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You went from the smiley morning joke and now he's got his own shell. Radio theology is on CBS now. If you think I'm gonna take him my own backside you know and mix. After the fact. And sound you know trips and older orbit of sleep tonight I don't know why. It was here that don't you can get your trust us it's an upbeat and it's. Really hard that's the I'll kiss picked up a group not in the you guys got it tastes these future. And that the money look that'd Lleyton is sure to log into little different year by the way. Sometimes I think and here's how pastor Darius good morning my good friends it's time for another day. And another episode of radio theology right here on 995 Tzipi we at present about all of that Nasser in university. I'll be your host today and hopefully every day for the rest of the existence of the show. Darren early line joined by the wonderful the beautiful. Really once again a ray of sunshine. You guys had a house Ryanair. Yeah hello hey well yes and I but just kidding he's doctor valleys at. And the like Lisa graphic art and so yeah and a and he don't you wake you read ago he rated tackle this day oh yeah. Do it rhino I filmed it on somebody yeah this is always fun it is drink at. Anderson you know went where I worked in moving into the Christmas season or when any move and am. Wherein it were dead set the center at the national I did go I did make sense of Christmas shopping this week. Now I'm not sure of those things where apps you've been married for sixteen years. Like I basically gotten my wired just about every yet that you could get her out she doesn't needed time and should not helping right now because unlike so I. Would he want progress. And mean. And now. Like no that's why that's it had a bad action I don't know yet exactly why I'm asking you mean you know with me whenever you know step highlight. Not in my select. Close there. And I don't think I and I asked Laura the same thing and shoes like New York he got me the garage fridge that I wanted like two months ago like. That doesn't count it a play and just two months ago does not count for Christmas but she did say she's like I just want you to help out with the kids when were my parents' house. But it can't wrap and exactly I wanna go to the store and get it wrapped didn't like watcher opened it and you know I can't do that with watching it have evolved with rank and Isaiah please give some did get enough respect to get out we don't against. Regina okay well that sounds like the way miss thing I've ever heard on helping me. Amy I'm just an idea for next year I asked not yours and S and yeah I know that. But there's no fun and then you would you want OK well if you want it this how we vehement. We want it and is wailed right. We've already gotten. And finally as I go yet. Okay now earn so it's likewise an extra money getting loose and and then maybe I want I don't really need it like let's just. So we attended just have a Christmas experience will do a date night and make it any. And that. I don't know enact an ad and give the madness apartments. All look like fun romantic ideas in my mind that they do is there are hurting right now he said well you got to fight through it to you don't wanna open something like with your name on it like EV how. Howard through the and we didn't know you don't. That's not separate what's happened I got married stake. A radio elegy here on nano iPod Tzipi you're weekly dose of faith hope love and music guarantee when or at least agree at least would rather have state. Okay out out that you guys are asked to yeah I didn't particularly maybe there's a bigger problem as I. Socially right now right in society we've got a lot of people. Who definitely. We didn't know they were on the nice list led bay are showing up in droves. Everyone yeah ethic every day it's mailer person a hears she's on the on the nine guest. So what we do like EU and Ryan have your and romantics at time of steak no gifts. I know you and fire are still we're trying to figure out what to get which priority is mine in for goals that's because otherwise you are out there are allies have made the nicest this year left. Which is yet. What do we do when somebody we care about has been behaving badly right which we arsonists and a coach holt Matt Lauer thing that came out. Got a couple weeks ago plus is a lot of folks I think there's some of the stories that come out in May be the kind of we feel like. Epperson was kind of a jerk anyway but tonight Matt Lauer I think a lot of the stuff was like man. We that this guy was now he's behaving badly we don't know what to do it's it's tough to know what to do in those moments when you think somebody has been on the nice list. And the on the naughty list I think we need to get into this morning see where it takes but he hasn't. Adding cell especially if you're headed into the holidays knowing an ominous scene this press and an average time after I discovered they are am and I list. Yeah X well see you we can do so and it's going to be got a figured out but I think. My my hypothesis this morning radio theology is that Jesus actually has it figured out a little bit better at. At that standard as will get into it right or radio theology radio theology here on nine and and by Tzipi numbers and Matt Holliday and as a rain university. Thanks for joining us this morning we're with you every single Sunday morning from seven to 10 AM. In doubt we what we try to do is be your weekly dose is a little dose not too much. G that's enough. Faith hope and love we know that sometimes in a spiritual thanks conversations about god may be right. Kind of uncomfortable. Maybe didn't grow up in church and you're glad you did you don't want to go to church and be free chattel. We tried to hang out with you for a few minutes every Sunday morning at least. Maybe inspire you may do make them laugh please. It who may do we credit them when you release and cancel our active at your ass. Anyway we do every Sunday morning thanks for tutored and we appreciate it my name's Darren early mind I'm your host Lisa graphs here Ryan caller Ryan is saying it straight no chaser I did they're seeing an all over the place right now they are yemenis in -- at the what's it called now it's -- or not but its own national national Aniston and the next Sunday OK I think I'm gonna be hanging now the guys on Saturday but I'm gonna go see the show which when he go to Sunday night's show Sunday afternoon I think I'm gonna evenings. And a Adam. Lisa didn't used to be history and Janelle now but she should be on the radio the first she was on the street that's right yes your like the radio better on the show I am went it's weird. Because in that area. That's how I feel ready for that last break we talked about right now in our culture a lot of like he seems like every week we have somebody else that we thought was a pretty good person. Do it's a pretty bad things yeah I think the tough part is when you know when you find out that somebody thought on the nice list on the naughty list. Oftentimes I feel like our reaction is almost kind of an of the phrase for the baby out about them like oh I thought this person had value. They behaved badly. Now their terrible let's dispose of them the chain them you're listed in your dad to the world because if you did bad things and I don't. Bank that's probably the most helpful response. End. My my my guess is I know that I in the pastors too bad days have had some moments of behaving in ways that. Warm