Freakin Fat Off - Cheesecake Choice

Wednesday, August 8th


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Shimon and board yeah sure. Four and okay Dwayne and Wednesday big deal today here so Dave that's Maine I lost three pounds and 193 to 190. He land at Los three down as well. On the 158. Tony Dow lost three pounds 148 to 145. Will wins this week won Paris or to 28 to 29. Team that's not an ounce glass. It's as well. Friends and what do twice and what might have my trainer just in gap is it will matter not give you that blanking cake. That's more meg yeah or I may have accidentally give you food poisoning and then he says well hey try this printing Jake vomit for 36 act fast track. But you and your friend says anything tying and well we has been now we get treatment from Jamie says eating cheesecake as punishment I've been very bad please. Now and it looks delicious to producer well south that is a tree so good from the smiley morning should be paid for it. Conference finalists do you have a cheesecake there before you now you can eat that is your reward for losing nine pounds and ask you deserve this. So far which everybody wants an accountant. Who will you give it to you like now don't answer that. Hang up for ourselves out it's it's really it's really tough decision yeah okay I would love brightness and I can eat this and still have. A little something later that remember what my I said. Last night she told me before she went to bed ultimate. Don't make don't make Tony eased Tuesday. In the contest now because she's how Tony MP because he doesn't want to make his wife sat yeah. I think what's happening is Davis doing nests to sabotage me may be that he wants because he knows by telling weld as well. Now you know I think oils can ago will not give it to you now I think that he'll as does the genie I think it's gonna be mean because he will punish me for throwing at guilt on him. Off that was supposed to be off the air well it's not committed in losing. And I asked the audience yeah whoo should I give it to him. I asked why I wanna know who has right now all three of you lost three pounds cement in the pound race yet you can't get my guys somebody knock. I give someone was really doing well you have to go after that consulate. But in the percentage race Tonys in second place right now. Some people on Twitter think that tough Tony and I have started an alliance and his and his driver and I are working together. And and some people think you guys are together well that's of that we have airlines and if you concern really and we hung. And a lot of now lives every man for any woman for himself. On an idea how life says not yeah. We got a tweet already outdated technically lost the least he needs to shut up beneath that she's case. Early what is easy letting me know please describe it to last he has the most to spare. What do you mean because my body present ERA for senator what I was a time vehemently presenting one's point one point 67. And Nicky was one point 87 and Tony was what two point seven occurred less true and if you're talking about that I should have lost more. And I swear I got on the same scale in my house days ago. And said 187. I was like oh my god I'm good direct editing eat eat dinner last night this this rulings happen. Yeah especially as a woman to Arizona can look at a bag of potato chips just based on the panel in just look at data and Al water weight gained five pounds I mean I lost the three pounds. At the beginning in a week and it's Stahl yeah. That I haven't lost an I'm like being so I haven't cheated one time had been so dead and it has not bill and that's how we does that Sok an album out. Does that in my head I noted it will move I just have to. Keep that and we've all working out more than we have normally is gaining muscle which weighs more than fat currently probably are all building up a bunch of money and it. Counteracting. Derek go ahead you're on a smile a morning show. They looked at auto assembly think it is all thanks. I will demand that I needed so cocky oh yeah. Well thank you Derek yeah. Agree with that idea alive I want the real main air again and it leaked. I must give this to somebody kind of behind your honor if you are albeit at a heated. Early or late that's an I think they're like get a day like last week he about it. Good for everybody yes Tony I ate like abide the pizza and some of the chips and said you know what are still beat you Aaron didn't bat. My hate some of that now has had experience of may be and that's an option well and in show us how that I can meet that cheesecake and still win. Okay dot go ahead. What's your account I watch it and got perfect. Perfect as we were saying in a they tell you and your hat on it should really get a bit because of lack my god wants. My wife said these before we went to red eye site she said do not make Tony cheese cake she's looking for a start Scott did. And then my wife says our planet allergy now a lot of talent she did she knows her best friend Tony has been doing this diet. Really worked very hard very hard and so she was just protecting our. I had a lot of smiley morning show or not there Miley white shadow a Lou that's right angle while Sarah Brown Simon Property Group. That's considering I was like she. Now that I and I said something you want and I'm sure she wouldn't want me to say that's too late it's too late it's out there. Donna go ahead. That's where that came you know I guess I can't. Really wanna get out. I don't know what time. To get rickety old cheek that. That right teaching Donna I hate him I. Now he's telling you that the island now I remember you have the metabolism as well remember there was a time. Maybe ever make you remember tonight high school time in a long time ago when you can just whatever you want. McDonald another hand you never had that does high school I was heavier in high school and am now Erik yeah. And Hollywood worst act not a story. Yeah. I need a pan out aren't yeah cigarettes help. Without a doubt. They don't quit. I. Don't get it. Don't matter I was on and on about stardom in the past weeks so I can't continue my Iraq. Eight and Shannon both on Twitter said hey if you split four ways you guys would only have 365. Calories and you all of them. That's sweet isn't it yet. Split OK things were not certainly think there is no way wells gonna are we going to allow that to happen had been in my allowed to split between all three of you. He's allowed to view and you run that is your cake really. I can split that didn't the real nice thing to do you buy and then you could be in mount. Dolan added that there's no rules of this I thought. He's the person need give its UST the whole thing normally you re going to be that we can I literally how I want a victory yeah. Atlantic treaty are dead they're decree. Stress test might go ahead. And all that. There's another policies vary minds and Aaron. Okay its way in Wednesday again producer well Los the most amount of pounds nine pounds and now also be about pound percentage. For him his third three point 9% almost 4% but. Body weight so that's pretty good way to go well thank you very much and now working very hard at needing nothing. Happened I'm here. You gotta make a decision as your reward you get a big slice she's getting from the Cheesecake Factory but I would like newly introduced information. About the strategy of splitting it. Because of Sarah Brown smiley is undue influence. And unfair access. I'm splitting the cake between David Tony. Enough. Conspiracy. And so they did it. And so that's 700 calories per person days. Let this be a warning. Thank you light guessed right. Now if he had figured that not think it he said nothing in this the Napa what do you think we ordeal of a dime while we've got to idly or any leaning towards giving it to Nicky says that notion is competition. I think he's their rounds. So drowning. We've got to eat that cheese and you gotta eat together and there's two giant downloads of the whipped yeah. Doesn't yes it does best that's all part of it go man you guys have the split this well Ali it's slowly but when the best way to do that anybody know what it is eating him. Eating it while your moving. Like I'll take a bite right around imagined eating in a while down vomiting after is at best you're allowed to do whatever you want with that after I'm excited at. And curious to see guys pop on the scale after you finish your portion. Stacy you're on a smiley morning Chicago and. And I say I don't think early barely kept it a lot more mentally wait each. Then as a mayor Manny and wait air right nobody that at bat out and you can't take a lot more current so great. As brag notre. Well thing in our lives is hard and are eleventh so it's a little chilly. I deplore. The yeah I should mention now tell you guys are. But again congratulations well and that Tony and I don't start. 10 AMR two straight to the bottom clean up if not ten days ago in college have to go and check in with a Seles not you're gonna anyway lasted eleven different.