Gas Man - 38th & Capital - Part 2

Thursday, June 14th


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Okay. There comes a gas man again flying high across the city. And into India's sensitive unsuspecting. Gas Palmer and we're at 38 can capitol right now gas man can you hear me yeah. I can do is quietly I mean hey meg doing is for the outrage has got Brighton yeah absolutely gave the capital's bid away. Floyd oh boy I'll I'll I'll I'll know the believes that a lot of people are still remaining to get them ready gas and do the gentleman filling up now out was that satisfying. Yes that I'm cents by dampen that I know against pentagon has been satisfied. And human state picks. Morning Joseph thank you didn't know. Hello look up. But it does and what. They did. Is that your real name is Barbara men you're awesome did get the bad I give you again testimony. Oh yes you received for you guys just wouldn't I would like you received pretty desperate and yes. How much depth you need to date on new war thank you park and you want you to guide you get a full update don't give up. What about small and other might have their all right and after that there bellow what they did choose this speedway this morning yeah. How'd I come here every morning despite gas station I give my coffee and you know get ready and go home go to work. Oh what are you values get a copy Egan an evening out I guess I do gas coffee and cigarettes a whole list cigarettes want to stick. But imports imports delicious with all right he did not end. And now don't you think I. The that I bought Gregg would you pointed out right in these games tank yeah again that dude you've got to report to us harm so what (%expletive) you welcome that accused about it what a joke like you smiling Monticello. I really do over what do you today. Brother Alfred berg. A low. And now though I need that did deal. Among them not go go build the Ide got up. You yelled to Tunisia. Yeah do you have a sack with a two leader of drinks loaded yeah I'm go back to give me a copy. Okay you need that much every you know there's a riot did Mac. Armour you big right now look at Minnesota did you nicer. It's. Like. Bright. Bright OK let's see what that does Sandra. Okay Dartmouth. There. I don't packed. They are you got a cigarette smoking is silica. Silica. Let me see I always civic yeah. That would elicit is a long and now a lot of time. Not big breakfast of champions sudden drop in Seneca. What have you had to think I'm in. I EU I do it doesn't matter worldwide what is it that you. A couple people like us that many out to be abide did that at what cost of gas magnets is natural skin. This is my natural spinster. Out of about months and what you'd do well well yeah. You can write about it at the man I'm not. I'm like hooker. And Adam brought that. Out and if you like to do what they call when you do custom people what is it that you can winking at me testing the library. Now I don't believe. I asked her if she's a nefarious. Oh yeah disciplines management needs of changes to a settlement that nobody else straight. Represents its. I don't. All right well of people that. Double he's got a good idea it's wrapped in what appears to be on Geithner. Expert and that. Did you make that while it's not. Oh no it's it's a paper now okay I'm seeing it better now what is neat idea I believe you bra. I had. I'm not a proper leaving like that. Give them you know doesn't think you know I'm giving people on the arm and asked me OK there we go. And I do you. That. Of those outside in the lineup and guys like Miguel. What did you name sent monster they'll despicable me and show me what you got Montel. Equinox this week equinox and how about these gas prices the outrageous right as they are almost as. A man I'm looking at those times. You ready to two. White who was for our work is citizen. What do you think that Jenna marina and it got over the and you wanted to do strange okay. I think he needs to. Those morals. A way. Damage in the economy right now oh yeah well I'm going to improve your economy what twenty dollars of gas. Thank you. Yes that pick it's not a money joke yankees rally and thank you Jesus Christ by heavenly father. Yeah man but close enough. I'm really done that how you and your. Yeah he's the lone. Dad got about a thirty minute grace period before I'll be this comb. Yeah I've given out by a saw hmmm I'm gonna highly recommended is be as short. Gas giveaway. Oh yeah these are just we doubt no doubt. Don't get mad get reported failure attitude dad's name out of here worry don't. I might. God thing and I am going to leave the ground. I not been invited. And all you'll be going full throttle home. This time of Hornaday pre yeah. Really lucky we did the buggy yeah. What good are already. It is happening. Step up in the big gavel again and big yeah yeah.