my strongest moment but I thought Europe pastor Darren and import. This is not a hundred does is once you become a pastor immediately you become perfect. That our network Al pray hard enough your intent just hunker down why can't it. As a you know I'm not perfect as go up a lot of stuff in in those moments I know what I don't want. I don't want to be shamed or or are shy and our own out with the trash and I think. It's a tough thing because when somebody does something that hurts us out or betrayed our trust in a way yeah. And they were the first things we look for is we need I need some reason behind what's happening is anti makes sense of right yes absolutely. Asking the question why yes yes I did this happen looking for that the root cause of it can be. I mean he sometimes you'll find the answers right rating of the Algiers on that map by Zito generally want with a year host talking about what regular people. That we love behave badly in this whole Matt Lauer things come out in its really doubt there's been a lot of people in the Preston just in light and I and if it's true in. The media let's be honest it's true here in Indianapolis to the things like that are happening. And we see use use on a clip from Kathie Lee and haute on The Today Show where she really gets vulnerable about. What she had to do what she found out that her husband. Was cheating on her in this what is that process to actually see. Redemption come from this kind of paint the second this clipper quick. You love someone so much. And then you hear something and you go wait last. How does it makes sense and I think. You you know you grapple with that your head and you try to make sense out of it and it does take time you can't figure it out overnight. The feeling you've been now I don't feel that Matt has betrayed us in anywhere Kabul when I found out that my husband had betrayed me. In in question your own judgment when you questioned say what was everything. Was everything a lie and I think we have to fight against that. Very much fight against fat that the man we know and adored him was. That was in demand we loved and adored and continue to. Yet and then she ends by saying that and she had to learn to forgive. Not her husband as she couldn't think of him that way and forgiveness in the same. At the same time but that he and needed to forgive her her children's otter. And and so she Murray framed in our minds that that's where forgiveness started her interest and then as she was able to then forgive her husband's hands. They rekindled their marriage that way at. When a great way to look at it because you do love that man who is your children's otter. Yes the sometimes forgiveness takes a baby step at a time is what I hear use sang and only apps thing that app that you got to do only which can do just that day. Feel free yet this is interesting with me I mean where were gone through an interest in FEMA dynamic with. My sister and go through pretty painful messy divorce and just in in my counseling that I've been I'm going to dislike I wanna say things to. A former Rhode. You know and so it isn't kind of Obama with some of it I feel like is more just for for healing to occur and I don't know of yet. The opportunity has presented itself so it's like taking it a step at a time is sometimes all we can do in this realm of forgiveness is I mean what were hurt. We don't every forgiveness takes effort. You know I mean forgiveness takes a lot of decision making power. And sometimes we wanna hold that back from people but really when we're not forgiving. We're not doing what in essence you know god did for us where it's it's like unconditional. Goodness down. That's hard them and like I guess I guess speaking of that as a pastor like Al how do you forgive. I think it is amazingly difficult is weather and I think it's it's impossible I would say almost for the human spirit to do without the help of god. Rice I think that's why you know with Kathy talking about that. With only God's help now it doesn't mean that we don't have effort into it yeah like it's God's strength in a spear behind us but. There is a lot of effort there is a lot of determination that. And I think that the the bottom line kind of foundational precept position we have to have the somehow wants talk about throughout the morning is that. Every human being has value in his redeemable. Regardless of how how much on the naughty list you are often is that did the agenda there is redemption now. You may not be a part of the whole process with somebody because it may be some boundaries need to be set you may be too hurt but to know that. Bad behavior doesn't define everything about that person. And I think like we can understand that more clearly when we're thinking about ourself rather worth thinking about someone else I know when I do wrong. I'm not thinking. I MI wrong action and I'm thinking. That was wrong I need to do what I need to do to not do that again and fix what's ever inside me. But we talked about that before he wouldn't I back a little more today is that all the time I would really love. Grace and forgiveness for myself yeah but if you brought me you're gonna get her. Honestly mean to yeah. So a pastor and not cappella singer and a blonde walk industry via. I refer you know it it's got radio theology. Back to everybody this morning there anyway at least cigarette and Rhine dollar a what you forgot who's the blonde and as a fellow tanker. You frosted your tips before I have had that hat though my best friend Brett he he set a video of his wedding that was like nineteen years ago gathered in college and at one point I dyed my hair completely blind oh nice to outrun alum abyss and their wedding video I've got the most aggressive prostitutes and obviously don't know automatic that it was layers we love that. So and so that's an evident now but decorated yet we argue we anticipate they'll Lebanese again we are top this morning about what we do when people we love. Serbia eating badly. We all have a tinge of that NS and yet there you know are you on the nice and ideally it's what happens there what do you do when somebody really care manual. Really hurt you in and they find us up for the nightly as we add in so many people this past year. Or sexual all the sexual harassment which is sit down all joined hands and like hey how about let the other guys people's wives be their wives and you do is add your wife and right after pants on right to endless. Anyway when I got to get that whole thing but. I reset to my dad my resident counselor my friend holly. And that's what what do. We do. You know what gimme some some advice we can give to to Indianapolis about it is if somebody that you love you just an out there on the not realist right now. And she says this is at first I promise you get a set up some boundaries for safety. So if it's somebody where where the the the behavior is actually somewhat endangered you guessed it some boundaries that because you can't. Leader south and unsafe place. So you got a sister marries up ventures that I thought I love that she said to look beneath the behavior. And see what the pain or the fear that drives. Is that when you look for what's underneath the behaves as you don't excuse it you can call it what it is like this is wrong. But there is a compassion this piece there her eyes. I don't think any of us set out to hurt people around us right usually. It's proceeding refining it to threw in some kind of pain. Or or some kind of fear. That takes some maturity and wisdom and time and