Gas Man - Manuel

Wednesday, June 13th


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So we got our own superhero on the show it's the gas man be given a free gas all through the summer here. Especially this week when the gas prices are gone up to it over three dollars three dollars well. I think it was shout out to my Brothers and there's this and Indian captain yes traded god that top down aged people that you know I got free gas the other day yeah appreciate that my. And actually couple years ago that is. And yes ma'am. Let's bring him and gas man are you there. Well Ed asked. I. And I call so he's got them. You know buck up to a unsuspecting. Unsuspecting comfort. And then. Oh is an incident that bogged down and had this rescue probably right right. Didn't end up. At the top man yeah. Yeah obsolete. Iditarod you're you'll drug agents try up well. Upload Hugh. Yeah I agree that yet co opt out bad guy on the carpet I would want to show what. Kernel mode or you'll. What are you building not today Emanuel. Is. Apparently. It now we're a third of the ball on our. The only. I. Part of it opal. Yeah. What about like that would. Take a dollar at Monroe and commercial. Well. I Manuel. Get so much you guys how are you hear on the radio right now. Our biggest much. All the so although. Yeah yeah that's the what are you up to this morning. Are under on the war and nice nice its enemy is in the hot day. Yet it our way and it's now here's some I hear someone Hawkins. Thank you okay are embodied. By. It'll take. It could look at it and. Yeah yeah. It's. That was I think Arizona hunting down there and edit. On the back like it are all on me. Again.