Freakin Fat Off - Weigh In Wednesday

Wednesday, August 8th


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We're headed there. Don't find that each to carry isn't the hole and I saw that look up. Luck loses the most amount away this week will get a free trees today's. Delectable treat is eight Cheesecake Factory chocolate chip cheesecake sent 14100 calories now talking about it even the arts. Tuchman chip cookie dough okay aren't so just let you decide you know if you gloss about it must not what you detect treat or you could give it to somebody else to eat. Who has they have. Have to eat it Erica pulled thing. Get a notice like jail for starting weight again well OK and I'll give that again 183 for days Tony 148. Nikki won 61. And you will to 2801803183. REI they are 190s and oh yes thank you. Yeah. What do lifestyle elements are crude and putting it and are probably at an iron I have no idea. Okay should I get on a scale they have Tony was 148 Nikki won 61. A look at Dave won 93 Tony 148 Nikki won 61 will to 28 guys are now we got it all right you know. Gail. Yeah headphones on in my Atlantic as you ask don't need. What is it ninety. But that a couple of days ago is like 18918. But you lost three boundary around. That's right. That was they even lost at one point 6%. Of your body will pick in my heart and keep this thing don't line. Went right let's do it Nikki. And it hits you that says Nicky started at 161. She's now getting on the scale here in the studio is ripping down and yeah. Okay. And by actions in an extra. Because there's enough. It. He is asking any US Olympic back on it added that there were step half sister. At this is when he's it's connected to my adult like if it bit and stuff like that does it rank. It's trying to play it exits at my house trying to put a load to my network and try to put them. And now. Envoy here we gala another one of these things. Okay get out there that's probably at how. Incidentally are asking now you're against it says 158 point 10. Yeah that's really get 158 point one yeah. How many pounds an idea. Attacked and she did but three or on agree okay. You and I victory and worse and do a healthy healthy way not the will weigh and. Paris and yesterday actually went to they do this thing this. That Los at least during thing on my gamut here as it kicked in yet but over at ageless sex and some mountains and mistreat him stomach these next. Are right now I have lost one point 8% never knocks it in the lead for now. Own blood Dave's percentage one point 6% OK hey Tony get on the thing and see if we can make something happen there. Did too because if somebody loses the same amount of weights. And we can use that percentage to break the. OK it looks like right now and I do it again. Honestly I am looking at the scale talk to and then she started 148. She's down to 145. Already cost. Now everything so how much since he illusory. Everybody what a lost three. Man case so what that percentage is that for a tone Tony gets 2%. We all lose so. Easily eat it. Wow. Sony is in the lead with 2% ever total body weight loss three pounds right there out okay now will started at 228. He is complete and visited veteran like this get on it with you dispute your feet on the deck batting and again I can't wait to see all right it's bigger and that it's. What do you say without underground Browner a again it was it was 219. To me how much is that so that's battle. Not to 28 to nineteen. 99. Pounds in one week. Ol Li crap. Well let's say body fat percentage just early college purposes. Well this is just percentage of the way you guys are way. Yeah Zooey act okay times a hundred. Minus and and that's three point 9% in my body and now job and congratulations and well. We. And they have the percentages now. So that means I win that she's a yeah. The coming up next we're gonna find out he's gonna eat cheesecake or is he gonna give it to one of us show. How many calories are in that chocolate chip a cookie don't she's 14120. And really screw up a diet for somebody rape or little will lead attest 'cause he reach you should be Lola. Love that Gibson with in my and it's within my caloric. And take. I find out anything else the rest today.