energy to do oh Mike I think that's a way easier it has been done you know I mean just thinking of what that could mean like I've been actually really hurt which. You know if you have been wronged that's par the last thing. Or very low on the list of things that you really wanna go out pursuant to look but I like what she said yeah like you you're seeing the behavior is the tip of the iceberg. What's underneath the surface. And on and and that's probably possibly in the moment maybe even in the weeks maybe even months after you've been hurt. But if the goal is redemption of that person of the relationship you may be able to you can. Fight through an egg to that place where you you look for the pain and fear that's that's bring in the bad behavior that they Holley told me she said that we actually have to. I tried to receive compassion. For that person because it's the same thing that we want one when we hurt people right she says are receiving compassion our own failures and sends. Helps is actually give compassion to those who send. Against us and I think that's a huge prince last for she said was this is a rumor that ball. Things and all people. Are redeemable because they have Bala you be on their behavior because they are children of god just like you and I are. And I think you're right Brian that's tough stuff to remember. Tests after practice but I think it for working toward seeing our friendships the people around us people we allowed redeemed in that. It's it's something that has happened okay this for the average grow up there he said redeemed and redemption like 97 time until you unpack that a little bit afterward the guy come on pasture so to redeem something right is is to to bring back it to claim the value really so I go to. You know target I'm going to redeem a coupon. I've got something that has value and I'm gonna go and get it back for mice you know get that value back. It's O. The the term redemption it's in and it's in the Bible it's a term we have god is that basically got a scene is is a god sees our ultimate value. And I sacrifice and his love warnings we celebrate during the Christmas season. Is that his sacrificial death arrest he died for us on the cross so that he could. Read deem or bring redemption. At out of our bad behavior. You bring back the value that we all have as people that are crater on purpose and for purpose I'd that's much appreciated their. You know this is a heady topic but we do have a call about it let's let's go to the phones. Oh my gosh it's it's Chris Martin from cult like on in this morning Chris what's up our area you're in the topic we're talking about morning. This of those guys you do and I just woke up from a second met today as everybody in Indianapolis. We're doing great dress and and that's it is. That's really good to hear a listener wrote a song from goes. Really is it me is about I did not lessen my solicitor Christmas Carol we're talking about and as you'll behave badly you want and I was this year Chris her know a bit on the most of the stood up to the dispute him of doing a lot of really good humanitarian work and we'll. It is so early on the nose that's okay. Yeah this is just about how amazing I am well and know the fact that it's Christmas at camp with the two of them together an award to be here and lived here. OK let's take a listen. Blair it's me again Chris from two and then you welcome that here. Well I'm sure it simply is. To have me in you know it is that you Christmas with Chris from two it's the best. Being used. If they'll be stowed his own notes of meteorologists. Of the miss moves. Home 20 yeah a team. Don't lose you. Bounded to boot. Christmas wish Chris and he's the best Texas. And that numerous foods under the tree and the songs that changed June. The game it's my favorite things in Hollywood these it's a blow. Exits when we says the breaks the Booth with a sense. S and that is of interest it's an indication utility and you build. Decreased as swift Chris Lutz and. There's hand. By our bread has and I mean the humility and and culture accuracy of that song are not not really there. You're welcome. At a radio theology are now and I'm I've sepia Brad do you buy all of it mastering university in each month here radio theology we like to focus. On a what we call radio theology church network know that. Maybe you don't go to church yet they give bad taste your mouth about what churches like maybe more specifically. What pastors can be like there's overdoing. An example churches around town wanted to partner up with this were interviewing her masters in letting you get to know damn. And I love this week this month with partner which John Owens city. Of lights church there at thirties eight in keystone cooled church just started up. One of them met John it was gonna share in a part of our interview that we did with him today. Is about how some abuse has actually. Almost. Stole his ability to become Lee was born to be you and hear the full. Interview you can go to I am born to be dot com. Download the podcast gossip I'm on iTunes. Muschamp and our interview with John Reid talks about how abuse almost ruined his life where things kind of as sour for. Me was when I was eight years old I was actually sexually abused by a neighbor. And neighbor's kid and I didn't really. Even though I'd give in my life so lord they're away and and you know we understood disobedience and do this do that I had not really experience. Shame. Today that its severity. And wet I I say that was really aware of I think all of us in our lives emblem. Regardless of where you from hold your weather you know lord not all of us at some point have been told a lie. That is shaping lie and at that point. The lie that was that the enemy had really seated in my eight year old heart was that I wasn't enough. And so. Every so many of the things that I would do you know is like I was convinced that that wouldn't have happened to me I wouldn't have been abused. If I was Smart enough if I was man enough if I was strong enough to that would've happened to me. And so my motivation. For so many things whether it be. Good Christian works here and whether it be singing. Was I've got to prove. That I'm enough. I've got to prove that on the best vocalist I've got to prove that on the best actor I've got approved the on the best answer I got to prove that on the best Christian kid. And so. It I mean it anyone that's tried to. Do religious work long enough you just get tired of burnout on it you know if it's not motivated by the grace in the level of god yeah. And it's just that certain to be enough for to prove yourself to people. May and that that just burns up quick and it really did in my soul you know where it became such a laborious thing. To try to beat. What everybody wanted me to be it may be you've been there before where you felt like there was a lie you are believing. That change in in and the pain of that bleed maybe you weren't enough for you weren't Smart and apple whatever might be. Was begin to steal the joy of your life. As we continue to top what Johnny does not talk about how bad shame begin to be a prison. That really almost kept him becoming who was born to be in the way he found his way out of it. I love this portion of the interview. That's part of the stranglehold. Of shame is keeping people in the dark right because the fact told anyone it just compounds the same here you know if if if I let anyone know. Then maybe they would firm that I'm not enough maybe they would affirm that I knew it was my fault that