. Yeah animals are in the Bible the bitten the lamb goat called the lands now today as well. Based on my nativity set let it. Wasn't one donkey. One lamb and may be like a horse in the back eating some pay that David. On this Monday morning should go ahead. I've got. Hey if you Google go to entries here. I so ice and this also came reminds him there's. Yeah we're looking at it now it's at but it's like several 789. Coaches hang in entry. There just sit there. Yeah junctures there is. An. He junctures that. Yeah we're looking at the picture right now it's and there's a video of it too and it's like shows it's legit that in just placed those things up in there Lara. I did thanks man appreciate it I go ahead Mercedes. Did so much they keep everything clean and melon elk eat curtail. I wish I agree yeah. Yeah the goat. I don't and she'd now I'm seeing if that thing inanimate arm there's always ago we eat at Augusta the anything. It's a big issue that they eat each other's tails. I. It made them and I don't know about eating I don't know why she was and you cut it up errors you prepped it well medium while NASA. One. Free food that's honestly probably just fur skin and bone. We need to win what we're about death that I have in my Craig's list this connection provide. Look at burger resolved first skin and bone that I had AJ. Aid I don't miracle lady it's I don't. My uncle grade sheet at date dock that hill because you don't beat and then babies they can't clean themselves. Also keep our like Hebert gum like they are not recalled. There's a present because they don't they don't know to let their tails appear and they just flew all the down that wonderful downs all the down. I went out AJ did you have about goats as well. OK. Is she.