Fun Facts

Thursday, July 19th


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Like most of contact the defense really given us today. There is just may be immortal. They don't show any signs of aging and they seemed to die from external causes. We've heard that that they they live just for Jillian. And they and they split this saying you know they don't really you don't look like the other don't crack their skin doesn't crash right. Can you tell them she got on crack. The word taxi comes from taxi meter. The meter that's in every cabinet calculates fare is based on the distance you travel. Which arm and a last minute taxi food I guess it. You know I guess I'd ever been in New York City many years something Arab middle line and maybe Vegas I think have gotten a taxi before but sometimes it wittingly or Alec traveling at nearly Dora have Hoover yeah I'm just more complicated needs and the airports like our airport remember when I first but knew where their the united pits stated that place where you got your career path. And I couldn't find is I just aren't any yeah. I think you got a good that's not a decent area. Let's see here there's only one spot and earth where the corners of four countries meet its in the east and it's in Southern Africa. Where is Zambia. Am Bob way. Costs Botswana. And then and now Ab may have the act. Many app and did via the mid party beat. You weren't. Yes one spot on earth where the corners of four countries meet. Not president of the United States is the fifth highest paid leader in the world. At 400000 dollars a year. The prime minister of Singapore is on top one point six million dollars a year followed by Hong Kong Australia and Switzerland. Not a coat at O'Hare international airport and Chicago is Allard. Didn't always wondered why that is and now I know it's because it used to be called orchard field orchard beyond and wireless. ORG like ours it's easy to remember an out at him up like that. I was looking at flight to Orlando and it's like and see out gatlin zippy and I visit and he held me down and then I get it yet.