happen enemy you know and that's. Unfortunately one of the greatest lies. To those who have been abused and an experience abuses that I deserve it known that that I brought this on myself you know I wasn't man enough so. I should of stood and down Russia punched him I should've acted out violently. In a certain way and you know that thing of I deserving and so he almost. You know I literally. Hearing that for years. For years and it was our honestly not even inside out experience all kinds of breakthrough in healing and lots of different areas of my life. But I actually carried some of that because. You know I think what's a common story and you'll find with a lot of people who experienced childhood drama. Some of that is so heavy just suppress it so DM ZU almost put it you put a lot Bucs put as many changes he can you keep keep it from people for so long that you almost keep it from yourself. And it actually wasn't even until later on after I'd been in ministry for a few years. Where he went through some incredible counseling. And really some deep spiritual healing and an emotional healing. With one of my pastors and mentors where. I got free and of a lot of that condemnation that and hearing into vocational ministry. Do you think got a few would have if you'd a kept. You know if you'd allow that Sheen to keep the isolated and and keep that secret. You think you're on a path to where that would have. You may be sabotaged or kept you from really becoming your warned to be oh absolutely. Absolutely and in in fact it nearly did. Such encouraging stuff from John a once you wanna find out more about John just go to city of lights dot church to find out more. Have you ever been insurgent had a moment like flat. Out you mostly. He's just saying I came here and become a little loss. Here we. No chance. As a real pastor. Real questions. Asked cast iron. Do any good church Richard just terrified to really asked the pastor questioned because you're afraid of what he'll think about your question or maybe your discredit him in general. We're here to help. It's radio theology and and I by Tzipi up as a matter of it now as a reading university aired early wind your host here release a draft Ryan all work. You wanna check us out outside of this show we'd love to you to do so. Where all the social I'm at nearly wine dot com. Also I am born to be dot com Ryan our ports at Ryan's songs dot com. Lisa is at self care Lisa. And you've got to go check out of the she's just started I am mother of the year dot com. Check it out you will be inspired by how many how many moms are part of this now Lisa to store 11100. Hundred Monica and riot. They didn't build the tribe one woman had time to check it out. Anyway we have a segment as well ask the pastor would have put down social get a question maybe you'd like to ask a pastor or maybe when asked god it was I got a question. But you collect I don't know like an ass isn't embarrassed of it may be you don't know a pastor that you can ask well guess what. I am a pastor you can ask me so. Anytime just jump on radio theology dot com are our FaceBook page yet if you ever have a question post its eight this is a question I have to ask a pastor and we'll do our best answer. We got one this week from a listener and says this my question for god would be this. Is free will a gift. Or eight past. The concept here that is a mistress in the Christian is asking basically free well. Is the concept that god has given us all the freedom. To make our own decisions. A so it's not. Predetermined he doesn't force us to do any thing as a forces to choose him. And any he is in control of the world but yet has given us the ability to have the free world to Jews and so the question is is that. A gift. Or is it. A test that much says. The question and so you guys when it churkin on an artist from a job right now show. Or not. I'll go as that I sound better and and as you can wrap it up spared. I have. I think it's at a test men at the trap. But I lose your saying bye bye test may be we're saying is that attract. I think that's what he's saying Mike is this is a app are you just and again in the end and I don't think that's. I do you think it is a gift. Because. The 280 different choosing got and choosing the right decisions in life they would be pale in comparison. Soon knowing that are even thinking in that. It was RD pre determined that you were gonna make as always do that thing anyway so where's the real join and that. I think it's I think it is a gift in that way. There's usually you're standing there there you almost wouldn't be joy. If you were actually. Able to make the choice yourself. Where's the joy and Mike this was predetermined I'm a total robot and act and at times and trying to get sounds like it's an act of La. I mean I'm on a very firm believer that god is love it's it's scriptural evidence in my life and ultimately is and so I think anything god does is. Reflective of his character that he is loved and I would say that he's not gonna force himself. In your life I think he wants to be but I don't think he's necessarily going to meet you choose him. I think he's gonna create you with the capacity to see it and seek him to desire him. I don't think he's gonna make your mind up for you I think it away goddess is going to woo us to him. And I think I leverage is that I think you've really done a great job of then he'll exercise we've got high five and this. Is. I think that is the question is free will attract because of god knows everything and in an adult I have free will be no summit which is something before I choose it. But I don't want to bring to it turned much but yeah just because god knows the decisions are gonna make as many sports and you make him. Aggregate for just saying Brian is that that is the definition of why is that god is Lebanese create this universe with love. And free will is a part of the the fabric. Of this cosmos of our universe you take that away in love is not possible it's just I'm forcing you to do. Anything now. The thing that for god. Coming up with the idea of love and free well was a massive risk. Am because. He's created opportunity which we choose often. Not to choose him not to issues of choose selflessness. Which is some of the stuff we talked about this morning as far as how we find ourself on the naughty list right but. The thing I love about that and and you brought it to Ryan is that god is such gentlemen and our forces level himself on us. He allows us in respects us enough to allow us to choose him or not. And that's a great risk and I believe it's also. The great benefit of free will which is love so. Great question Christian get any of the questions you in his up on FaceBook and just maybe tack ask a pastor would do our best to get back to write our radio theology Nana and I sepia we're doing a segment we call. Stories who like that yet but we can basically take stories that might be it's kinda hard to understand if you read the Bible make you gotta battle has went to the thousand those who like what the heck out of and we boiled down to a kid's story. So you can understand it may be with your kid they can understand it. Little fun time in the car presented by radio theology that I'm five BP at the day yeah. Read by the one and only. The cigarette such a good radio now. That same night in amongst the other stars suddenly a bright new star here. All of this are in the dirt and dysfunctional and your employees can and hanging in the evening and concerns with him sign. Accident there and eighty cents