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Wednesday, June 13th


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New study that kind of times it is possible the food poisoning from your own kitchen towels it out yet. Especially don't wash him very often say I susteren channel thirteen couple days ago about there's too. So people just like you have to designated chickened out and it's it's now that's the one years after he'd been out yet Romney the point out it is what it up there doom inner mixed how I mean how often do you wash your towel when you know put in the laundry. Get priests are pretty fast yeah I am I feel very OCD about it but I'd I'd probably don't and I did it because if I don't dog starts leaking. This can stick. Man it's a towel sickle. Its second out harmlessly it's like my grill regulate Ellen I'll let that meet the turn around next. Old. Season bigger hill yeah I know that's another thing about that I've. But my grilled on the evidence they but I don't. Really clean it that well I don't ever cleaned it. Oh yeah no it doesn't say that Heatley that's rhymes I got a killer the series and yeah and a US and stuff that happened on this day in history of a ever done this hour. Hillary search found out stuff that happened on this day back in the day OK let me go back 98 years ago. In 1920 on this very day for some reason the US post office ruled that children may not be sent by parcel post. Apparently they're gonna put a line in effect that we can't our children. Old and again is to be able to sell your kids off and herb is money there was still keep saying it was it was a children's burn them. Yeah that would be nice to send them did soccer and like that I'd stick ST I don't I can't we had been on new Verizon and they say that's a problem lot of parents wanna do that push maneuver. They they're not supposed to take them unless they're over eighteen. But they don't you know if they don't wanna worry about it they'd probably want the fair anyway right so they're acting really. And I do it just because you hear all those scary stuff. Answer to people. Average drivers had to reduce it. Man and yeah happiness in Hoover sportsmen dream to send your kids that they have to be extra safe. In out somehow their licensed to handle young show doctor yeah well how would that work I don't think that can ever be a penalty that their Lester yeah but there's lots of kids and let's be honest to grows up they can take the bus driver. It dries up the balance is right. Jackets door busters can be in pain and in all. Tough to work well at my letter is dean there are. Abbott and then nobody get enough kids can rise that take it to its like pants. They can probably kills somebody. If there is enough hands down I mean you run an answer it take Kelly I don't know about you you're smaller. It's bat. Hard to get through your skin to your organs. Because of the liquor at that. I'd like it's a reality I think I'd be. Inside and then that I act. Act. I wouldn't take it wouldn't take as many hands theft. 96 years ago on this day in 1922 the longest. Attacked a hit pick ups. Began on this day and lasted 68 years. Some hiccups that it is. I guided Charlie Osborne. You pick up to over 435 million times before he went the way. He died just eleven months after his pick up stopped in 1991. He was 98 years old. Off. That terrible life I'm sorry that he had a live that way. I bet all that time he was just hoping he would go to that's like it are big you've been blessed with the longest life never. Had a heck of it like. Greg works your app users I know he coughs sometimes. In towns like Al well least of my abs are gonna work out today. I wish I had emphysema. At my house or get ripped. And you get skinny to Kazaa now angry thanks threats. Are coming back. In Indian blessing in 1970 and 4848 years ago in nineteen semi The Beatles had their final number one singles final number one single was the long and line. Grow old. How exciting. And meg yeah I was still pick up the whole time he has hit it tells 1991. And now he died. The only new life of picked up exactly and it's awful. I mean I can pick doesn't like Kennedy dynasty like did one marred its like its final breath and it got. I was watching and traveled ten dollar Food Network or whatever and they were in line it was the weird foods out as you know they're out promoting the one I just to ordain one of those episodes that. And it was just it weird food guy. And at. Sean made it to the rabbit mania harvested the rabbit when he called butch Arab or whatever Alia slaughter at school if they're out. But they pulled out the beating heart of the rabbit it was gone in Chile was already. He'll be and what's his name's hand. I was like wow man they're gonna get a lot of complaints from Peta people you know and I mean at roasts are ready. But for people that are really against that kind of stuff and I guess they were gonna eat itself. Yeah it's airline at moto beating heart Peta people also they don't I don't competed but I don't believe they. They don't want to even even now shouldn't even eat those. If it's got to face they say don't need it that's stupid because the data sometimes have faced this. I think that's your mind scene face like you looking clouds and CF base. Are you see again a guy I know there's no money saying keep it doesn't believe in god I saw a show about how your mind tries to. Figure out what it did it tries it yeah analyzing it looking for patterns yes I'm trying to PO does that to face or in real candidates and conclusion of what that is it's a survival techniques they can recognize things quickly thanks a unit that Assad I'd read really now I really pay attention that when Ike -- incidents toilet at a rug in front and eaten. And has got little. Or is still on the air yeah there's that I think might to sound like songs yet. And now between Sydney further ripping off under pressure one time about. Now light your fire ripped ripped up clean. But you know on. Well I don't know I idolize these days because I was like listen. Arts are just the warning of who's. Just the tornado alarm for the night I caught my eye color to my sassy send as it now aideed did you just have group gas become put gas house. I love that who guessed it gas. And so I took my cents excused and skis Labatt. Now but I was so I look at the route when news in the restaurant. And I kind of hunched over and looked down. Admire rat I can see all kinds of things I'm passing a lot mostly faces and devilish figures you guessed parents' rooms at a step up those rooms meant. Do you get out the truth but as true yeah sometimes I think my does look like potatoes minister Singh bases and those status.