Gas Man - Victor

Wednesday, June 13th


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You never know look around you might see Doug asked. And then again smash yeah. Guess I can you hear me that. Like Derek you know you live here and in the rough arguing all the help. Careers that happens. Are. Yeah. So he. He's gonna just got to hang out there in the parking lot and tell us senate. What a roundup I'm looking model needs now. I've got what it up. And a dollar bills now. And yeah. You're getting tax but it. My my my. Edited it. It was machine and I didn't do it that's a good. Match. Its bigger brother. Who harbor hope. Definitely the day oh. I can't agree out publicly. Debate and at that. Well let me. Be focused and it. But it's there like her old apartment. Complex. No you don't good about. It talk about it artichoke. I Victor how are you aware on the radio right now it says the smiley morning show. And Morgan given out free gas today where you're lucky day here. You get ready to handle. When you. Work in Toledo. Paint Dawson well I hope you enjoyed it to take twenty dollars up of that and that's not a business car. And it is giving it back to the company. And well what are you gonna do today after he had entertaining. At record okay and have a good day. I. Fuel and on normal little little. Birdie. At. Are you being Oprah now. If you. It. You're welcome okay. You know in my whole you know. I hit a day. I agree dad. It out. But they aren't yet. You. Well I ought. To get into games. On the show up and and I'd take her money back. Bigger money back into BYOZ. 100 talented Kelly. And yes. You are. You from New York. I would not. Have been outlived. I lived in Fort Lee New Jersey. I'll look at DeLia. And now we should listen to our local radio show it's 99 point five. I had as good. As it in now and congratulations. You have you changed changed her point. Just get out of mind as getting a my island you buy. We were real and I think. Remember a man. And he went and students. Again he didn't Jumbo the point of comeback is proud of my dad and I suspect yeah I don't ever one month ago. Go surveyor that I don't think you didn't go. And that. Says all of them. This big plus that.