or it's. So hanging on now. I know darn silly he's gonna wait can't. Easy catch the new data can keep opinions to himself he'd been waiting on these long years this moment and now he's won it's everywhere so we pulled out. All the staff keeps sends angels that's how Mary the good news he put a special star in the sky the show where his way west. And now he was going to send a big choir of angels sings happy onto the ground he's here he's I'm going to see him my little client. Now we're would you send your splendid iron to a big concert Khamenei or Alice perhaps. AdSense is a little health I'm out. And a little town in the middle of the night he's into all of those angels sings her racquet field friends afterwards watching Nancy outside at. In those days remembered people used to laugh it's never say they were smelling on the other remains I can't ask him. Here the PC people thought shepherds were nobody's discretion owner Rick crash but got just a thought shepherds are very Britons eat because they're the ones he chose to tell the good news to friends. That night some shepherds were out in the open fields burning themselves by campfire when suddenly this heat started they were frightened eyes and olive trees rest wellness that help clean. Turnaround be an incredible in the huge corps air flight delays in the dark. Don't be afraid of me the greatest enemy and I haven't come to bring I've come to bring you happy news for every one every. Today indeed it's a town in Bethlehem got hands in the morning you can go seat he's beat her. High maintenance costs strange dwellings time except it wasn't how it was angels troops into groups of injuries aren't life. In neighboring team beautiful. Glory too fast to god be shame and honor and column are her rage. And is quickly is the appearance in just last shepherd stamped out there for iron left to their seat raced down the grassy hill through the gates of Bethlehem. Down the narrow cobbled streets. Through bring her down some steps sent sent steps. Kasten and rounded corners through ahead and tell lasting three. Tumbled sounds. It. Aircraft and then quickly the intelligence that they know amateur hour. And heard about this promised child now this here. Kevin's son and maker of this parents of babies sleep eat and his mother's arms. These babies would be like Pam Wright starts hanging in the night sky. A lights to light up to pull we're on T seen wage hour and helping people to see. In the darker than night at the brighter that start with shine on non. Our time. Actually I mean that's snapped up. That time it was an investor and there in the past as somehow I'm wearing a ones he's up with jamaat. What is going on Lisa you've got the best radio what are you consulting anything on the radio and also a seat they sponsor all while that in mind as the uncanny your voice turns like I just I meant I meant. Somewhere gimmick great story I'm ready and a warm warm and Fuzzy. If you love. Yeah you can't have that conversation a what maybe just ask them what they thought about that is a great chance need to drive and have a conversation I've found in my life even as my kids are older than some of the best conversations you have in the car with your kids aren't a what is it's like that you don't actually looked face to face the dispute on. And that might like no direct icons are good that they're okay in the I don't look at them. They'll enjoy it have a conversation and a courtesy of us and maybe talk about all of the bet that part of the story the where where. The good news story comes to people who. Who you know would least expect to get good news may get a conversation your kid. Who in your life right now do you feel like maybe just needs to hear some good news maybe for the end of the day you could call them say something encouraging to them and be a messenger of good news and you guys have that family discussion. Wherever you're headed on this beautiful sunny morning radio theology air amana and five Tzipi opera so my all of it mastering university. Where you weekly dose of faith hope love and music and met Amanda we love being a part of your life thank you thank you thank you for listening. Thank you for the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds well over a thousand folks. I joined community on FaceBook if you haven't yet everybody's doing it jump on FaceBook find a radio theology. And be a part of the community here in each and every week we try to bring it just a little bit of a faith of eleven year like Italy say you've pair. Few pieces that do just that with so without any further ado let's jump in at least pieces this week. Okay as and a little Christmas story Italian who. It is and we gather rounds they crisscross applesauce and anger I mean yes or gather around and out of my interest as of yet tip your hat Coke analyze you history of Christmas prepared. And it's a one time. Long long ago like and is now. At Ryan's is emling Christmas manager has the celebration yes and dip rant. And at every once about 25 people are gathered. Policy in in the house together for Twain for our practices the Christmas tradition yes it's chaos and it's amazing. And tell one person. Ran after him. Islamic. I'm and then the second prison after barreling like it was like every half hour someone is dropping like this sounds like a Christmas or movie. That's exactly what it turn out great huge like that is it everyone was against. Basically just like Aaron whose ass in and around and here's a group like in the flew right lack of its own is kind of gallows it was terrible. I think just as I can imagine being there I would have been I would have been a full blown panic attack so disliked sweating and it is. It's my time exactly exit package. Oh yet and we were like and then we are going to my feel is the next day in and likely it was just ran at it and so pre Jozy and Al. I'll be where. We're going to impact Lisa Bryant might what are we gonna do we get the stomach through. Luckily we did not get it on the way rant started in volatile. And if pursuits it's the worst thing you know it down under was as that is. News is this the first beginning now Auguste and now bug us especially when you wake up from your sleep in your life and and that is that word I was gonna go back to sleep instead into mailing and and tigers. To a to what leisurely had this bad got to the first time I'm sort of sweat this thing I don't I don't into here in recent years he's going to be a good part of the stories of parents and it's on the here's a redeeming quality to the sorry I'm out with. My mother had heard about this hip. I caught on as of now I came from a house with twenty people with Sam and Leo Ryan appealing and we're gonna be guaranteed hackers code red code red sounds good. Arnaud all the colors of the comment and a little. And she's had done about it I've got great use. I'm like that's not. Okay not helpful I am great is. It is the savior and G has a lot of your. The grape juice eggs and then yes so not tempers Ari has its so Ryan as soon as we landed at my parents' house. Yeah he's in a bat and they'll go and he's got stomach. We onset it used ticket like its commencement at. These pictures so here's the thing this is gonna happen to you it's Olivia I know rank just had. Yes a little about the rise dynamic Lynn Cassel three euros all of you know your family could have been saved. And grape juice it's happening all over the place and will continue to happen it happens you this Christmas but is which dale. In order to stop the spread of it