Fun Facts

Thursday, December 14th


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Biggest searches for 2017. Ani number one of the biggest search for 2017. On Google was hurricane Irma. Yap so that happened and Florida back in September. I tore through the Caribbean hurricane Herman number one I'm most Google number two is Matt Lauer he's got a I was fired from NBC's couple weeks yeah so but that was number two number three Tom Petty. Yeah past in October me. The Super Bowl number four the Los Vegas shooting number five. Mayweather McGregor fight an obvious is six and number seven the solar eclipse the here. And number eight hurricane Harvey at the Gulf Coast back in August and also most of Hollywood now. Aaron Hernandez. Pets today. Aaron Hernandez say a former patriots player went to jail for murder took his life it was a nine and ten is Phidget spinners as. It span something weird mayor of the town that just speaks in Phidget spent everything else like death in this shout out and then it pages into Spanish. The number one what is question was what is. Check out her doctor baca stance for deferred action for childhood arrivals and the rest of the top five or what is bitcoin. What is a solar eclipse what. Is. Net. Neutrality. Rackets. Not top five question how. How to questions how to do this how to make this number one was how to make slime. And Louisiana's theory in right I'm is that right it is so solidly for from last year so that from 2016 is a big jumps out at an ideal that's. The rest of the top five of how to is how to make. How to make solar eclipse glasses and how to watch the eclipse and how to watch Mayweather vs McGregor yeah and how to bide bitcoin. And this man oh that's that happened in August 2 that would be I mean that the or maybe you wore board in August for Mayweather McGregor in the eclipse that gets a much action. About two. The top five protests. We Google toward the NFL and then kneeled down. Charlottesville protest the Boston free speech rallying. The pro protested to Berkeley. And the protests in Saint Louis. Its top five text searches where the iPhone ate the iPhone at ten. The Nintendo's switch the Samsung galaxy S eight and the new RAZR phone. Then new cancer and you. Now Google that yes I'm doing it what. It's weird. That is it would freeze rays remember the slippery path that's bad ass I'd be kind of fun just to have when you can't have a second found. Like and it can anyone give a joining. I'm gonna do and that's Alex I guess our own path handled phones and wanted to now if I could get them. Up and running again like a lot of disparate body like to go out one night with you guys that have my old palm trio of candidates by radical let me just get my colleague here. We text. I have these old devices but I think that that the blue chip what is called the chip that's in there that the chance information that ST RSD card. And Alex ideas whatever it is the one that hit. Controls that goes it's okay with a chip that I don't think I think the chip sizes chain of and the puck and.