Gas Man - 38th & Capital

Thursday, June 14th


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Oh boy so we're doing it again smiling when he showed giving up free gas the gas prices are out there. And move. And now we go live to 38 street and capitol down to a gas station right there gas mask canyon AME. I can do you smiled at the desk. Well that's a big way about the double play if he'd get a little. You okay now remembers it there when we do the gas man segment you never know where he's got a being so kind of look around now you know now he's 38 the capital but look around if you're there. What do you see gas may see anybody at the pumps. I don't see it is any of the bumps lazy and abandoned car about three cars with flat tires into people's living on the sidewalk. At my. And I. I don't know this god it's just been partying with no person minutes or about fifteen minutes as part of the people on the sidewalk or not and you sell. There must be impossible or near there are some that people hit. You know I mean I think there's definitely potholes. All about it smiling. Yes and sends a clear today is on some nuclear equipment we got down we got to pay increase. So good movie BP is accepted yeah. What is that is that like. A government as government money and it's a government critic Doug. That is good news when a STC or any any other signs. Who do we know we have a who's a citizen approached league yeah he's brought to yeah. It but some men are you going to look at gas tank eased a little bit these double oh yeah that's an appearance that oh. This is not a guy in the league deal and it's a different kind of deal that I think I'm watching it. Right now. A really BC and at a deal go down. Yeah us. I'm gonna see a bike in. Alone given some gas OK maybe that's the gas happening here. It is another one this would like a legitimate Cano that club up one. And outline about what what I don't know if the gas station but you. Can only that. Again it's up. You're at the gas Asia but no one's getting gas or just hang in around. I think the other streets. I could. Well is now full tanks bottles of pot heads yes. We've Tuesday eventually those little noticed the B and I don't know nobody I've. Not going to lie do you think you need to go on. Live up to somewhere else you think Erica. And me. We have. There's just gonna cars sitting here in front of a gas pump but I think it's just the fake people out in the believing that this is again staged at a. Hit it. Now man all right well I guess I'll just check back with the later. Yeah us against them. Wouldn't let him hold it hold it all and again. I followed the man but this and show may oats. Hi how long have you been here. Last six months. On items you've got your back today. The instant. I fit in retrieve your cart today. And on the a look at what I need to pay for gas for you today to fill up your take my blog and think. Well your bosses and side. And what you Wear act laws Bosnian against all I wanna pay for gas today out of that up somebody's take. Updated. Not rated Saturday night at eight. Both days payday. Today they knew at the Aminu brought them okay outplay you and give you two did you ask that your tank how about that. Does good than bad. What that is good it's good unique guessed it yet that true. Want to save that note did you read you pay Aminu brought out. Maybe I'll pay you. Okay thank you. Is that no thank you thank you thank you thank you okay take you I'm going to take you right. With free yeah that's about. But he did put a god it got me as it. Welcome. Thank you don't bet you I'm the gas bad. Thank you then beg your thank you guys man you know I did just just the past by giving you what take them again. Yeah. And it is an. It definitely man.