too early for the person of our. If you drink grapes it's eight ounces four times today. You look back at the spam you or anyone in your house of honest and that. You hurt it here thirty SA test. More than once so is this like Welch's is is like a 100% pure grape juice at not from concentrate right OK a hundred raped is a purple during exactly. The reds radio theology IMAP I've Tzipi Lisa graft talk right now about. If the stomach flu gets near your immigrant in the season how we saved your life in the contents understanding. Silly you're saying if you get a call from your mom they says hey our remember they are Emmys have the stomach flu. There's been some growing up happening prior to being around those germs that if you drink great Jews how much. Yes and it's eight ounces sports and today it's 32 ounces I'm guessing you're one we're getting 32 ounces aggregates and a day you'll be throwing out you'll have another issue. Back out at. That's I earned a purple liberties and things banging India. Anyway but we understand it's it's a no it was shut down you're not gonna throw shut it down raise it even rhinos living at my family's house while he was experiencing flu symptoms. And we were all able to be saved yet are you for your first out were just here bring faith hope love. And a little advice as you know what UN medical wisdom you and you lose hope in the holidays just kind of the whole time academics. Right. A. It's the bottom and David pastor Daryn well. What do we do when people we love. Act badly. They what do you do about your friend you just got caught cheating on the partner. What you do when your friend. It's a deal line what do you do when a girlfriend admits to you she's been drinking at least a bottle of wine a day and can't stop. They be friends like team stolen. Or done something to hurt you Majorly in some way. In their heart and on most days you know they're really good person but today. Today you know they have behaved in a way that they're probably ashamed and really disappoints and heard she. So now one. Well Jesus tells us love our friends the way we want to be loved so. How do you want to be treated the next time you really sure. And my guess is you would love to be on the receiving end. Of a lot of grace and and a little bit country. First and foremost of them are hurt I think we wonder reason. We wanted to know why that person did what they did what is the reason. And when we feel that I think it's important for us to look beyond the action. To the potential fear. And pain. Of the person who heard us. What's going on beyond and below the action. That we can actually address that might be what we find the reason. Next we really want somebody it take responsibility. And this is key and it's key for us to actually deal with what's happened. Right when we get caught behaving badly the facade is gone and we're seen for how broken and flawed we really are. The show was over never ever going to be restored we need people who are full of enough grace and truth. To see us for more than our. For more than our back. We need someone who could see all of us in separate our actions from our values as a child and got. But that doesn't mean that we don't take responsibility for our actions in as a friend it doesn't mean that we don't call they're hurt. In the problem with the send it what it is. Now the one reason the want somebody to responsibility. Sometimes. We want revenge. And that's not helpful for anyone. We don't want to become. That which has hurt us we want to be able to rise above what's happened. And if you stop and really think about it in your hard. You don't want revenge. What you really desire and what we all desire. Is to see that people we will read T. What about redemption. The person who's hurt us they don't need to be left alone they don't need to be shunned and need to be Shane. They don't need to be disposed of they need to be re deep. This is another reason. That I really love cheese yeah he's really great. He's actually weighed that in the sandals. Likes Sana separates us as the naughty and the nice. What I love as the Jesus knows there were all actually pretty nice and we just need to be forgiven and redeemed. I think back to the story of Jesus in the woman caught in adultery. Obviously she's caught in the act of being naughty but in this moment with this woman she is didn't condemn her. He didn't shot her he didn't shame and. But he also didn't excuse for endorsements since he offered her true in the context of compassion. Jesus in woman. Is no one can then you need to do now go. Relax it's it's. Like Jesus was able to separate the bad behavior and the value. Of the person. So you're heartbroken right now and it actually. So New York respond with compassion. And look beyond. The pain the hurt but maybe in that for. Speak truth to their pain. In required to take responsibility. For what they. Don't take me. And ask god. To give you this should be a part of your loved ones redemption. I know it'll be hard you can do it and guys can help. That night to your radios yeah I thought of the day. Radio theology are 995 ZEPL. And we're talking about the movie wonder lease and you we went solve this week a little bit of a tear fracture. A lot of it entity or factory in the best way the best way. Agassi Pete at we have in this test this movie wonder it's about this kid RT this with the birth defects. And he goes he's home schooled until fifth grade in the Easter it's going to public school in fifth grade. All of the drama the bullying that's Ayers the miss me all the stuff that he's got to deal with. The movie is done I think in a masterful way were lies deceit. The perspective of multiple people that are going to the same thing which. Is an ability we don't usually have in doubt. I that we could have if we actually saw people and ask their story more often. But I love that the movie at least I can we like it should be like required watching for every kid that's at and for the pit grade maybe 67 or deceit and the power of a bullying the power of just seeing people and honoring and it's in their valiant. When you work with with young wife Emma southeastern high school. You you work with you know hundreds of kids. High school and United's every week. I mean is this is this a real life movie of these Israel stop the kids are going yeah yeah I mean you throw on the tech. Knology kids have in their pocket or anything it's accessible valuable at the touch of button. In what kids are really dealing with is that you know they are having someone necessarily come up and push them into a locker so to speak like maybe it wasn't our day. They're going at Twitter or FaceBook or answer grammar snapshot and they are seeing the parties that they weren't invited. They're seeing the things that are said about them but they're not being tagged in necessarily. And they're carrying that weight with them throughout the day. Where no one's really coming up and telling them directly what they think necessarily about them but they're kind of putting pieces together because of social media. And that it can be. Meaning can be a lot of anxiety and depression and kids but one thing that we're trying to deal were actually doing this tomorrow night this is really cool we only do this twice a year worth your life in our area. Now we have an event called love thanks. And basically we see tons of kids who we haven't necessarily seen a lot regularly throughout the year they come out out of the woodwork and down every kid gets a back. Include name on it and he taker on the wall. And we spend about an hour talking about kindness compassion. Words that can build one another up and it's all structurally based. And then basically kids for an hour will right hand written notes of one button on and some of them are anonymous some of armor direct. On and we always say hey we're gonna stacking and that every single note that goes in the someone's a tank is going to be positive. It's going to be compassionate this is not a time to do what you would do on social media you know and tear someone down this is gonna be it's time to build someone up and what's really cool is then. That night later kids you can't read the left thinks there you take a moment freedom it's really cool for us to see especially on answer and kids will put all these letters that they've gotten. On their better on their floor in their bedroom and take a picture of it and you know some of the captions Curtis culpable Leo it like a feel so loved tonight I never knew that this many people thought these. Awesome things about me and so that's just one little thing that we're trying to do. Spreading kindness and love to the younger generation who. At least share the quote there's a quote that's righted the into the movie that Audi says in and it's been accredited towns in Plano at a much of you who knows what she said they give us the quote epic what is the kind everyone you me despite an art at all. Yeah well that's good. It's so good and I think it's true and and whoever you're gonna interact with today. May be. On the it's on the surface their little rock and with a little drop may be it's it's it's something that you're not comport to the situation. May be some minutes her EU. What's encouraging it to take that quote it to heart. Is arise that you know what. Everybody is writing some kind of battle until we start from a place of compassion. For every person that we talked to and in Iraq with him. No he's not for me I would say one Grammy be great for manly thing to do and your guy's kids or a little bit younger the cool part for me I've got three boys are thirteen eleven. Seven in their dealing with it right now. To that the the only conversations that we had in are gonna be able to have based on. The emotions they felt watched the movie I. I left they were all like. And yet I cried a couple times and it's created a cool conversation pressed a family of where did those emotions come from why did you feel in an lined the big hit to experience that no. You know what does it feel like to see. What does it look like to seat of the deal bullying was reflective of Il. You know and in the inspiration of being their for somebody to being courageous for friend. And I think if you're looking for something new is a Stanley may be this weekend or democracy is break. I was sick suggest doce wonder in the have a great conversation as spamming after it. And you never know at you know that you may see. A lot Merck courage of our faith hope love going on in your family and I know we can all use more of that and be seen that movie wonder we're talking about it. Lisa and I cried the whole way through. Well back and a little bit. You're on radio theology in Anaheim fives ego our show present about it mastering university where her every Sunday morning from 7:10 AM if you haven't jumped on social media like us on FaceBook it's a Graham. I'd Twitter were all on the air and we we puts about all week let me just they connect to what's going on if you missed any segments of the show elect to catch up with. There's jump on iTunes. We put out a podcast every week of highlights of the show. As well as a little deeper dive. Podcast called the born to be podcast if you like. What we're giving you here on on radio theology and you think I just. A little more of this little Jesus staff more faith the more inspiration we gotta be. For you just check out at the party podcast on iTunes will be connected whoever talked about this whole wonderment of who we loved it you know this whole concept as a kid and as at birth the fact a lot of bullying as he's going into fifth grade and just some beautiful quotes about everybody has a struggle. Ever based fight through something had to be kind of mean was it wasn't one of the most inspirational was ever seen Lisa via. Oh yeah and I ecstatic and it meant one. Yes it was like he had like this had like 47 and surgeries yeah sewed it all this has opinions from each surgery. On a bulletin board and I like. And I have in met him yet like Evans in his face at that women are about and I had it I think it should be required viewing where everyone on the plane and this could have. It's a way that they he said for right in on the planet they said specifically he was like I think he should be required watching like. Every kid in school app its sixth grade kid. Because I love the way the movie breaks up and we don't you know no spoiler alerts or whatever but the way it breaks up and shows you. The that the journey. Of this Stanley from every buddies from all these different kids perspectives. So does among where you're you're watching one care care like and I kind of hit stand that hitter why's that groping in like that. And they show you. What that person's going through. And I think if we can actually have that kind of perspective in life all my gosh would be so much for compassionate with people like. Your being a jerk I can't stand your on the an idealist but what I don't know. Is what you just process may be in the 24 hours four we had this interaction in an exam. Yeah I react in a one of the quotes that Atticus has at the very end has been credited to time's different people but it's at its peak times for ever when he meanest I'd you know hard battle. And that's so so true and what a great way to look at other people. Yeah I I couldn't agree more that as well the last quotes from the movie I'm member are hearing it in banking. While that that's something I want to memorize an intake through. My life all the time and what you'd be here that that the different quotes and I'm welcome councilman shoes whatever but. I think is so difficult to do to look past someone's behavior. To what might be the pain or fear going on on their life you know. That moment. App blend another that I I was taking those comments on like a huge dork. It was I don't like everything I wanted to soak up I objects and I was going handfuls of pop in my mouth I wasn't able to notice of the at an umpire and you ago. He said is at Nolan is ordinary and we on the terrorist in you know these ones as soon as liked he asked so bad because. If you're looking at people and they're all going through something in. You can also look at them with the perspective of like you are. Beautiful and carefully and wonderfully maiden I god and let's let's applaud you for an overnight not a bad behavior. Or at the pristine aren't any them. At a club and someone who loves applause is that that's our friend Chris Martin. You know what once again is Chris mark called back again press and everybody knew goes disfigured you didn't hear enough of me the first time noticing that some of the Christmas whom will you like another if you blow it yes I'd love I'd love your Christmas Carol the Minnesota wrote this to the tune of frosty the snowman yet if you could yeah I didn't run that song but I did run this one okay yeah. Boom there you go. Trey is smug send this amazing boy isn't rooms. Gay rights this so also go you do the best spend in the world. Who is. Some mountain is the tune this. Though. He named his. Both Teddy very grim though true. He sings the songs they changed the world this song writing his goals. These two in the van with some other guys whose names he doesn't know. I have. It is much. There's a simple humble guy. He's a genius and he's included shed the sexiest man yeah. It's louis' lunch and angels and easily irritated so soup. His toes into his soup dreary. Two and they weren't known. Those. Create. A sponsor and is a gift from god they say. He's the best musician to have do dinner founded code. You. He is a list of its own seasons of hit songs that Chris ten grownups. Yeah the Olympics you cook them they're received even though we do something just like this trouble in the scientists believe a seven magic in my place in veteran us. Do better laws. Chris. Is terrorism this isn't anything bush isn't news. You wrote this song spoke hopefully do the best band in. Yeah. And wow us out and end for you I mean. I'm speech is nowhere hints beats the recruitment of punitive Quentin go bliss outta blister was blessed angry Muslim god bless nonexistent potentially go blessed I don't know I don't wanna offend anybody. Apple all of those potential deities. Bless. It's the bottom and David pastor Darren. What do we do when people we love. Act badly. At what do you do about your friend you just got caught cheating on the partner. What you do when your friend. It's a deal line what do you do when a girlfriend admits to using she's been drinking at least a bottle of wine a day and can't stop. They need friends like to be stolen. Or done something to hurt you Majorly in some way. Now in their heart and on most days you know they're really good person but today. Today you know they have behaved in a way that they're probably ashamed and really disappoints and heard she. So now one. Well Jesus tells us love our friends the way we want to be loved so. How do you want to be treated the next time you really Shura in my guess is. You would love to be on the receiving end. Of a lot of grace and a little bit entry. The first and foremost remember I think we wonder reason. We wanna know why that person did what they did what is the reason. And when we feel that I think it's important for us to look beyond the action. To the potential fear. And pain. Of the person who heard us. What's going on beyond and below the action. That we can actually address that might be what we find the reason. Next we really want somebody it take responsibility. In this is keep its key for us to actually deal with what's happened. Right when we get caught behaving badly the facade has gone in were seen for how broken and flawed we really ought. The show was over never ever going to be restored we need people who are full of enough grace and truth. To see us for more than hour. For more than our back. We need someone who could see all of us in separate our actions from our values as a child down. But that doesn't mean that we don't take responsibility for our actions in as a friend it doesn't mean that we don't call there hurt. In the problem with the send it what it is now the one reason the want somebody to responsibility. Sometimes. We want revenge. And that's not helpful for anyone. We don't want to become. That which has hurt us and we want to be able to rise above what's happened. And if you stop and really think about it in your hard. You don't want revenge but what you really desire. What we all desire. Is to see the people we. We deemed. What about redemption. The person who's hurt us they don't need to be left alone they don't need to be shunned their need to be ashamed they don't need to be disposed of they need to be re deep. This is another reason. That I really love cheese yeah he's really great. He's actually way better examples. Like Santa separates us as the naughty and the nice. What I love as the Jesus knows there were all actually pretty nice and we just need to be forgiven and redeemed. I think back to the story of Jesus in the woman caught in adultery. Obviously she's caught. As being not but in this moment that this woman to do is didn't condemn her he didn't show on her he didn't shame her. But he also didn't excuse for endorsements since he offered her truth in the context of compassion. She's just sit woman. Is no one can then you need to do now go. Been like since it's. Like Jesus was able to separate the bad behavior and the value. Of the person. So you're heartbroken right now and it actually. Assume you respond with compassion. And look beyond. For the pain hurt but maybe in that for. Speak truth to their pain. And require they take responsibility. For what they. Don't take a week. And ask god. To give you this to be part of your loved ones redemption. And notably heart that you can do it in guys can help. That is your radio with the thought of the day. That's. Good stuff well I do I do what I can on the thought of the day you always bring it. Three minutes of three minutes of the good stuff. It's a Smart would say as yet you know I'm. Oh man yeah it is it's I think it's gonna be a constant thing that we're gonna deal with ever gonna have relationships. Are going to choose to love people is. We tend to behave badly from time to time and if if we don't. I'd have that reason we don't looked at it to see. Those relations redeemed restored. It can be a tough go of it yet and what more and noble look and to be part of somebody else's redemption I think that's gone now. You know at least I love did you decide that because I think there may be the some Iraq nagger drive in in May be much I'd be too dramatic maybe your maybe your in tears on the verge of it because. Of what your having to deal with right now some information you just got you thinking I can't believe that is the Christmas season and I'm gonna have to deal with this kind of struggle. This kind of pain. But I do think that that framing it in the way that you did is that. Yeah would you choose to have to deal with the pain if someone hurting you know you wouldn't you wouldn't or that off the menu. I love what you said is that you do actually have the opportunity to be apart in play a role in someone's redemption. Which when I think back in my life some of the people that I loved the dearest have made the biggest of its and I had been the people that have have stayed faithful with me. Through my bad behavior when I found myself on the nice list they were part of that story. And I think it's inspiring to think about being a part of that even though he had to deal with the pain. Right yet doesn't sound like. Something a lot of fun. And it's going to be a lot of work and I think in the end it's an. Absolutely. Listen we love you guys so much it's such an honor for us to be apart of your morning every week Karen radio theology. And that in listen if no one else tells you this week I want to be here right now this morning and start this week off right is that you. Were made on purpose in for a purpose in your dearly loved by god we Levy Eran radio theology we believe and you listen. If you this week if you found yourself on the not a list in your struggle with a lot of shame a lot of pain I want you know. That god loves you in the midst of that. In you are not defined by your bad behavior you have value be on your actions and and got wants to see your life. Redeemed that true value that you have. To be a gift to everyone in your life you can do that we believe in yet god bless you will see you as you know I say about time we look at feet. But what talked to it next week right here on radio theology Nana and five Z Pia.